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Long OverDue Post!

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HEY HEY!  How’s everyone doing out there??? It’s been awhile since I updated!!!! I have A LOT going on lately!!!!

Scentsy has three brands.. One is called GRACE ADELE… It’s handbags, clutches, wallets, jewlery, etc.. You can make looks that fit your personality! I LOVE them!! So I just joined that brand and I’m SO EXCITED!!!! Y’all should check out what we do…. https://sherilync.graceadele.us You will LOVE it all, I promise!

MetallicAlex PurpleShelby ScarletCarly


How BEAUTIFUL are these bags?  Seriously!!! You can add clips, bag scarves, etc! LOVE THEM!! Please check them out! I have two open parties on my website, one is a party for my best friend, and the other is my LAUNCH PARTY.. So add your order to one of the parties!!! 🙂

Scentsy is going REALLY well!  I have a team total of 5 right now (including myself)!  We’re ALL doing good! The past two months have been GREAT!!!!!!!  🙂  The new catalog is just AMAZING and EVERYONE is loving it all! You can check it all out on my website…. https://sherilync.scentsy.us

Today I had a Scentsy DORM party in Abilene!!!!!!  It was at Abilene Christian University and it went SO well!!!!  Lots of girls came, my hostess collected some GREAT orders, and she still has more coming! I am excited for her! This will be a GREAT party!  She will get some AMAZING rewards too! 🙂

BIRDHJO Element warmers 1 MissionContinues Venetia


Get your orders in! 🙂  Help me out! I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to promote to STAR CONSULTANT this month! EEEEEK! Who’s gonna help a sister out!??!? LOL! 🙂

We got Jude’s costume in today! 🙂  HE LOVES IT!  He’s BUZZ LIGHT YEAR! HAHA! He looks adorable.  He’s laying beside me right now watching tv before bed, and he’s wearing his costume.  He said he’s sleeping in it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Little booger.  I remember when my nephew was his age he wore ALL kinds of costumes, and he wore them day and night! 🙂  It was so cute! I am so glad Jude seems to be following in his footsteps. LOL! TOO CUTE!!!!

ANYWAYS.. All this to say, it’s been a really wonderful past few weeks! 🙂  I am looking forward to Fall, and all the stuff that’s coming my way! I’m busy with work, I have Scentsy events in December, some home parties, and more people to sign up to sell it! WOOT WOOT! I’ve made a new old friend, and we talk A LOT about Jesus.. It’s been great to have someone else to just talk about His goodness and mercy with… Learn about new music with, etc. We went and took pictures at the Mall and then got ice cream the other night.  It was nice to get out and have A LOT of fun.  We laughed and reminisced.  We used to know each other a long time ago and have since reconnected! It’s been fun!

Anyways!  I haven’t left y’all with Music in awhile… I’ve recently discovered a band that is JUST amazing! I am SERIOUS!  They’re called Rend Collective Experiment.. A-MAY-ZING! WOWZERS!  Check them out…  I bought their CD, CAMPFIRE this week and I listen to it ALL the time!!!!! SO GOOD!

This is my favorite….

They are AWESOME.. So fun and creative.. I need to see them in person!  THIS SONG ROCKS!! ALL of their songs REALLY speak to me! SO GOOD!

So, that’s it!!!

I hope y’all enjoyed this LONG OVERDUE post!!!!!!  Y’all are awesome!  LOVE YOU GUYS!!!









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