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Hey Folks! 🙂 What’s going on?  I am watching tv while Jude is sleeping!  And trying to soak in the news that THE KIDD KRADDICK died today!!!! JUST AWFUL! It’s truly shocking! He was so goofy and funny! It’s crazy! I just can’t believe it! 😦  So sad for the others on the show, especially Kelli Raspberry &
Big Al! They’ve worked with him FOR-EVER!!!!! 😦



So I have been contemplating cutting my hair even shorter than it has been lately… I can’t help it! I LOVE SHORT HAIR!!!! LOL!!!!! SO… I was looking at pictures online before my appointment and took a few in.. And she did this…


HAHAHA! 🙂  LOVE IT! It’s actually CRAZY short.. I’ve been told it’s hard to tell how short it is in this picture… She used the clippers for the side and back.. If that gives you any idea!!! 🙂  HAHA! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I love anything different and a little weird.  And I’ve ALWAYS Loved short hair.  In my opinion, the shorter the better! I have some people who absolutely LOVE it.  And I have some people who are just the opposite! LOL! Some people think it’s too short.. That I look more manly, or even butch. HAHAHA! I am anything BUT butch. BUT… Guess what?  I could REALLY care less! 🙂  To me.. My hair ROCKS! It kinda defines me. EVERYONE knows me by my short spikey hair. One thing I don’t do… I don’t do things based on what people think. LOL! Ask my stylist. 🙂   I do what I think looks good.  What I Like.  If others hate it, that doesn’t bother me one bit. I remember about 12-13 years ago, I was going to another lady. I loved her… And then.. She shaved my head. LOL! I was called GI Jane for a few weeks. I hated it!  BUT.. Back then I was VERY insecure.  I was so worried what others would think.  I told my stylist the other day that she could shave it and I wouldn’t care one bit! I actually think I’d probably look pretty awesome with a buzzed head! 🙂  I definitely DO NOT look like a man. I’ve got the curves and the amazing make up to prove that much. LOL! 🙂 Anyways… ALL That to say… If there is a look you’ve been wanting to do.. a new hair color or style, different clothes, etc. But you haven’t done it because you’re worried what others will say/think… GO FOR IT ANYWAYS! Seriously! If someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to look at you.  That’s my viewpoint anyways! Now if it’s something truly offensive, that’s one thing. But if you’re just worried what others think all the time… Life is short. GO FOR IT! And especially if you’re contemplating SHORT hair.. DO IT. NO
REGRETS! Think of it like this… IT IS HAIR! IT WILL GROW BACK!

SO… For ALL of you out there who do not like my hair.. I.DO.NOT.CARE. 🙂 LOL! And I REALLY mean that with love. I’ve heard it both ways.. Some love it, and some REALLY do not like it.  Life goes on folks. I promise. HAHA!

ANYWAYS! 🙂  That’s my deal on that! 🙂

Now I’m watching “NEWSIES”! Have you all seen this movie?  It’s SERIOUSLY one of my very favorites! I know it word for word. I know all the songs.. It’s PURE greatness! When I meet someone who loves it, It makes me RIDICULOUSLY happy! My future husband BETTER Love it! HAHA!  I mean, really? Christian Bale at his GREATEST! 🙂



I remember when this came out, we’d put a tape player up to the tv and record all the songs.  All four us memorized them! HAHA! #nerdalert  LOL! Anyways!

This week has been good.. but also crappy. HAHA! I threw my back out last Saturday night while bathing Jude.  It STILL hurts! What the heck!? I went to the chiropractor both Monday and Tuesday, but he left for vacation Wednesday and won’t be back until this Thursday! AUGH! So, I’ve been hobbling around like I’m an old granny!  Some days it feels worse than it did when I did it! 😦  I used to tease my Mom when her back hurt, calling her Granny…. Not any more.. SORRY MAMA!!!!!! LOL!

Well…..  I guess that’s all that’s going on around here! Just family. Work. Scentsy. LOL! Same stuff! 🙂

Speaking of Scentsy…. Do you need some?!  You’ve came to the right place! just click HERE  SO many GREAT things in store for Scentsy this Holiday Season! Want to join in on all the fun I’m having?  Click HERE  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE selling Scentsy!!! It is seriously a blast! Starting next month you can earn a trip! EEEEEK! You don’t want to miss out!!!!!!!



Okay! I am outta here!!! I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL NIGHT! 🙂











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