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Scentsy is EXPANDING!

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HEY GUYS!!!! This post is JUST for my AWESOME readers out in MEXICO AND AUSTRALIA! 🙂  OR if you have family and friends in Mexico and Australia! KEEP READING! 🙂 🙂


EVERYONE knows my LOVE for Scentsy! I love EVERYTHING about Scentsy! The products, the people, the extra money… EVERYTHING! I LOVE IT! 🙂 Well, Scentsy is expanding! We are going to both Mexico and Australia September 1st! Wouldn’t you LOVE to be one of the VERY first Scentsy consultants in your country!??!?!? I know I would! That would be AMAZING! Think of how well that would go! WOW!





If you or someone you know could TRULY benefit from selling Scentsy, PLEASE send them my way!!!! I’d be ETERNALLY grateful! AUGH!

just send them to my website HERE 




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