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Easter Weekend!

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Hey guys!  What’s going on??  I am watching MAN OF STEEL, but I think I am about to turn it off.. IT IS BORING ME!!!!!!!!!!  The only thing I’ve liked so far about it… KEVIN COSTNER is in it. LOL!  That’s the only good thing so far…. Maybe I’ll watch for a few more minutes…..

So I was off work today, since it’s GOOD FRIDAY! 🙂 I took Jude to see the Disney Natures BEARS movie.. It was really cute!!!!!  He wasn’t quite as into it as I was, but I loved it!!!  After that, we met up with my sisters and brother in law and kiddos at Taco Villa for some lunch.. THEN Jude, Brynne and I went to the Science Spectrum!!!!  We had a lot of fun!!!!!! We stayed for what felt like HOURS, then went to Bahama Bucks, then home!  It was a VERY busy day!!!!  Jude didn’t get a nap, and was a little crazy, but luckily went to sleep SUPER easy!!!!






On the way to Bahama Bucks, I asked Jude if he had fun & he said it was “a way fun day!” LOL! So…. WINNING!!!! HAHAHAHA!

Tomorrow we have an EASTER EGG hunt, then lunch and nap time before we color Easter Eggs with the family!!!! 🙂  It’s tradition, and we LOVE it! I can’t wait! It’s always fun trying to see who can make the coolest color, or prettiest egg!!!

What else is new with y’all?!?  I have just been working, selling Scentsy, and hanging with my J Man!!!  Keeps me pretty busy!  Can’t complain too much! 🙂 I’ve definitely got a lot going on and going for me right now!!  Scentsy is a lot of fun and one of my girls just signed her third team mate, that puts us at 15!! WOOT!!!!!  We are growing, and going places!  So exciting!

I got my VELATA RACLETTE in last week! WOOT!! It was on back order for what seemed like FOREVER!  That night, we did steaks and veggies on it! PRETTY YUMMMMMMMMMMMY!



Is that fun or what!??! 🙂  I can’t wait to do more!

After dinner that night, we cut up strawberries and bananas and had some Velata Fondue! SO FREAKING GOOD! AUGH!  Y’all have got to try it out if you haven’t already! I am telling you, you will LOVE, LOVE it!

Check out this AWESOME Easter deal…..  ONLY until Sunday! Order yours TODAY!


You can click HERE and go straight to my Velata site! 🙂

Scentsy also has an INCREBIBLE Mothers Day deal going right now… You do not want to miss out on this!!!  Only $40 gets you this following……


The warmer itself is $40, so basically you are getting THREE bars FREE!?! WHAT!??!  So awesome! Check it out, order now!  Just click HERE to go to my Scentsy site!  ALL 3 of those scents are AWESOME!!!!!!!!  I just LOVE them!!!!!

Anyways! I guess that’s it for now!  Nothing else going on around here!

Have a WONDERFUL Easter!!!!!!









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