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So yesterday I posted that I was REACHING for STAR!  Guess what?


I DID IT!!!! WOOO HOOOO! Actually, WE did it! 🙂  Oh my gosh!!!!! I can’t believe it!  I have the absolute best customers and recruits in the whole world! WOW!  I made Star and then some! LOL!  It was just an amazing night!  I am SO excited I could scream! 🙂  AND to top that off, today, I got my first Scentsy “grand baby”! One of my recruits signed HER first recruit just this morning! EEEEEEEEK!  My Scentsy team is ROCKING AND ROLLING!  October is going to be THE BEST!!!!! This is going to be an AMAZING Holiday Season!  Tomorrow, just the SECOND day of the month, I’ll be closing out a party at over $400!! 🙂 🙂 EEEEEEEEEK! And one of my recruits has already gone active and is at over $400PRV! It’s CRAZY what happens in the Holidays! And it’s even more crazy what happens when you work for something, and when you’re doing what you LOVE!  And man do I love Scentsy/Grace Adele! WOW!

If you have EVER considered signing up and selling it, NOW is a great time to sign up! This Holiday season is gonna ROCK like crazy!  Don’t miss out on making extra money, buying Christmas presents without going in debt, etc! I want you on my team! 🙂  Just go to https://sherilync.scentsy.us/join  We can get you off to a BOOMIN’ Start! 🙂



Just had to share with y’all! 🙂  Thank you guys for ALL of your help!

scarecrow Snowmansanta


Are those warmers stinkin’ adorable or what!??! WOW! I love them!   Order yours today RIGHT NOW! These warmers are going to FLY off the warehouse shelves! And since they are Holiday warmers, they are ONLY while supplies last!  Get yours now HERE !

THANK YOU GUYS for your AWESOME help! Thank you for loving and believing in me, and supporting me!  I am one blessed Mama, that’s for sure! My goals for Scentsy and Grace Adele are BIG goals!  Sometimes, I am sure people think there’s no way I’ll reach them.  Sometimes, my mind tries to tell me I won’t…. But guess what?!  I WILL REACH THEM!  Hello!  I just promoted to STAR!  There are several other levels to go! 🙂




I guess that’s all I’ve got for tonight!

I love you guys from the bottom of my heart!  THANK YOU! 🙂



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