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Merry Christmas?

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Hey guys!  What’s going on?  I am watching “Yes Man” and messing around online.  Fun times, right?  LOL! 🙂

Did you guys have a MERRY CHRISTMAS???! Ours has been sucky. LOL! But we haven’t actually had our Christmas yet, so I guess I shouldn’t say that.  We ALWAYS have our Family Christmas on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. This year we had some family out of town, one working, two sick… So we have postponed it. We’ll have it this week though, so we’re excited about that. 🙂 I wen ahead and did Jude’s Santa stuff on Christmas morning and that was a blast!! 🙂 Christmas is so much more fun with kiddos around! 🙂  For Christmas Lunch my parents, one of my sisters, and Jude and I went out to my PawPaw’s house and ate Christmas lunch.  That was fun, but also sad since everyone else wasn’t there.  I’ll post again AFTER our Christmas and let y’all know how that was. HAHA!

Today I went and saw “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”!!!!!!  I LOVED it! It was SO good!  Makes me want to go back and re watch all the LOTR movies again. Not like I haven’t seen them a thousand times already though. LOL!

Last weekend I took Jude to see his VERY FIRST MOVIE THE THEATER!!!!!  We saw “Walking With Dinosaurs” and it was so much fun!!!  We BOTH loved the movie! Jude did great and wanted to watch it again! LOL!!!!!!! I’m so glad he loved it! I absolutely LOVE going to the movies!!!!!!




I love the Holiday work schedule!  Last week I only worked Thursday and Friday.  This week we are off Wednesday… Not sure about the Tuesday Schedule.  But still! 🙂 It’s still so much fun!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!

That’s all that is going on around here… I know, I am pretty boring. LOL! Oh well!!!!!

I’ll update when we have our Family Christmas!


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