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I’m Trying Here!

Hey everyone! I am trying to get back into blogging more than once or twice a year! So twice in a month is pretty amazing! LOL! 😀

How are y’all doing? How was y’alls Christmas? Mine was great! I have to say, Christmas with children is EVERYTHING!  I MAY have gone a little overboard.. LOL! I just love seeing my son happy! He’s been so excited this Christmas season!!! From the tree, to the lights, and music and movies and presents.. It’s just been so magical this year!!!! I have LOVED it all with him! Just as magical for me as for him. LOL! I started Christmas shopping a few months ago… I had extra money due to my Scentsy job, so I have been buying here and there.. we buy for the WHOLE family…. and this year it included Brynne’s boyfriend and his two kiddos! So I bought everyone one thing, and Jude about 7. LOL! I just couldn’t help it! He got everything he wanted this year, I made sure of that! So Christmas Eve is when we ALL get together at my PawPaw’s… We ALWAYS eat sandwiches and chips and dips for supper. Then we all sit in the living room and my PawPaw reads the Christmas story from Luke in the Bible. After that, we have a time of prayer.. We stand in a circle and hold hands and my Mama prays. THEN it’s time for presents.. It’s ALWAYS been the kiddos job to pass out gifts… It was me and my sisters growing up, and then it was passed on to my niece and nephew, and Jude. It’s so much fun! Watching Jude open his presents is my absolute FAVORITE thing in the whole wide world!!!! He got ALL kinds of awesome gifts… Light sabers, Nerf Guns, The Jungle Book movie, a bow and arrow, targets…. SO MANY AWESOME gifts!! He loved everything! I also got awesome gifts… A Pioneer Woman Cook Book (she’s our favorite!), money, an ULTA gift card, and a movie with four movies, all because I asked for “Because I Said So”.. HAHA! 😀 I LOVE that movie!

So usually, we stay the night at my PawPaw’s and do Santa stuff and then eat lunch together.. This year, I wanted to change it up. Jude and I are making memories, he’s only young for a short time.. So we came home by ourselves.. My parents stayed the night. Jude and I came home and got cookies and milk for Santa, and a carrot for the reindeer. Then Jude went to sleep while Mama stayed up until 2am wrapping Santa gifts. LOL! RIDICULOUS!

Jude woke up about 830am (Thank Goodness it wasn’t 6am!) We opened our stockings (I bought fun stuff for myself for mine! LOL!) and Jude was SO happy! Besides his little stocking stuffers, he got an electronic Kylo Ren Light Saber, and the four pack velociraptor set from Jurassic World, and Mario Party 10 for his Wii U! He said he had the best Christmas!!! That made me so happy! 😀 After that, we got dressed and headed BACK out to my PawPaw’s for lunch. We had a wonderful lunch, made by my Mom and my aunt, then just hung around the rest of the day. We did get some TERRIBLE news while out there….. GEORGE MICHAEL DIED! WAHHHHHHHHH! This is SERIOUSLY sad to me! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him! I always wanted to marry him when I was younger. LOL! 😛 Father Figure, Teacher, Careless Whisper, and One More Try, are my top favorites! But I love so many of his songs!


Anyways, we stayed out there utnil about 6 or so and came home! Jude loved being home and playing with his presents! I slept SUPER late today. LOL! I am off work until the 3rd! HELLO! My job ROCKS!!!!!

Preparing for Christmas is my favorite! Thinking of great gifts for people, planning, etc.. I LOVE IT! I had almost everything bought by the beginning of the month, but I need to finish up stocking stuffers.. So, Friday night Jude didn’t get to sleep until SUPER Late, I’m talking like 11pm.. So I ran to Target…. I was going to get a pair of PJ’s for his Elf to give him that night… they were totally picked over! I had to go to WalMart.. Which I didn’t want to do.. I HATE going there… So I go.. Pick out PJ’s and some other stuff, and go get in one of the crazy long lines… I started to a guy in line and we noticed NONE of the lines had moved.. Like AT ALL… Then an annoucement came over the speaker.. Their registers were ALL offline, and it would take about 10 minutes… FINALLY they came back on.. More like 15 or 20 minutes.. Then we noticed our line STILL hadn’t moved… The people at the register were standing there while the cashier was KEYING IN by hand their ENTIRE order.. and it was BIG! UGH! So she turned her light off and we all moved over.. To an even longer line.. By this time, it was after 1am!!! WEll, all of the sudden, a girl I’d been in line with earlier came up to me and said “come on, my Mom told me to come get you and let you in front of us”!!! SAY WHAT!? SWEETEST THING EVER and shows the spirit of Christmas! So FINALLY I got home! LOL! WHEW!!!!

So… There ya have it! A full recap of my Christmas! LOL! 😀 Pretty exciting, huh??? 😀 I hope your Christmas was FABULOUS as well!

Today, I met up with my oldest friend and we saw “Why Him?” LOL! Oh geeze… Has anyone else seen that? Terribly inappropriate, but there were times we were laughing so hard we were gasping for air. LOL! I just LOVE James Franco! He is seriously adorable!!!!! The rest of the week will be spent shopping and having fun with Jude.. Maybe taking him to the movies or bowling, or something fun!!!!

I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL Christmas break!! I’ll be back later! 😀

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All Good Things!

Hey everyone! How are y’all doing???  MAN am I WAY, WAY, WAY behind!!!!!!  I am so sorry, I’ve been keeping you ALL in the dark! I am sure you’ve been just distraught.. 😛 Let’s start with family life…. Jude and I are doing GREAT!!!!!! I recently bought us BUNK BEDS.. YES, Bunk beds. LOL! 🙂  We share a room, and I wanted to free up some space… Jude thinks they’re amazing.. Quite frankly, I kinda like them too… Good thing is, they’re BOTH full instead of twin.  AND they’ll come part.. So when we get our own place, we can each have a bed in our rooms. 🙂  WOOOOOOT!  He has SpiderMan sheets on his bed, and I have red Damask Stripe on mine.. I bought a SpiderMan poster I need to get framed & I changed out our Scentsy warmer from a Black Cube Gallery warmer with VanGough frame, to our Halloween CREEPY CRAWLY Warmer.. It looks like a Spidey warmer! 🙂  LOL!

creepy Crawly

How cool is that?

More Family stuff…. My Grandma (Dad’s Mom) in Nashville Passed away 3 weeks ago. 😦 She’s been sick for awhile, and finally gave up. She was 94 and lived a very long life! Now she is reunited with Grandpa! Do you ever think about when someone is in Heaven, then their husband/wife/child whoever dies and goes to Heaven?  Like, do they know they’re coming?  Are they anxiously waiting? Or is it a surprise?  When my Grandma died, I just had a thought of my Grandpa seeing her for the first time in 11 years or so.. I like to think Jesus has a little fun.. Enjoys seeing their joy.. I had a vision of Jesus saying “Hey John! Come here!! Look who’s coming!!” and Grandma showing up! Now, that may not be how it is AT ALL, but I like think of it that way. 🙂 🙂

I have a new show I’ve been watching… 24. OH.EM.GEE! It is freaking amazing! Do y’all watch it?  I just thought I’d check it out.. I didn’t expect to really like it.  I FREAKING LOVE KEIFER SUTHERLAND.. Always have. But man oh man! Jack Bauer is HOTTTTTT! 🙂 LOL! This show has me HOOKED! I’m already on Season 7. I just can’t stop watching! So good.. So suspenseful! If you haven’t watched it, and you love action packed shows, THIS is the show! I have Amazon Prime, so I watch it there! 🙂 🙂



This week has been ROUGH!!!!!  Tuesday morning, Jude and I left our home & were in a car accident. A lady ran a stop sign and plowed right into us on the passenger side!  She hit us hard enough to throw us up over the curb, into a yard, then down the curb and back into the middle of the street!!!!  IT WAS AWFUL! THANK GOD Jude was completely unharmed!! He was safe in his car seat! He was just shaken up quite a bit.  I was jostled quite a bit… I hit my head a few times, sprained my foot, and have some bruising and extreme soreness.  I went to the DR and I’ve gone to my chiropractor 3 days in a row. My car is not driveable.. They towed it off this morning. I am driving a rental.. And boy is it nice!!! 🙂 🙂 LOL!!!! So now we wait to see if my car is totaled or repairable! FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!!!!


Now, on to SCENTSY….. Man has this been a RIDE!!!!!!!!!  September was an INCREDIBLE month! My team was on fire.. EVERYONE was selling like CRAZY!!!!  The Chasing Fireflies warmer was a RIDICULOUSLY huge hit!  Our team of 19 worked hard!!!!!!!  We fought until the last minutes… AND….. WE DID IT!!!!  I promoted to DIRECTOR!!!! WOOOOOT! 🙂 🙂 🙂


BAM! This has been my goal for quite awhile now and we made it! NO WAY could I have made it without my INCREDIBLE team!!!!  This month is amazing as well! We are working our tails off!!  I LOVE my team! 🙂  I’ve had incredible Leadership getting to this point as well!!! I LOVE Scentsy and everything about it!  October 9th I received my BIGGEST Scentsy Paycheck to date! MAN OH MAN does that help this Single Mama!!!!!!!!  Did you know there are still two more paydays before Christmas?  Would you like to earn extra money? Maybe pay cash for Christmas gifts? Add to your household income?  You should JOIN MY TEAM TODAY!  We have an amazing team! We have great support and encouragement! JOIN US today!





Scentsy really is the best decision I could have made for myself & Jude!!!!!!  He loves it just as much as I do! 🙂 🙂 We have a lot of fun opening orders and smelling all the scents!! We’ve smelled them a billion times, but it’s always so much fun! Won’t you join our team!?  You will love it, I promise!

Anwyays! I guess that’s all I have for you guys!!!! It’s been AWESOME! My family is good, business is good… Life is good! 🙂 🙂





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Tanner Review!!

Hey Hey guys! What’s going on?? I am watching TV! It’s been a great weekend and I am SUPER sad to see it end!!!  We haven’t done ANYTHING special at all, but it’s been nice just hanging out with Jude all weekend long!!! 🙂  Next weekend will be the same and I am already ready for it! HEHE!

So last post I was talking about Rodan & Fields Foaming Sunless Tanner… I’ve been using it lately, and I have to say, I am LOVING IT!! It’s awesome! I regret that I didn’t take before pictures, but here’s one from today a few hours after I’d applied.


TRUST ME when I say this is a BIG improvement.. Looks lighter at knee because of flash.. Promise. LOL! 🙂 It goes on smooth.. Not streaky and orange.. I LOVE IT!!!!   BUT…. I did let some drip and I wasn’t paying attention.. So now I have this… BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA! 🙂


Can you see that?!?! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Don’t mind my Crusty feet… I’ve been in my black Reef flip flops all day. LOL! 🙂 ANYWAYS!  It’s a great product and I am absolutely loving it! 🙂 I like not being so pasty white. WHEW! It was B-A-D!

I don’t have a whole lot to talk about today, but wanted to give y’all a review of the product since I talked about it last time!!

I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL day!


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Childhood Dreams

Have you ever thought about all the things you wanted to be when you were a child?  Are you ANY of the things you wanted to be??  I am one of them. A Mother. I remember wishing and hoping and praying my dolls would suddenly come to life! LOL!  I LOVED my baby dolls! All I ever wanted was to be a Mom.  Of course, I didn’t imagine myself as a single Mom, doing it alone, with my family, but, being a Mom was important to me. So, here I am.. A Mom to an ALMOST 4 year old little boy who is just the BOMB! 🙂

All the other things I wanted to be?  Yeah, none..  Here’s a list of everything I wanted to be when I was a little girl.

  • Veternarian
  • Fashion Designer
  • Hair Stylist
  • Architect
  • Writer
  • Zoologist

LOL! 🙂 My childhood best friend and I used to get BIG pieces of paper and draw houses.  Not the outside of the house like a kids drawing… But the layout of the home inside… We’d spend HOURS drawing, writing, erasing, filling in, etc! We liked making them ELABORATE! We’d try to add more stuff to ours.. A hair salon, a pool, a bowling alley.. LOL! 🙂   We had THE BEST time! I truly thought back then that I could be an architect. 🙂

The Fashion Designer thing cracks me up.. I AM TERRIBLE with Fashion.  I know plenty about hair styles and colors, and make up, etc. But clothing and shoes??  NO WAY!!!  I’ve never cared a whole lot about clothes and shoes.  Even now to this day, I have like 3 pairs of shoes TOTAL… ONE Pair of jeans, that kind of thing. LOL!!!! I just don’t care.  But back then… I would draw clothes, design them, color them, etc! 🙂  I was good… HAHAHA! Yeah, right.  I wish I still had those drawings!!!!

A writer.. Oh my goodness… I TRULY thought I ROCKED as a writer!  I REALLY wish I still had my stories from way back then… I remember in the 3rd or 4th grade (I was in public school then), we had to do some creative writing.  I remember writing a story about a dinosaur and my teacher loved it!  I was very descriptive! 🙂  I remember getting a 100 and she praised me for it! 🙂  My baby sister and I used to sit around and write stories. 🙂  I thought I was awesome…  We used to read the Baby-Sitters Club series.. First of all, THOSE BOOKS ROCKED! LOL! 🙂   I LOVED Them!!!!!!!  I loved how descriptive the author was with their clothing and accessories, and the snacks Claudia had stashed everywhere, etc.  I wanted to write books like that. I wanted to write books that made you FEEL like you could see the characters.. Smell their perfume and shampoo..

Now…  Here I am.. almost 35.. a Real Estate Photographer and Mom… Wishing I’d done some of those things.  I told my family just the other night how I wish I’d become a writer! They said “So do it”.. LOL! 🙂  Ummmmm, no. LOL! I don’t have the first clue what I’d do…. How I’d begin.  Sure would be fun though!

One thing I didn’t know about as a child, but I am… SCENTSY SUPER STAR CONSULTANT!!!! WOOT WOOT! 🙂  Now THAT is an AMAZING part of my life! I am SUPER glad that Scentsy came into my life when it did!

So, I am a Mom, a Real Estate Photographer, and a Scentsy Consultant…..  My life is pretty full! I shouldn’t complain, that’s for sure!!!!

What did YOU want to be when you grew up?  Are you doing anything you dreamed of being!?


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Some Fun!

Hey guys! What’s going on? I am watching THE DELIVERY MAN!  I actually got it from RedBox on FRIDAY… FRIDAY PEOPLE! It’s Wednesday… I am going to spend WAY Too much on this movie so it freaking better be good!  So far… Pretty boring.

Anyways! What’s been going on with y’all lately?  Anything exciting!?  Nothing TOO exciting here… Just work.. Scentsy… Jude.. 🙂  It’s definitely enough! WHEW!!! 🙂   Scentsy is going great! I did a Fundraiser for my friends Sister.. She is going on a trip with her church in July! It was great, the party was fun, helped someone out without a dime going to me, Hopefully gained some great new customers, too!  I LOVE doing fundraisers!!!! 🙂 Out of our whole group of 111 team members, I was number 1 in sales! WOOT WOOT!!!!  That is SUPER exciting! 🙂  I LOVE SCENTSY!  Have I said that ever?! HEHE! We got some news a couple weeks ago that Heidi & Orville Thompson are discontinuing  Grace Adele!! I am sad, but also REALLY glad that we are about to have some MAJOR sales coming up!  It closes July 31st!!!  Our sales are supposed to start June 11th and will be up to 60% off! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!  I can’t wait!

Y’all need to SERIOUSLY consider Joining Scentsy! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  June is THE TIME to join! You join in June and you get FREE shipping on your Starter Kit!  But that’s not it!  You also get the chance to earn $300 in FREE Scentsy Product! PLUS, you can start working towards earning the trip to Cancun for January 2015, AND starting in August working to earn our Incentive trips for next year!  I know it’s going to be EPIC! Join my team RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! Just click the Link HERE



Also, don’t forget… If you don’t join, buy! 🙂  Or Host a party! 🙂  I’m warming Polynesian Dreams in my bedroom and it smells SO SO SO good! AUGH!!!!  In the living room and kitchen I’m warming Banana Berry & Berries Jubilee mixed! I LOVE IT! 🙂  It smells SO good!!!!!!   I just LOVE all things Scentsy!! This month they’ve done something AMAZING!!!!! They brought a few AMAZING scents to our laundry line & body line… A Wink & A Smile, Serene Green, and my PERSONAL FAVORITE…. Jet, Set, Go!!! EEEEEEK!!!  I’ve already ordered!! HAHA!  I am So excited to get it!! Jet, Set, Go is just an amazing scent and I was SO hoping they’d bring it in the lotion and all that! I can’t wait!

SummerLovin1 SummerLovin2

Order yours TODAY!  These won’t last long! I can guarantee you that!!!!!!!!


My best friend in the whole wide world came in town last weekend!!!  I haven’t seen her in over two years! She brought her daughter Makenly!  We had a wonderful weekend!!!  Sunday we went to church, then lunch at Chili’s with her Grandma and Aunt, then back to her Grandma’s house….  We just hung out, ate cake, watched Frozen, talked, etc… Then I took Jude home and the two of us went to see “The Other Woman”! 🙂  I’d already seen it of course, but I was super excited about her seeing it.. .I knew she’d absolutely love it… And she did! It’s one of my FAVORITES!  It’s definitely one I’ll buy when it comes out! 🙂


Monday we went to lunch at Rosas, then shopping!!!!  We went to Dustees (my FIRST time there), and it was AWESOME!!!!! 🙂 After that we went to the Mall and shopped just had fun!!!  Tuesday, I had to work, and she was leaving, so we met for lunch at Chick Fil A! I was definitely SUPER sad when she left! 😦 I am gonna have to make a trip to see her before a billion years passes this time! BLAH!


I guess that’s it for now!  I hope y’all are doing well!!!!


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Easter Weekend!

Hey guys!  What’s going on??  I am watching MAN OF STEEL, but I think I am about to turn it off.. IT IS BORING ME!!!!!!!!!!  The only thing I’ve liked so far about it… KEVIN COSTNER is in it. LOL!  That’s the only good thing so far…. Maybe I’ll watch for a few more minutes…..

So I was off work today, since it’s GOOD FRIDAY! 🙂 I took Jude to see the Disney Natures BEARS movie.. It was really cute!!!!!  He wasn’t quite as into it as I was, but I loved it!!!  After that, we met up with my sisters and brother in law and kiddos at Taco Villa for some lunch.. THEN Jude, Brynne and I went to the Science Spectrum!!!!  We had a lot of fun!!!!!! We stayed for what felt like HOURS, then went to Bahama Bucks, then home!  It was a VERY busy day!!!!  Jude didn’t get a nap, and was a little crazy, but luckily went to sleep SUPER easy!!!!






On the way to Bahama Bucks, I asked Jude if he had fun & he said it was “a way fun day!” LOL! So…. WINNING!!!! HAHAHAHA!

Tomorrow we have an EASTER EGG hunt, then lunch and nap time before we color Easter Eggs with the family!!!! 🙂  It’s tradition, and we LOVE it! I can’t wait! It’s always fun trying to see who can make the coolest color, or prettiest egg!!!

What else is new with y’all?!?  I have just been working, selling Scentsy, and hanging with my J Man!!!  Keeps me pretty busy!  Can’t complain too much! 🙂 I’ve definitely got a lot going on and going for me right now!!  Scentsy is a lot of fun and one of my girls just signed her third team mate, that puts us at 15!! WOOT!!!!!  We are growing, and going places!  So exciting!

I got my VELATA RACLETTE in last week! WOOT!! It was on back order for what seemed like FOREVER!  That night, we did steaks and veggies on it! PRETTY YUMMMMMMMMMMMY!



Is that fun or what!??! 🙂  I can’t wait to do more!

After dinner that night, we cut up strawberries and bananas and had some Velata Fondue! SO FREAKING GOOD! AUGH!  Y’all have got to try it out if you haven’t already! I am telling you, you will LOVE, LOVE it!

Check out this AWESOME Easter deal…..  ONLY until Sunday! Order yours TODAY!


You can click HERE and go straight to my Velata site! 🙂

Scentsy also has an INCREBIBLE Mothers Day deal going right now… You do not want to miss out on this!!!  Only $40 gets you this following……


The warmer itself is $40, so basically you are getting THREE bars FREE!?! WHAT!??!  So awesome! Check it out, order now!  Just click HERE to go to my Scentsy site!  ALL 3 of those scents are AWESOME!!!!!!!!  I just LOVE them!!!!!

Anyways! I guess that’s it for now!  Nothing else going on around here!

Have a WONDERFUL Easter!!!!!!








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Blondes DO Have More Fun!

HEY EVERYONE!  🙂  How are y’all doing? I am doing GREAT!  I am watching “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids”.. LOL!  This was a Childhood favorite, and it came on tv the other day so I had to DVR it! 🙂

What’s going on with everyone??  I have just been working, selling my Scentsy, Grace Adele, & Velata, and of course, being a Mom! 🙂 Jude is getting bigger, and smarter, and funnier every day!  Work is… work… Scentsy is going great! Adding new people and watching my team grow is a BLAST! 🙂  Also, I’ve been finding out more about my INCENTIVE trip I won, so that’s ALWAYS awesome! 🙂 Scentsy treats us SO good, I am truly blessed to be a part of the Scentsy family!!!!!  If you’ve ever considered selling Scentsy, Grace Adele, or Velata… or all Three, Don’t put off joining any longer!!!!  It is a GREAT family to be a part of! My only regret is that I didn’t start selling it sooner!!!!!!!

Velata is a WONDERFUL company!! The products ROCK!  Last night after dinner we had strawberries, bananas, and blue berries and Dark Chocolate Velata! YUMMMMMY! It was so good, and I don’t normally like dark chocolate! My personal Favorite is the Caramel Milk Chocolate.. IT IS TO DIE FOR!  Tastes like melted Rolos! So good! 🙂 🙂  Speaking of Velata, I HIT SHOOTING STAR!!!! What that means is I sold $500 or more in the first 15 days I was selling it!  WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!! How fun is that?! I now get to buy a SHOOTING STAR ENHANCEMENT KIT at a GREAT deal and get AMAZING products! PLUS I get a charm for my Bracelet! WOOT! 🙂   I was pretty excited!!!!!!


So I have been dark headed my WHOLE life! Medium Brown hair. BORING!  I started coloring it when I was like in Junior High or something.. I was pretty young.  Usually a shade of red.. The brighter, the better..  A few years ago I went from dark red to platinum blonde! 🙂  I ABSOLUTELY loved it! It was a BLAST and I felt like I ROCKED it! LOL!!!! I truly did! HA!  Well, now I am starting to go lighter again! 🙂  I started last month.. a Friend of mine who is a hair stylist bleached it for me in highlights.. Just went back last week and did more… Next, I will go all over blonde. LOL! 🙂  It’s just too much fun!!!!! I LOVE IT! 🙂  And everyone knows I love a BIG change in appearance! I like the shock value when you change up your looks. LOL!!!! Always have! I get my hair cut Tuesday… I LOVE getting my hair cut.. I’ve been growing it out for some time.. It seems to be growing SUPER DUPER slow this time around though! AUGH!  I definitely want to grow it longer… But maybe just one side.. I may end up cutting part of it this week.. LOL! We’ll see what happens when I get there and in the chair!   Anyways!



Well, I guess that’s it for now!  I hope y’all are doing GREAT, and I hope y’all have a FABULOUS week!!!!! I know I will! 🙂