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Hey guys! What’s going on?? I am watching tv and being a bum. 🙂 That’s always fun, right?

Can you believe it’s FINALLY FALL!?!?!?!?!  I can’t! 🙂  It seems like EVERY year, I get more and more excited about Fall!  You can tell it’s Fall because the mornings are cooler! It’s AWESOME! It’s been in the 70’s and 80’s lately.. except today, it’s 90! LOL! You can also tell it’s Fall because Scentsy is coming out with AMAZING Fall scents, and warmers!  The October Scent of the month is CIDER MILL… I.LOVE.IT. Seriously goodness!!!!! Read this description….  Come in from the cold and wrap your hands around a mug of steaming apple cider. Cider Mill brings together fresh apples, crushed pumpkin, and simmering spices for a cozy autumn treat. Does that sound like Fall or what?! It’s AMAZING!  If you’d like a sample, feel free to comment and let me know! 🙂

Even better than the scent, is the Warmer of the month… OH.MY.GOSH…. EVERYONE who has seen this so far, has LOVED It! I’ve got two sold so far and it’s not even available until Tuesday.


SERIOUSLY!  Is that Adorable or what?!?!?!   If you love Fall, and you love to decorate for Fall, this is MOST DEFINITELY the Warmer for you! AUGH!   I just love him so much! LOL!

Some of my other favorite Fall Scents are Honey Pear Cider, Snowberry, Cinnamon Bear, Autumn Sunset, and Mandarin Moon!! They are just delicious!  Need to place an order?  PLEASE Do! Just order HERE

Another way I know Fall is here?  THE SOUTH PLAINS FAIR IS HERE!!! WAAAAHHHHOOOOOO! I am SO Excited!!! Our entire family goes together EVERY year!  We pick one day, all take off work, and go spend the day! 🙂  It’s SO much fun, and I can’t wait to go!  Fair Food is the Best!!!!! 🙂  We all love the Strawberry Lemonade! It’s got WAY too much sugar in it, but it’s delicious! I also love fried pickles, funnel Cake, corn dogs, cotton candy… WHEW! It’s going to ROCK!


I’ve been watching A LOT of “Finding Nemo” lately! LOL!  I always said this is one movie I’d never let Jude watch.. Because it annoyed the crap outta me.. It could POSSIBLY be because I’ve had people say Dory reminds them of me. LOL!  HMPH! But.. IT’s really not a bad movie.. Actually pretty funny and cute.  Jude LOVES it now! We watch it ALL the time.. HE loves “Emo”. HAHAHA!


We’ve been having REVIVAL at our church the past few days, and it’s REALLY good!!!!! Tonight is the last night, and I am actually pretty sad about it!  It’s great to get the Word DURING the week too, instead of just Sundays!

Today at work I was making packets in the supply closet because I was slow with my other work.  I took my phone in there and played the Rend Collective Experiment CD, Campfire.  MAN!  I know I talked about them in the last post, but SERIOUSLY… THAT WHOLE CD IS AMAZING!  I am telling you what! I was having my own worship time in there!! Everyone else was at lunch and I was dancing and singing and praising Jesus! 🙂  I absolutely LOVE every single song on that album!  I need to hear more! Y’all need to go RIGHT now to iTunes and buy that Album…. N O W! You’ll thank me for it, I promise! Usually with most CD’s, there are a few songs I don’t like as much, but I can honestly say I LOVE every single song! Buy it, and then let me know what you think! 🙂



Well, I guess that’s about it for now! 🙂  I am going to get ready to head to Revival! Have a SUPER night!


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