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Hey guys! What’s going on???  I am just over at my parents doing laundry and waiting for BURGERS!!! Saturdays are Burgers nights at Mom and Dad’s!  Today has been an uneventful day! Jude and I laid around….  He played his Wii U that Santa brought him, and I was SUPER LAZY!!! I finally got up and got ready and we went to Wal*Mart and returned a comforter I bought that was the wrong color.. Then we ran to the office then to TARGET! 😀 We can ALWAYS Find things to buy at Target! LOL! Jude found a little laser gun in the Dollar section… I bought a NYX Liquid Lipstick and Neutrogena Make up remover wipes.

Lots of big changes have been happening around here.  Yesterday was my last day at Coldwell Banker Realtors!!!!!  On to a new journey, and this one was totally placed  before me by God, I have no doubt in my mind!!! I’m back in the medical field, Friday’s off, scrubs  and tennis shoes, benefits….. Ahhhhhhhh!!!  Jude and I have prayed EVERY NIGHT for quite a long time for this! I was getting frustrated and discouraged.  And then this came up! Jude and I couldn’t be happier!  We have claimed 2016 to be OUR YEAR!!

I have decided to change up some things in my diet… I am currently on DAY 3 of NO COKES OF ANY KIND! For anyone not from the South, we call ALL forms of soft drinks, cokes.  My preference is Dr Pepper and I drink a RIDICULOUS amount of dr pepper a day.. I LOVE IT! But I am gaining weight.. Bloated… And just don’t feel good.  So we’ll see.. To add to this, I am always going Gluten Free to see if this helps me some as well.. I am currently two days Gluten free… Well, I did have a small piece of cake yesterday at my office for my going away party! LOL!

Scentsy Business is going pretty well… I need to kick it up a few notches though. This year we could earn Nashville for Scentsy Family Reunion, or a FAMILY TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD!  I swore I was going to earn Disney, then found out all the qualifications and decided there was no way I could earn it. I TOTALLY self sabotaged it. I am REALLY sad that I allowed myself to think that way. I probably could have earned it had I changed my mindset and worked my booty off! Now that means I have to save and take Jude by myself.. A LOT MORE EXPENSIVE! EEEEEEEEEK! Other than that, Scentsy is going great and I am still loving it just as much as ever!  We got a sneak peek of the new Spring/Summer Catalog that comes out March 1st and man oh man!! IT IS GOOD!!! I get my catalogs and testers this week, probably Tuesday. I can’t wait to smell all the new scents! There are a whole lot more brand new scents this time and I have heard they’re AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just so you know, Joining Scentsy this month will be the BEST decision you could  EVER make! You’d get an ENHANCED Starter kit for the same price as the regular one!  You’ll get everything you’d normally get and they add in the Spring and Summer Testers and catalogs! WOOT WOOT! Join my team today! I can pretty much guarantee that you WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!! WE have SO MUCH FUN!!!! Just click HERE

Check out everything you’ll get *some items vary*


I watch a lot of YouTube videos about make up tutorials, make up hauls etc. They’ve been talking a lot about a brand Colour Pop.  They are great, cheap products, supposedly.  I ordered some the other day and they’ll be here this week! WOOT! 😀 I’ll do another post when I get them in! I am so excited!

Anyways! So this is what’s up with us these days! What’s going on with all of y’all??? I hope y’all are doing well!!!


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