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I’m Lovin’ It! Favorite Things!



What’s going on? I am watching DUCK DYNASTY! WOOT! 🙂  This show isn’t nearly as funny as it used to be… Too much scripting, I think.. But it’s still good! 🙂

So this blog is basically going to be about a few favorites of mine right now… The first will of course be something SCENTSY! HEHE! So I mentioned in my last post about the Summer Bundles Scentsy came out with… The Laundry Bundle and the personal care bundle.. I got Jet, Set, Go in both the laundry bundle and the personal care bundle….  THANK GOD I got them when I did..  ALL three scents in the Laundry bundle SOLD OUT… I’m talking like, in DAYS!  CRAZY!!!!!  You can still get all three scents in the Personal Care Bundles… I love the Laundry bundle, but I am talking today about the Personal Care Bundle… OH.EM.GEE!  Y’all.. SERIOUSLY. I HIGHLY recommend you get this bundle. NOW! Let me give you the Scentsy Description of the scent Jet, Set, Go…  Okay, this is what Scentsy says…  Jet off to a balmy tropical paradise of Brazilian orange, jungle papaya, and island vanilla.

Doesn’t that sound HEAVENLY!?  Well, it is… It is THE Best Scent I have EVER smelled… EVER! LOL! I bought Jude a Scent Pak for one of his buddies, I warm it all the time.. THEN They come out with the bundles…  The Personal Care Bundle is $33 plus tax and possibly shipping.. In this bundle you get… Hand Lotion, Hand Soap, Shower Gel, and Body Spray.  THIS IS A GREAT DEAL! You MUST take Advantage of this deal ASAP! This is ONLY available WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!  You can order it right HERE 



Second thing I am LOVING right now… My concealer!  I read it on another blog recently…. A-MAY-ZING.  I have pretty bad under eye  circles/bags..  THIS THING WORKS BIG TIME!!!!!!  The first day I wore it was Monday, and I got a LOT of compliments on my make up that day! 🙂 YAY!  I bought mine at CVS, but you can basically buy it anywhere!! It was about $9.99



Third is something I didn’t expect to love as much as I do!!! It’s the Mary Kay Eye Shadow Crease brush!!! OMG! I bought it from my WONDERFUL friend, Heather Womack.. That lady is a SUPER STAR… If you don’t know her.. YOU SHOULD!  If you need a Mary Kay Consultant, she’s your lady.. You can shop from her website HERE    This brush works in the crease PERFECTLY!  I used the same shadows I’ve been using, but they were blended SO much better and the look just came together! 🙂  Weird to those that may not wear much make up, or use different tools, but this one ROCKS! Only $10!


There are lots of other products I am LOVING, but I’ll stop with these! 🙂

What are some of YOUR favorite things right now!?


2 thoughts on “I’m Lovin’ It! Favorite Things!

  1. Glad you loved the concealer! I bought one at Walmart for $6.75-$7.99 in case you’d like to save a few. Lovely..isn’t it. 😉

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