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Why Should We Care?

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Hey everyone! WHY DO I SUCK AT UPDATING THIS THING!??  I guess I am just toooo busy.. Yeah, that’s it. LOL!

So… I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my hair, and needing a change.. Right now I have one side partially shaved and the other side is longer. It’s incredibly cute, but I’m over it. Everyone that knows me, knows I like changing it up A LOT.. And knows I go for SHOCK VALUE. HAHA! So, I went with my best friend and her daughter yesterday to the salon and her daughter cut ALL of her hair off! MAJOR difference and she looks ADORABLE! I absolutely LOVE it! So…. I am ready for a change. A big one… Something I have been thinking about for a very long time and have joked about for AGES.  It’s now time to do it. Just go for it.  No matter what everyone else says. 😛 Which brings me to my main thoughts here….

WHY THE HECK DO WE CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK!??????  I used to. I used to care WAY TO MUCH! But now, I HONESTLY don’t care what others think about me… Especially my hair.  But the funny thing is.. EVERYONE always tells me not to do a certain look, but 9 times out of 10 when I go for it, the majority of people LOVE it.  Or at least LIKE it. LOL! But seriously… What is it in us that makes us CARE what other people think about how we look? Here’s a thought for y’all….. Regarding my hair… LOL! If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. My hair grows SO incredibly fast, it’s seriously INSANE!!!! I get my hair cut every 3-4 weeks.

So…… What I am wanting…. A buzz cut. I want to shave it all off! How fun would that be?!  I already have part of my head shaved. Why not go all the way? This is me now…….


See how that one side is shaved? I was thinking about it and I had a PRETTY CLOSE buzz cut back in 2009….


I LOVED That cut… Of course, the guy I was dating hated it, and my family hated it… But since when do I cut my hair for others? Never. HAHA!


I honestly just think that we shouldn’t care what people think.  I am not harming myself. I am not harming others. I like being a little bit different… And doing things with my hair that is a little daring… a little weird… something that others would NEVER do.  I don’t know that I have ANY friends or family members that would do this. And to me, it’s fun. HAHA! I’ve been looking at pictures and watching videos….. the more I think about it and the more I watch, the more I want to do it.  Be on the look out.. by the end of the week… I’ll keep y’all posted. 😀

And let’s ALL do something we’ve always wanted to do, but have been WAY too scared to do because we’re scared of what people will think! AND….. Go!

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