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Hey Hey Gang! What’s going on????  I am watching tv and trying to get this thing updated! 🙂   I have been RIDICULOUSLY crazy busy!!!!   Work is INSANE! I am loving it though!!! I’d rather be busy than slow, that’s for sure!  My Scentsy is also getting busy!!!!!  I am SO glad about that! I am trying to win a trip, dang it! LOL!! It’s August 1st and I am $25 from being active already! HELLO! Isn’t that exciting!? I LOVE selling Scentsy!  I love all the great perks Scentsy gives us! It’s so awesome!!!! Today is August 1st….  That means it’s the Incentive Trip Qualification period… It also means it’s Transition month!!! Next month our Fall/Winter catalog comes out, so this month almost everything is 10% off! HELLO!!!!!!!! You can get a SIX Pack of bars for only $22.60.. WHAT!? Normally it’s $25, which actually makes it out to you’re getting one free! But this way… WOW!!! You simply can’t beat that!!!  NOW is the time to stock up on all the wonderful things Scentsy has to offer! 🙂 And guess what? Our discontinued list is out…. Here’s what’s being Discontinued… STOCK UP NOW Before everything is gone! Once it’s gone.. It’s gone!








There are so many WONDERFUL Warmers and Scents being discontinued!! You definitely need to start ordering NOW! Don’t forget… Scentsy Baby Buddies are AMAZING and after this month, THEY ARE GONE! These are perfect to buy and put up for Baby Showers!!!!!!  They are SO cute!!!!!!



LOOK AT THOSE THINGS! Are they adorable or what?!  GET YOURS NOW! You get them at a discounted price ($18.00
) PLUS you get a Scent Pak YOUR choice with it! Ummmmm, AWESOME!!!!!!  Go to my website HERE and place your order under my OPEN PARTY!!!!! Do it before they’re gone!

Because August is Transition Month, it’s also THE BEST TIME to join Scentsy and sell it yourself!!!! You get the ENHANCED STARTER KIT!!! You pay the same low price of $99 plus tax, BUT You get two sets of testers, and two packs of catalogs.. Spring & Summer AND Fall & Winter! SO AMAZING!!!!! Don’t wait! Join today!!!! Starting today, you can earn points to win a TRIP!   Either to the Bahamas, Greece, or a totally paid for trip to our Scentsy Family Reunion in St Louis! IS THAT AMAZING OR WHAT!?!?! JOIN MY TEAM!  You’ll get THE BEST support and encouragement, etc! Click HERE to join my team!!

Anyways! 🙂  I guess that’s it! Get your orders in ASAP!!! Help a sister out! I have MAJOR, MAJOR goals this month!! Gotta get started NOW!



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