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All Good Things!

Hey everyone! How are y’all doing???  MAN am I WAY, WAY, WAY behind!!!!!!  I am so sorry, I’ve been keeping you ALL in the dark! I am sure you’ve been just distraught.. 😛 Let’s start with family life…. Jude and I are doing GREAT!!!!!! I recently bought us BUNK BEDS.. YES, Bunk beds. LOL! 🙂  We share a room, and I wanted to free up some space… Jude thinks they’re amazing.. Quite frankly, I kinda like them too… Good thing is, they’re BOTH full instead of twin.  AND they’ll come part.. So when we get our own place, we can each have a bed in our rooms. 🙂  WOOOOOOT!  He has SpiderMan sheets on his bed, and I have red Damask Stripe on mine.. I bought a SpiderMan poster I need to get framed & I changed out our Scentsy warmer from a Black Cube Gallery warmer with VanGough frame, to our Halloween CREEPY CRAWLY Warmer.. It looks like a Spidey warmer! 🙂  LOL!

creepy Crawly

How cool is that?

More Family stuff…. My Grandma (Dad’s Mom) in Nashville Passed away 3 weeks ago. 😦 She’s been sick for awhile, and finally gave up. She was 94 and lived a very long life! Now she is reunited with Grandpa! Do you ever think about when someone is in Heaven, then their husband/wife/child whoever dies and goes to Heaven?  Like, do they know they’re coming?  Are they anxiously waiting? Or is it a surprise?  When my Grandma died, I just had a thought of my Grandpa seeing her for the first time in 11 years or so.. I like to think Jesus has a little fun.. Enjoys seeing their joy.. I had a vision of Jesus saying “Hey John! Come here!! Look who’s coming!!” and Grandma showing up! Now, that may not be how it is AT ALL, but I like think of it that way. 🙂 🙂

I have a new show I’ve been watching… 24. OH.EM.GEE! It is freaking amazing! Do y’all watch it?  I just thought I’d check it out.. I didn’t expect to really like it.  I FREAKING LOVE KEIFER SUTHERLAND.. Always have. But man oh man! Jack Bauer is HOTTTTTT! 🙂 LOL! This show has me HOOKED! I’m already on Season 7. I just can’t stop watching! So good.. So suspenseful! If you haven’t watched it, and you love action packed shows, THIS is the show! I have Amazon Prime, so I watch it there! 🙂 🙂



This week has been ROUGH!!!!!  Tuesday morning, Jude and I left our home & were in a car accident. A lady ran a stop sign and plowed right into us on the passenger side!  She hit us hard enough to throw us up over the curb, into a yard, then down the curb and back into the middle of the street!!!!  IT WAS AWFUL! THANK GOD Jude was completely unharmed!! He was safe in his car seat! He was just shaken up quite a bit.  I was jostled quite a bit… I hit my head a few times, sprained my foot, and have some bruising and extreme soreness.  I went to the DR and I’ve gone to my chiropractor 3 days in a row. My car is not driveable.. They towed it off this morning. I am driving a rental.. And boy is it nice!!! 🙂 🙂 LOL!!!! So now we wait to see if my car is totaled or repairable! FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!!!!


Now, on to SCENTSY….. Man has this been a RIDE!!!!!!!!!  September was an INCREDIBLE month! My team was on fire.. EVERYONE was selling like CRAZY!!!!  The Chasing Fireflies warmer was a RIDICULOUSLY huge hit!  Our team of 19 worked hard!!!!!!!  We fought until the last minutes… AND….. WE DID IT!!!!  I promoted to DIRECTOR!!!! WOOOOOT! 🙂 🙂 🙂


BAM! This has been my goal for quite awhile now and we made it! NO WAY could I have made it without my INCREDIBLE team!!!!  This month is amazing as well! We are working our tails off!!  I LOVE my team! 🙂  I’ve had incredible Leadership getting to this point as well!!! I LOVE Scentsy and everything about it!  October 9th I received my BIGGEST Scentsy Paycheck to date! MAN OH MAN does that help this Single Mama!!!!!!!!  Did you know there are still two more paydays before Christmas?  Would you like to earn extra money? Maybe pay cash for Christmas gifts? Add to your household income?  You should JOIN MY TEAM TODAY!  We have an amazing team! We have great support and encouragement! JOIN US today!





Scentsy really is the best decision I could have made for myself & Jude!!!!!!  He loves it just as much as I do! 🙂 🙂 We have a lot of fun opening orders and smelling all the scents!! We’ve smelled them a billion times, but it’s always so much fun! Won’t you join our team!?  You will love it, I promise!

Anwyays! I guess that’s all I have for you guys!!!! It’s been AWESOME! My family is good, business is good… Life is good! 🙂 🙂





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A Haul, Single Living, and the Lord

Hey everyone! What’s going on?  Not a whole lot here!! I just got home! After work, our family went to eat at Longhorn Steakhouse for my Dad’s birthday.. I DID NOT care for their steak at all.. Their side salad was delicious though. After dinner, Jude and I went to Ulta! 🙂 I ABSOLUTELY love that store! It’s AMAZING!!! Jude loves it too! 🙂  I think he loves all the bright colors.. and he loves to smell the perfume and cologne! 🙂  HAHAHA! Other than Target, it’s my favorite store EVER!  I have a HUGE event coming up soon, so I had to pick up a few necessities! I watched a tutorial for a smoldering (smokey) look the other night and she used a Loreal Extra Intense Liquid Eye Penci! Supposed to be amazing, so we’ll see! LOL! Also got a lipstain that was clearanced out, and a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil.. But I can’t remember which one I got.. Bronze maybe… 🙂  WOOT!!!




The stain… I am not sure about. The applicator is REALLY, REALLY weird… The good thing is, it doesn’t feel like a stain.. It actually really does feel more like a gloss! I just applied it a bit ago, so we’ll see if it’s still there when I wake up! LOL!


Lately, I’ve been having some thoughts… As a single woman, sometimes it gets lonely being single… But as a single Mom, I think it’s worse sometimes. I have friends, and I have a ton of WONDERFUL family around me ALL the time. But, there are times when I get lonely for companionship… Someone to share my life with, my hopes and dreams, etc.  You all know what I am talking about.  Well, the other day I was having a hard day.. I was feeling sorry for myself and I was driving to a job. All of the sudden, the Lord placed a song on my heart…  It’s a song I’ve ALWAYS Loved, but haven’t heard or thought about in ages… The first verse says this…

“Who can satisfy my soul like you
Who on earth could comfort  me
And love me like You do
Who could  ever be more faithful, true
I will trust in You
I  will trust in You, my God”

Such an amazing thing to hear at that moment..  No MAN can satisfy my soul… If I am not being satisfied and fulfilled by my relationship with Jesus Christ, then a man is not going to be able to fill that gap.  God put a hole in EVERYONE that ONLY He can fill. That’s what I was doing before…. Feeling lonely and dating whoever… I haven’t dated in over 3 years.  And I won’t.  Not unless I feel the Spirit saying its okay… And not unless my family approves. Doesn’t mean I won’t get lonely. I will. BUT, I have a close relationship with the One who created me and knows my thoughts and feelings and can take that away. Being a single mom is so much different then when I was single. I dated people that were NOT good for me. Now, I am not only thinking about me and my wants and needs.  It’s just all so weird. LOL!!! I actually attempted online dating.. FOR A DAY. LITERALLY A DAY.  I had messages from weird, random men… One of them was an ex con. LOL! NO THANKS.  I immediately deleted my account the next day. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  ANYWAYS….. Back to a serious note… If ANY single moms are out there reading this… There IS hope for us! 🙂  I don’t know about you ladies, but I for one would rather be alone forever, than be with the wrong guy… Wouldn’t you?


This is 100% me.  I laugh at everything I say. I think I’m hilarious! 🙂 HAHA!


Those are all funny….. But this last one is TRUE sometimes.. LOL! When I am having a pity party day, this is really sad to me. LOL! LOL!


But really…. It’s ALL good!!  I know if I am supposed to get married again, I will ONLY IN GOD’S TIME. 🙂

That’s all I have tonight!  I thought I’d share that just in case someone else is really struggling!  I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL evening!!!!








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All The Single Ladies


What’s going on??  I am just sitting here watching FEVER PITCH! 🙂 This movie is so cute! 🙂  I love Drew Barrymore and ADORE Jimmy Fallon! 🙂

This post  is really for all the single ladies out there… Watching this movie kinda reminds me of the type of guy I would like to date.. Well, in the beginning it does.. The whole, immaturity, obsessed with baseball, etc is NOT what I want. LOL! But in the beginning they’re supposed to go on their first date, but she gets a stomach bug. He didn’t even know her, but he stayed and took care of her, cleaned her house, etc. How adorable is that? I just think that’s the sweetest thing EVER! In my opinion, there’s nothing better than a sensitive, caring man.  Well, except for a Godly man.. That kinda takes the cake. But then, if he’s REALLY a Godly man, he’ll probably be caring and sensitive! 🙂

All of you single ladies out there probably have a list.. Either on paper, or in your head, of what the “Perfect Man” looks like to you. I know I do. Something I’ve learned is.. NEVER SHARE THAT LIST WITH A MAN! LOL! Seriously.. Especially one you don’t know well.. If you’re online dating, don’t post it out there for everyone to see.  ANY MAN can fake it for awhile. You put it out there and tell everyone, I guarantee you’ll find the nut jobs who really AREN’T that man, but can pretend they are for awhile. I’ve told two guys in my past what I want in a relationship… What my “dream man” looks like and acts like.  Both men faked it REALLY well for awhile!!! So…. No one but me and God know what my “DREAM MAN” looks like.  Well, my BFF does too.. But she knows better than to say a WORD. HAHAHAHAHAHA! 🙂

As a single lady, you probably get lonely sometimes. Or all the time. I know I do. Before I had Jude, I was used to being surrounded by guys. I dated, I was married, etc. Dating takes on a whole new meaning after you have a child. I no longer want a man just to fill the void. My last relationship ended in December 2009. I haven’t dated a man since. I refuse to settle down and date around.  For one thing, I don’t want just ANY guy around my son. Two, I don’t want MULTIPLE men meeting my son.. It gets confusing and hard on children when their parents date a whole lot of people and there are partners constantly in and out of their lives. It’s not fair to the child. They begin to form a bond with one guy, then you break up and date another and they get close to that guy and then you break up and date another…. No thank you. Also, I won’t settle for just anyone. I’ve settled in the past. Not happening again.  If I date again, it will be because there is something truly special there.  Something MORE than just dating. My son deserves more and so do I!

Sometimes I get lonely and I gripe to my BFF. I was kinda interested in a guy and then found out some things that I was NOT impressed with…. She always tells me the same thing… “Maybe God is sparing you from being hurt”. I’ve been hurt quite a bit in the past.  So, she COULD be on to something. Of course I’d never tell her she was right…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Anyways….  If you’re lonely and it seems like there are no guys, just remember that God could DEFINITELY be sparing you from hurt, heartache, or even danger.

So… I wait. I sit and wait. And Pray. If I am supposed to get married again, God will bring him around me when the time is right.  Even if I feel like it is freaking taking FOREVER! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Gods time is NOT our time. And he knows what he is doing.  He sees the whole picture and we can not.  Sometimes, like I have done in the past.. I push past what HE wants and just do what I want… It has ALWAYS caused GREAT heartache and pain. It’s definitely NOT worth it.. Especially since I have a child to think about.  His needs FAR outweigh my own.

So ladies.. Sit tight. PRAY for that special guy that you long to find. Pray for him in his daily life, his relationship with Christ, etc. That’s what I do. Every day. IF there is a husband in my future, I am praying for him every single night before bed. I will only accept the best from now on. I am a child of the King.  I am a “Princess”. And until God says okay, I’ll wait (sometimes impatiently) for my “Prince”! 🙂



This post may not have helped a single soul out there. But if it did, I’m glad. 🙂


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I Pray For You

Hey everyone! How are y’all doing tonight?  I am doing pretty good! Just watching my usual FRIENDS episodes before bed! 🙂 LOL! Love it!

There is SO much heartache right now… So many people are hurting and it’s just hearbreaking!!!!! First the tornadoes in Oklahoma Sunday and Monday.. I can’t even begin to imagine what they are all feeling! :0( I have family and friends in Oklahoma.. Some in OKC, Yukon, and Moore.  Luckily, they are ALL okay! Thank Jesus for that!!!!  But SO MANY others are not so fortunate! 😦  It’s just awful!  Seeing all the destruction on TV is terrible, I can’t stand to watch it anymore. I did see a video that brought tears to my eyes, and made me happy…  I have been posting about prayer and how God answers… And then this morning, someone posted the following video on FB……………..


With all the heartache and pain, it’s nice to see heartwarming things come through!!!!!!!!

On top of all of this, tonight I found out a girl in my Scentsy group, has a two year old son who drowned at day care today. He is still alive, in ICU, but she said it’s not looking good..  That’s the last update I have.. I haven’t heard anything new in hours. I pray for that sweet toddler and pray God’s arms around him. And I pray for peace and comfort for his parents and family.  It’s so terrible! 😦

You always hear people say things like “How could God allow this?” Or “God is not good, or he wouldn’t allow all this”, etc etc… God didn’t say we wouldn’t have pain and heartache.. That loved ones wouldn’t die, that bad things wouldn’t happen.  He actually said there would be heartache. There would be trials and tribulations, but we should “take heart, for He has overcome the World!” God is STILL in the business of Miracles! It’s never too late! But WE have to PRAY, we have to LEAN on Him, and TRUST him!!!!  HE OVERCAME THE WORLD! Can He NOT overcome ALL of this?  ANYTHING you are going through?? I KNOW He can.

I pray for EVERYONE in OK tonight.. I pray for my fellow Scentsy Mama, Heather… I pray for YOU. I pray you find peace tonight.  I pray you sleep well.  I pray the same things I pray with my son every single night for our family.  That God will wrap His arms around you… That He will send His Angels to encamp around you.  Shield you from evil, harm, and sickness. I pray for a good nights rest, and sleep dreams. I pray tomorrow is a new day for you! Though there is pain at night, there’s JOY in the morning! Believe it and receive it! I know I am!!!!!!

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Hey Hey  guys! What’s going on???  I am just laying here watching “The Backyardigans” with Jude while he brushes his teeth.. LOL! This is, AFTER I REALLY Brushed them! LOL!!!!!!!

Did you guys have a wonderful Friday???  Mine was pretty good. It was BUSY!! I wasn’t sure if I’d get it all done today, but I did!!! That’s how I roll! LOL!!!!

Man is it HOTTTTTT out there! Today it reached 100 degrees for the first time in 2013.  My car AC doesn’t work and I drove my car this morning, but this afternoon I took my Mom’s. I would have died out there today! Working in the heat is bad enough. But having to drive in it, in black pants, with no AC is pure hell!!!!!!! Thank goodness my Mom lets me take her car when the need arises! Yesterday morning I took my sisters car for a couple hours. WHEW! I have a GREAT family, always ready to help out!!! Very, Very thankful for that!!!!! It’s supposed to be 100 tomorrow too.. Where did Spring go!??!? It went from snowing to 100 degree weather. RIDICULOUS! Too bad we didn’t get the 60-70 degree weather! LOL!!! Oh well! It’s 10pm right now and it’s still 90 degrees!!!!!! Just crazy!!!

Jude had a great day playing outside all day. When I got off work, it was outside for me and Jude. LOL! We played outside off and on this evening.  He’d get in his pool, then play with the lawn mower, then chase a butterfly, then clap at wasps. LOL!!!!!  He is Crazy!!!!!!


In my last post, I was talking about how our family has had a few needs and Jesus was meeting them.  I get discouraged with things aren’t done IMMEDIATELY! Especially when it’s a major need, ya know? I am sure I am not the only one who does this. LOL! Well, it seems like all week long, there have been little bits of encouragement.  KLOVE has a Verse of the Day.. One day it was Phillipians 4:19 “And My God Will meet all your needs, according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus”. And then yesterday their verse was Psalm 84:11  ” The Lord will with hold no good thing from those who do what is right”.  But the one that really helped was from Tuesday… It’s AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Check this verse out……

Psalm 138:3  “As soon as I pray, you answer me. You encourage me by giving me strength”!!!!!! HOW GREAT IS THAT!!!?!?!??! AND the last one….. This one ROCKS….. Ephesians 3:20…… ” I Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us”.. I KNOW that God is in the process of answering my prayers… I know He is.  Hearing those verses were SO encouraging! LOVE IT!!!!!

So, if you have a need, something that seems so out of reach, maybe these verses will help you too! 🙂

ANYWAYS!  It’s midning, I am going to finish watching FRIENDS and hit the sack! I hope y’all have a FABULOUS night!!!! 🙂 Have a GREAT weekend!!!!!!!!!!!


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Can’t think of a good title:)


This has been one of THOSE weekends. Jude’s “terrible twos” side has been showing.. A LOT! Wow! I am exhausted!!!! He just spent two minutes in time out for this……

Yes, that’s a huge pile of lotion in the rocking chair. Grrrrrr! At least my legs are super soft now.. I guess I should thank him for that. LOL!
This evening we’ve been playing here a lot…

He loves this thing! And I am SO glad! 🙂

I had to cook for him.. Lol!!!

Then he came to help me. 🙂


We’ve had a pretty good day! 🙂
This morning church was GREAT! The kids program was hilarious! And of course my niece did a awesome job as usual! She’s a born actress! 🙂
After church was lunch.. Roast, mashed taters, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower! Yummmmmm! 🙂

I’ve left the house only to go to church and then to drive a few blocks to a Scentsy customers house and that’s it! It’s FINALLY cold outside!!! Yippppeeee! I’ve been dying or cold weather, but I don’t like to be out in it! LOL! I wanna be home where it’s warm, or in my super warm car. 🙂 The news says there could be a light dusting of snow tonight! I wish there would be a TON of it!!!!!

I really need to get some warm boots!!! I found a pair I like, I just have to wait until I have the money. 🙂 I like these….
But in black! 🙂 Price isn’t too bad ether!
Why do y’all think?!? I definitely need to get some warmer clothes!! Working out in the cold is NOT my idea of a good time! Lol! I am such a wimp really!!!!!

There is a song I’ve heard on KLOVE that I just LOVE!!!! It’s called Even if The Healing Doesn’t Come, by Kutless.. Have y’all heard it!? MAN! Is it amazing or what?!!!!!!  I’ll post a link to it with lyrics..


Maybe there is someone out there who needs this right now?  There have been PLENTY of times in my life when I wondered where God is.. WHY he didn’t heal a family member or friend. My Uncle Bobby.. One of the MOST amazing men I’ve ever known.. Had Cystic Fibrosis. Believed in Healing.. We ALL did.. We prayed like crazy. He passed away. My BELOVED Maw MAw.. That woman is AMAZING! Got cancer. We prayed. Believed. Posted Healing verses ALL over her bedroom… She passed away just two months after the diagnosis.. A DEAR friend hit by a drunk driver in 1996… Our whole youth group PRAYED for healing.. He died. My brother in law’s mother who had aheart attack just a couple of months ago.. We prayed for her healing too.. She passed away. I don’t understand WHY stuff like that happens. I wish I did. I wish I knew what God was thinking. But really.. HE IS STILL GOD. We make choices that affect us and everyone else. Things happen. Not EVERYONE who asks for physical healing will be healed the way we think it should happen. Ya know what? EAch person I posted about has affected other people.  Maybe the people affected by those that have passed wouldn’t have herad about God? Take my niece.. She has HypoPlastic Left Heart Syndrome, or HLHS. Man have we prayed for that girl.. DAILY! We all still do! She is Healthy and happy. LOVES Jesus. We found out when my sister was about 20 weeks that Kel would have this. Were told to expect the worst. That she may not survive birth and if she did, she wouldn’t much longer. She’s 10. She’s had 3 open heart surgeries. She’s always bounced back QUICK! Surprising Dr’s with her health! SO many people have been affected by her life… By her story. My sister and her husband are fighters. Believers. NEver wavering in their belief. NEver once thought about NOT believing in Christ. Is she physically healed 100%? No. But she is extrememly healthy. We see people, and hear of other kids ALL The time who are SO much worse off than she is! A little girl they met actually passed away a couple of weeks ago. But here’s our Kelbey! Strong and beautiful and just simply AMAZING! 🙂 We have to remember..  His ways are not our ways. His time is not our time. All I know is that we HAVE to trust Him. Ultimately everything is in His hands and we have to trust and believe. I think about my Maw Maw and Uncle Bobby, and Donna in Heaven.. NEW BODIES. No more suffering and no more pain. Sitting at the feet of our Lord and Savious Jesus Christ! WHAT A SIGHT! I can’t imagine what they are thinking or feeling. I get chills thinking about it though.. The sights they are seeing. The People they are seeing. Are they walking the streets with David? Mary? Peter? Paul? I don’t know. But I DO know I want to find out! I want to see them again some day! I can’t wait to experience what they are experiencing! WOWZA!!! What about y’all!? Do you have someone who lived Daily for Jesus Christ that has passed away? I wonder if they are anxiously awaiting our arrival?


Don’t make fun of me for this last one. 🙂 It’s one of my favorite hymns! LOL!! 🙂 And who can sing it better than the Gaithers?!??!? HAHA! 🙂 I know SOME old Fogeys will Love this too!



Anyways…… That’s it. Food for thought. Enjoy the music. 🙂 I do.
Anyways !! I guess if better go! I need to go shower and get my little booger to bed!!! Have a great night everyone!!!!!!