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Hey Hey guys! What’s going on?  I am just sitting here watching Drop Dead Diva! Jude is asleep and boy am I glad! LOL! It’s been a rough two days around here!  Yesterday morning about 430, I woke up to Jude coughing an AWFUL, croupy cough, and he was BURNING UP!!!  It was awful! So we woke up Saturday morning around 8:30 and he was STILL hot and his cough was just nasty! 😦  We spent most of yesterday in bed.. Only getting up to go to the bathroom, or get a popsicle.  My poor baby! We watched Toy Story 2 three times, along with Backyardigans and Blues Clues episodes.. ALL.DAY. LOL! He slept pretty good last night, and then we woke up today and basically laid around all morning.  Watched more tv. I got dinner started.. He actually ate some, then it was back in bed. He napped and then more laying around… He is definitely better, but still puny. BLAH! I absolutely HATE it when he’s sick!  There’s just not a whole lot you can do and it’s awful!  I am hoping he’ll sleep good tonight and wake up tomorrow TONS better!!!!  Please pray for restful sleep for BOTH of us! 🙂  Ya know, before you have children, no one really tells you the emotions you’re going to feel… No one tells me the sheer terror you feel when you hear that croupy cough & breathing… Or the fear you feel when they’re throwing up and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. AUGH!!!!!! Yesterday, we were alone most of the day, which is always fun.. But he got choked up on mucus and started gagging and throwing up… THEN his breathing sounded AWFUL! I was Absolutely SCARED TO DEATH! LOL! Call me a baby, but I was scared.  I just held him and we prayed out loud for Jesus to help him. AUGH! I HATE IT!!!!!! I am SO ready for him to be TOTALLY better!!!!!

So… TOMORROW is the FINAL Monster Monday sale with Scentsy/Grace Adele and let me tell you IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s a few pictures of what’s going on sale…  You can actually check out exactly what’s on sale now, but the prices won’t reflect the sale price until 12AM PST! 🙂  https://sherilync.scentsy.us/Scentsy/Buy/Category/1225









You REALLY, REALLY, REALLY should check it out! 🙂  You could get ALL of your Christmas shopping DONE between those two sites! 🙂 The sales are being advertised as “sales so big, they’re scary” and it’s completely true!


If you choose to order from either site, please choose one of my open parties! 🙂  And if I may suggest.. On SCENTSY, PLEASE order under my Party– Aida’s Fundraiser!!!! I am REALLY trying to help out some friends of mine!  My friend Kristi has twin daughters who are Five. One of them, Aida, was just diagnosed with ALL Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. 😦  Poor baby is so young! Kristi has quit her job so she can stay home with Aida throughout her treatment plan so they are down to one income! I am holding this SCENTSY Fundraiser hoping to help them out!!!!!! 100% of my commission for this party will go straight to them in their GoFundMe account.   PLEASE check it out and place your order!!! We would all be incredibly grateful!


I guess that is it for now!!!! I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL Monday!!!! Don’t forget… SHOP! 🙂




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