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Hey hey guys! What’s going on??  I am watching DR PHIL! 🙂

Today has been a good day! Work was good.. It was SLOW, which was nice. 🙂 It’s been CRAZY Busy lately, so having a break is NICE!!!!!!! After work, Jude and I went to Target and then came home and ate and then got to go pick up my parents from the Airport!  WOOOOOO HOOOO! They have been gone for WAY Too long! They went to see my Dad’s family in Tennessee!!!! They were gone a FULL week! EEEEEEK!   Jude talked about them ALL WEEK LONG! LOL!!!! He loves his Nana and Papa! 🙂  I AM GLAD THEY’RE BACK! WHEW! Since they’ve been gone, I’ve been watering ALL The garden and feeding and watering the rabbits! THAT IS A LOT OF WORK! My Mom has griped that none of us help in the garden… Yard work isn’t my thing.  When I was married, it was fun because 1  it was MY yard. 2 I did it with my husband, and 3 it was a tiny yard. LOL!!!  My parents have a huge yard and a GINORMOUS garden! AND we had SO much rain that the weeds are OUTRAGEOUS! AUGH! So, now I will be helping Mom in the garden. LOL! I totally empathize with her now! HAHAHA! Poor Mama!  ANYWAYS!

So before Scentsy Family Reunion I got my nails done.  The girl did a WONDERFUL job! I loved them.  I got them done again yesterday. I was so excited.  So, I went back to the place I orignially went.  Used the same girl. When they fill your nails, they file with a rounded drill to get it smooth.. She was drilling away… And she DRILLED INTO MY REAL NAIL! AUGH! IT HURT! It scared me!



You can see that pink part on that finger.. That’s where she drilled. Of course, she filled over it and now I Am nervous. LOL! I have a pretty good immune system, and I made her spray it down with alcohol. LOL!! 🙂 Anyways! Y’all say a prayer for me. HAHA!  😀  The blue color DOES rock though! AUGH! I LOVE it! What do y’all think?

So my Scentsy business is ROCKIN’! 🙂 it’s August 6th and I am already ACTIVE and then some! 🙂  Plus I have two girls on the fence about joining my team… I am meeting with one of them tomorrow! So fun! I WILL PROMOTE! AND I WILL EARN A TRIP! Plain and simple!

SO………………….. Y’ALL HELP A GIRL OUT! Buy some Scentsy! Host a Party! Join My team! 🙂  It’s so much fun! Get started on Christmas money this year!!  Qualify for YOURSELF to win a trip! HELLO!  So awesome! CLICK HERE!!!!

Anyways! I guess that’s all that’s going on around here!  Me, Jude, and Scentsy! Pretty great life if you ask me!



Love you guys!




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