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Happy Day After The Fourth!

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Hey everyone!! How’s it going???  Great here! I am watching “Identity Thief”.. It’s okay… Not as good as I’d hoped.. Pretty raunchy, and WAY too many curse words! BLAH!!

Did y’all have a good Fourth Of July???!?!?!  I know I did!!!!  I LOVED IT!

We started out going to the Parade on Broadway!  It was SO much fun!! We had GREAT seats and we were RIGHT in front! I haven’t been to the parade in YEARS… Not since High School probably! LOL!!!  We had a WONDERFUL Time!!  After that we went to Rosas to eat lunch! ALWAYS a good choice! 🙂  I LOVE that place!!!! Then we went home so Jude could take a nap.  He slept for over two hours! LOL! He was WORN out!!!!  Then we woke up, bought fireworks and went to my PawPaw’s! We had a great time! We grilled burgers and hot dogs, played outside, did fireworks… It was one of the best 4th’s I have had in YEARS!!!  I am so blessed with such a wonderful family!!!!

I had to work Friday … BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! But after work I got a pedicure with my friend! WOOT WOOT!! I did neon orange toes and she did dark purple! Our toes look AWESOME!!!! 🙂 I haven’t had a pedicure in over a year… It was LONG overdue!!!!!!!! I like just soaking my feet and sitting in those chairs. I wish I could just go do that part every day!!!!! So nice!   I am thinking about getting my nails done too!! I used to do that ALL The time and I haven’t done it in YEARS!!!!!!! I love it! So… maybe tomorrow or Monday… We’ll see!!!!!

So….. I think that’s it. LOL! I seriously have nothing going on! That’s why I haven’t been updating lately! LOL!!!!!!!!!  Just work, being a Mom, and Scentsy.. LOTS of Scentsy! 🙂  Speaking of Scentsy, YOU SHOULD BUY SOME! 🙂 July is BRING BACK MY BAR month! Scentsy has scents that are OLD.. We voted and they brought them back! So, now they’re here, but ONLY for this month! So, look on the list and find your favorites, then STOCK UP before they’re gone again!!!!! There are some good ones… I like Plumeria, Lavender Vanilla, Key Lime Pie, Flirtatious, and My Wish! YUMMMMMMM!!! Check them out HERE


Anyways… I guess that’s it! 🙂  My life has been pretty boring and uneventful!! LOL!!

I hope y’all have a FABULOUS night and a WONDERFUL Sunday! GO TO CHURCH!



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