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I am SO stinkin’ close to FINALLY promoting to STAR CONSULTANT!  Every  month I get closer and closer!!!!  I am squeezing sales out of everywhere I know how, and my AMAZING team is doing the same!!!  I h ave one sweet recruit who, after finding out how much we lack, went out and found over $300 in sales in just 24 hours! Is that AMAZING or what?!? She JUST might need a prize! LOL! I am the closest I’ve been… I think I need about $80 right now to promote!

SO…………. This is where ALL of my blog readers come in……  Start Christmas shopping now! 🙂  You can buy Scentsy OR Grace Adele! It’s easy, and quick!  And you can order online, or you can message me!  We’ll get it placed!  If you’re local, you get FREE shipping!  If you’re not, I am cutting you a deal on shipping! CONTACT ME ASAP to get those orders in!!!! I am placing this order this afternoon so I don’t get BOGGED down tonight.  Our Workstation is always a mess with thousands of consultants trying to get last minute orders in! I don’t want to be one of them!!!

Check out some GRACE ADELE stuff….

BlackHeather Stone Sadie PurpleHeather OceanTaylor ScarletSadie2 MetallicGiselle

Are those bags GORGEOUS or what!??!? I LOVE them! 🙂  You can place the orders online by clicking HERE and placing it in my LAUNCH PARTY!

Check out some awesome SCENTSY stuff!


Tartan BrownDiamond CreamTulip ChevronBlack

I KNOW these would make FABULOUS Christmas Presents for your family or friends! Please help me by placing your order T O D A Y! 🙂


Okay, enough begging!!! 🙂

How was your weekend??  Mine was GREAT!  Saturday I took pictures of a house, then I went to a doTerra Essential Oils Informational Class! It was awesome!  A lot of the stuff I already knew, but I learned a lot of new stuff too!!! Like, Peppermint oil is GREAT for fevers! Did you know that?! I didn’t!!!!  I am ALL about natural health care, and healing naturally. I LOVE learning stuff like this! My Mom ordered some stuff, so I’ll be sure to steal some of it! LOL!

After the party we went to Fuddruckers for lunch! It was just me, Jude, Kayla and her kids, and Mom. 🙂  We had fun! I had them take Jude and I home so I could get him down for a nap.. That did NOT happen. LOL! AUGH!  Some days he goes straight to sleep.  Others, he’s a crazy mess laughing and wanting to play. HAHA! He’s so crazy!

Sunday was church, of course, and then home for lunch with the family!  Our weekends are usually pretty uneventful. LOL! Oh my brother DID put my brand new car decal on for me! 🙂  WOOT WOOT!!!!! Check it out!





Today Jude is playing with Friends and just got a message that he is doing so well.  I am so proud of him! He’s growing up so fast!  Anyways!

I guess that’s it!  I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL day!!!!!

I am learning BIBLE VERSES with a friend.. Every week we’ll pick one and learn it! This weeks is MATTHEW 17:20 —–

I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, y ou can say to this mountain ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you



I LOVE that scripture! 🙂  I have to learn it by next Monday! EEEEEK! Wish me luck! LOL!





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