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Hey everyone!!!  How are y’all doing?!   I am doing great! I am watching the SEX AND THE CITY Movie.. The first one.  This one ALWAYS makes me cry! I just LOVE it so much! I am seriously sitting here, bawling like a baby on the part where Bigg doesn’t show to the wedding and then he passes them on the street.. It’s HEARTBREAKING! AUGH!   Have you guys seen it!?  It definitely has some inappropriate parts in it.. You just have to fast forward.. LOL!

Anyways….  I have to tell y’all…  My Scentsy business is R O C K I N’! WOOOOO HOOOOOO!! I just signed my fourth team member this week.. and she’s already collecting BIG orders! I am doing GREAT with my own sales, PLUS one of my other team members is already active and then some… EEEEEEEEEEEK! I JUST MIGHT PROMOTE THIS MONTH!!!!! Oh I SO hope so! I’ve been working so hard!!!!! Y’all pray for me!  AND, if you need to order Scentsy, DO IT FROM ME! AND, if you know someone who would like to sell it, LET ME KNOW! 🙂

I have an event coming up the 24th, and I’ve been asked to do a BIG event in December!!! And I am hoping to have another one in December! 🙂 WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! I couldn’t be happier right now! It’s so exciting!

I got my hair cut today…. 🙂  I think it may even be shorter than last time. LOL!  I’ll take pictures tomorrow.  I’ll have to show off my new make up.  Sometimes if I have a little extra money, I just HAVE to splurge. LOL!  Well I ordered a CRAZY cheap iPhone case on Amazon, and HAD to get a make up palette.  It was CRAZY cheap, so that’s how I justify it. LOL!!!!! 🙂  It’s a SLEEK iDivine Ultra Mattes V2 Dark Palette. 🙂


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!  I can’t wait to try this out!!!!!  They have GREAT palette’s! I LOVE Them! If you’ll remember, I got the iDvine Acid palette for Christmas and it’s one of my favorites… SO I am crazy stoked to try this one!!  I want to order ALL of them!!  There are SO many!  If you’ve never tried them, GET ON AMAZON AND GET TO SHOPPING!!!  They are HIGHLY pigmented and GREAT quality for the price! LOVE, LOVE!  I’ll use them tomorrow and post pics. 😉   I am sure you’re SUPER excited!

Tomorrow is a BUSY day for me!!  I am meeting with a friend in the morning over coffee to talk about Scentsy and tell her WHY it’s so amazing and WHY she should join! 😉  Then we have a birthday party for my cousins little boy, and then I am going to my new recruits launch party, and THEN FAMILY time the rest of the night! It’s going to be a great day!!!  I am ready!   What do y’all have planned?  I hope you have a GREAT day planned!!!!!!!!!

Okay…  Well, I guess that’s about it for tonight! I need to finish my movie and go to bed!  I hope y’all have a FABULOUS weekend!   AND.. DO NOT FORGET TO STOP AND SMELL THE SCENTSY! 🙂  LOL!   Call, Message, Text, whatever me to get your Scentsy! OR you can shop online HERE!!



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