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Hey guys! What’s going on out there???  I am watching Big Brother and checking out Pinterest! 🙂  Y’all should follow my Scentsy Board on there! 🙂 It’s quite amazing. HAHAHA! Just kidding… But seriously. It is.  If y’all feel like I am CONSTANTLY talking about Scentsy, I am.  I eat, drink, SNIFF, breathe Scentsy!  I ABSOLUTELY Love it!!!!  It’s just such an awesome product! I AM IN LOVE! HAHA!

Yesterday I got in the Warmer and Scent of the month for September… ADORABLE1  If you like decorating for Halloween, you are going to LOVE this Warmer!  It’s called Creepy Crawler…  The Scent is called Sugar & Spice…. Treat yourself as a crunchy candy coating gives way to a black licorice filling: spicy, herbal, and sweet.



This scent & warmer are BOTH going to be 10% off in September!!!! I am taking PRE ORDERS right now, so let me know how many you want!!!

Yesterday I went to my good friends house to discuss Scentsy and kinda help her understand what it’s all about from a selling stand point.  She’s joining tomorrow!  I am excited to have her on her team!  ALL of her family uses Scentsy, and she knows A LOT of people.. She is going to ROCK this business!!!  My recruit that signed up last week is ROCKING it like CRAZY!  She will most definitely hit SHOOTING STAR, which makes me CRAZY proud!!!!!!  Our team is on fire! 🙂  I am so happy!  I am seriously having so much fun with this company!!!!!!!!! I have a small Ladies Expo on Saturday and I am SO excited about it!!!! I am Praying we have a wonderful turn out!!!


Work is good.  It’s slowed down right now, and that’s okay with me!

I’ve been using my brand new Sleek iDivine Palette all week long, but I keep forgetting to take pics!!! I will try to get some tomorrow!  We’ll see. LOL!

Anyways..  That’s all that’s going on right now!  Same old stuff! 🙂

I hope y’all have a FABULOUS night!

Love you guys!






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