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Donuts, Anne, Raclette, & Dinos!

Hi Guys!  What’s going on?  I am watching my FAVORITEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME!!!!  I splurged and bought the Anne of Green Gables Trilogy!!! AUGH!  We used to watch these ALL The time!!!  Literally! All the time!  My sisters and I LOVED them!!!!! 🙂 I am already on Side Two of the Third disk!!! The third and final disk! EEEEK! I will have to start them over. LOL!!  This is the ULTIMATE LOVE STORY!!!!!!! How could you NOT love Gilbert Blythe!?!?!!!? Anyways!


This has been a great weekend! 🙂  Jude and I woke up and got Donuts… Then we got ready, delivered some Scentsy, then went to ULTA! 🙂  We came home, cooked lunch on the Raclette…



DELICIOUS! And yes, that is MELTED cheese on some of the Veggies!!!!!!  SO DELICIOUS!!! Jude and I BOTH Loved it!! Steak with salt, pepper, and Velata smoked paprika rub, and the veggies had olive oil & the Lemon Garlic Rub!  I.LOVED.IT!

After Lunch, we went to the Texas Tech Museum.. A friend of mine messaged me and said that it was DINO DAY there! WOOT!  So Jude and I decided to forgo his nap and head over there.. It was nothing special to him.. TOO many screaming kids. LOL! But he did enjoy the Dino bones like last time HAHAHAHAHA!!!!  We came home, and Jude was EXHAUSTED!  He took an hr nap, then we went to the grocery store.. Came home and cooked supper and now we’re in bed!


Okay, so now it’s MONDAY night!  The rest of the weekend was great! Sunday morning we went to church… Our kids put on a play called Nic At Night.  After church, we went home and I cooked Chicken Tettrizzini, Salad, and cheesy garlic toast! It was DELICIOUS, if I do say so myself! HEHE! It was REALLY good!!! LOL!  After lunch, I put Jude down for a nap and then I BROKE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!  Brynne stayed over all day so I could have some free time!  I went to the movies and saw “The Other Woman”! IT WAS SO CUTE!!!!  This was my first time to go to the movies alone.. It was WONDERFUL!  I got a popcorn and coke and sat down and had almost two hours by myself, laughing hysterically! HEHE! 🙂 When I got home, Brynne decided she wanted to go to Target to get a DVD player.   So Jude, Brynne & I went….  We bought a lot of random stuff and had a good time! 🙂 🙂

Anyways! That was my weekend!!!!!!!  It was pretty amazing! 🙂 I recommend “The Other Woman”… I’d see it again.  It was hilarious! Leslie Mann is one of the most hilarious actresses out there!!!!!!!

Anyways!! I am TIRED, so  I guess that’s it! I drove over 125 miles today!  WORK IS CRAZY!!!  I hope y’all have a FABULOUS night and rest of the week!