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HELLLLLLOOOOOOO Everyone!!!!!!  How are y’all doing?!  Things here are FABULOUS!!!!  I have SO much to discuss with y’all it’s unreal! 🙂 I had an incredible week in St. Louis with about 8,000 other Scentsy Family members!! HAHA! 🙂  It was amazing.. Sometimes, indescribable! I absolutely do not have time to go over it all tonight.. I need to get pictures together and all that….. I will tell y’all, GET READY! I will have a billion pictures for y’all.. 🙂  So.. .I’ll just leave y’all a few pictures to tide y’all over.. HEHEHE!!!

I was on the shuttle here riding to the hotel.. ST LOUIS GATEWAY ARCH! BOOM! 🙂



This is a view of the Arch from the 6th floor of the FOUR SEASONS HOTEL! 🙂


This is the SCENTSY STAGE on the first night!


I have hundreds of photos on my phone.. I’ll get them in order and I’ll be back in the next day or two! 🙂 I will tell y’all that Scentsy is AMAZING!  They did it up BIG this year! I absolutely LOVE Heidi & Orville! They are some AMAZING people who have a TRUE Love for what they do, and for the people! They have BIG hearts and put their heart into EVERYTHING they do! I am so proud to be a part of the SCENTSY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!  I would ABSOLUTELY love to have you join me in this incredible journey! JOIN MY TEAM!  Let’s go on the next Incentive trip together!

Interested?!  Go to my website & check it out, contact me! We’ll get it all worked out and I’ll help you get on the right track!




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