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Hey Folks! What’s going on? I am just watching TV and catching up here…  I have another post I’ve been working on for almost a week now. LOL! I’ll finish that one eventually! LOL! Oh well!

This has been a pretty good week and week and weekend!  Work went well..  Same old stuff, just different days… I’ve sold a little Scentsy… Had a lot of Jude time… and some friend time!   Can’t beat that, can ya!? Monday night I went to a friends house and watched Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring… I recently bought all three at Ralphs. I don’t think I’ve EVER had that much fun watching LOTR. LOL!!!  We decided we should be on the old show, Mystery Science Theater 3000.  We talked, laughed, ate popcorn, sang… LOL! LOL! 🙂 Now we have to find time to watch the other two.  I can’t wait! 🙂



This weekend was GREAT! Last night Jude and I ate HOMEPLATE DINER (DELICIOUS!) Today we slept incredibly LATE, then got up, got ready and picked up my niece and then went to the Science Spectrum…  We watched Dinosaur Passage to Pangaea.  It was Claymation.. Which made Kel and I die laughing at first, but it was also pretty funny, and cute.  Jude LOVED it, of course!!!!  After the movie, we played at the Science Spectrum for awhile before going to eat at Rosas! 🙂  It was a Wonderful day!!!!!

Me & Kel



So I told y’all I bought the Naked 2 Palette…  Well, it’s literally ALL I’ve worn EVERY day since I bought it! LOL!  My Mom even uses it!  It’s so versatile! You can create SO many different looks with it! I am absolutely IN LOVE!!!!!!!  The first is pretty similar to the 2nd, so I need to get the 3rd! 🙂  It’s more pinky colors! Looks Beautiful!

I’ve found a perfume I’m currently in love with…. I’m telling you.. It’s AMAZING. I just have a rollerball, and it doesn’t last long… So I need to get the bottle now.  It’s the Ralph Lauren Big Pony Pink….  Seriously AMAZING! Sweet and flirty….  I’m in love! 🙂  you should definitely check it out!  Ralph Lauren #2 Pink, the sensual fragrance. A Floriental Fruity with the key ingredients of Cranberry & Tonka Mousse, this fragrance is for an alluring flirt with a romantic spirit. Playful and irresistible, this modern woman follows her heart… and she just might break yours. The eye-catching pink bottle is complemented by a green oversized polo pony icon opposite a cool blue number 2. 



Did y’all notice in the picture above that I’m growing out my hair!?  Luckily my hair grows FAST!!  It’s still in the in-between phase, but won’t be for long.  At least all of my spikes have grown out! LOL! That’s the worst part! WHEW!  Probably in the next couple of months it will be grown out where I want it! 🙂  I’m excited and ready!  I’m also ready to change the color!  I am pretty bored with my natural color.  I tried a new one that was supposed to kind of lighten it, but it really did NOTHING to it! 😦  I’m trying to get my oldest sister to agree to helping pull it threw a cap and throw on some bleach and who knows what else! 🙂 Guess we’ll see what happens!



I guess that’s it for now!  I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL Sunday!!!! 🙂  Go to church and have a wonderful day!








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