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Happy New Year! 2017

WOW!!!! 2017! For reals?! SO CRAZY!!!!

What did y’all do for NYE? I stayed in with my son… We shopped, ate, watched Storks, wrestled, played… Had a blast! He couldn’t hang… He passed out around 11pm. So I started my movie, Central Intelligence.  SERIOUSLY Funny Movie! I loved it!  After it was over, I put on Breaking Bad… I just can’t get enough!!!! I didn’t go to sleep until 4am!!! AUGH! It was month end with Scentsy, and I had to stay awake for this gorgeous warmer…..


We knew this warmer was going to be HUGE!!!!! It was supposed to be the December Warmer of the month, but the consultants LOVED it so much and everyone was freaking out, so they pushed it to January. Had more made.. And guess what? IT WAS GONE IN 90 MINUTES! Say What!?? It’s currently on Backorder, but will be back…. Luckily I ordered quick enough to get mine in for my customers. We can order these warmers all month long, but the ones ordered after about 2am, won’t be in until possibly MAY!!!! EEEEK!  If you’re interested in this warmer, you CAN order it anytime this month!!! Just let me know!

January is also amazing because usually it’s $99 to join Scentsy. But this month you can join for $49! SO AMAZING!!!! This is the PERFECT time to join my Scentsy team!!!!! I have a GREAT group of ladies on my team! We work together, encourage each other, love each other! You can join my team by clicking HERE I will help you get your business off the group and going! Our entire team will! 😀


There ya go… That’s exaclty what you get for joining for $49 in January! Everything you’ll need to get your business going! YAY!

ALSO, another promotion for January, as if all that’s not enough….. It’s Bring Back My Bar Month!!!! We voted for OLD retired scents, and they tallied the votes and brought back the top 20… THEN the owners chose 5 more so this month there’s TWENTY FIVE! How cool is that?!??! Here’s a list of retired scents brought back this month ONLY!


Black Ruby is my Mom’s all time favorite scent… I’ve already ordered 12 for her. LOL! She ran out a couple months ago, and she’s been having withdraws….. I have put other scents in her room, but nothing compares! WE LOVE BLACK RUBY!!!!! Another one I love is Luxe Vanilla!!  I had never smelled it until I got mine in last week…. It is so good!!! Back in the old days, my room mate bought some candles from Gourmet Pantry… She out them on our dining room table.  Just about every single day, we’d sit at the table and talk… Probably mostly about guys.. HAHA! As we’d talk, we’d smell those candles over and over. HAHA! No exaggeration. We LOVED them!! So I opened up this box of Bring Back My Bar Bars… Smelled Luxe Vanilla…. And it INSTANTLY took me back to Canyon Crossings apartments and to that dining room table! AAAAHHHHHHH! So good!! I absolutely LOVE it! You need to check these bars out!! If you like Coffee, you need Coffee Tree! Jude LOVES it! Smells like Papa! 😀 ANYWAYS! That’s it for me! Join my Scentsy Team!!!! We are having a BLAST!  PLUS, we are still working towards our INCENTIVE Trip! Even newbies can earn it if you work for it! Let me know if you have any questions! 😀





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They Say It’s Your Birthday!

HEY HEY!!!!! How’s it going? It’s going AMAZINGLY well here!  Life is just so fun and exciting!!!!!!

Yesterday was my 34th Birthday! EEEEEEEEK!!! SO ANCIENT! 😉  It feels weird to be this old. HAHA! I just remember thinking 30 was old… And NOW I’m 34…?!?!  What in the world!?  But physically, I don’t FEEL old, and I am told that I don’t LOOK it either.. SO WHEW for that! 🙂  Yesterday was no biggie… I worked, picked up Jude, got him an ice cream cone & came home. LOL! That’s it. It’s weird how Birthdays are when you’re older.. Especially a Mom who doesn’t drink or party.. I remember several years ago for my birthday we celebrated for several days. LOL! My how times have changed!  My family is taking me out to dinner Thursday night.. My choice! WOOOOOT! 🙂  That’s our family tradition!  The Birthday person gets to choose the restaurant and we all buy cards and eat and hang out. I love my Family! I am definitely blessed with an amazing bunch over here!

So…  I am SO excited about my Scentsy team!!!! EEEEEK!  I added my FIFTH team member today!!! YEAH! AND one of my recruits added her SECOND! I believe she added two in a week!  So now, counting myself, I have a team of EIGHT!  AUGH! I can’t believe it! I am SO Stinkin’ excited!!!!!! Our team is growing, we’re all placing orders and getting ACTIVE… It’s so exciting!!!!!!!  Have you considered joining???  You should DEFINITELY join my team! 🙂  We’re having SO much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Click HERE to join NOW! It’s definitely a decision you WON’T REGRET!  I can pretty much guarantee ya that!

This weekend was pretty laid back, and FUN! 🙂  I went and had coffee with a friend, then came home and got Jude ready and we went to BUBBLE FEST at the Science Spectrum! It was really neat.  They had a guy doing shows throughout the day and he was pretty cool!!!!!!  Then they had different bubble stations set up all over the museum! Jude had a blast!!!! After that, we went to McAllister’s to lunch with Mom & my sister, then home for a nap.  Later that evening we went to Vintage Township for a Fall Festival! That was fun! 🙂  Jude played some games and got his face painted!!! The best thing about the evening was it was COOL!!! It was in the 60’s all evening and felt AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Sunday was the same old stuff… Church, lunch with the family, then they ALL Stayed here all day and we just hung out and talked and ate! I love weekends JUST like that one!  PERFECT!

Anyways!  I guess that’s all I’ve got right now!  I think you should MOST definitely consider joining my Scentsy team! 🙂  Extra money, FUN, GREAT support, meet new friends, get out of debt, win free trips, etc!  Don’t think you’re a sales person??  NO BIGGIE! Scentsy 100% sells itself!  That is SERIOUSLY a promise!!!!!! (from me) LOL! You need to check it all out!

pumpkinRoll set


Enjoy your favorite Scentsy Purse & Pocket and Bath & Body products in special holiday Scentsy fragrances! Each Handy Harvest Collection includes Hand Sanitizer, Hand Soap, Hand Cream, and SPF 15 Lip Balm. This is a GREAT deal! Perfect for Fall! And you get ALL That for only $28! HELLO!



I LOVE this little guy! His name is Magnus! He’s only $25 and that’s for Him AND the scent pak of your choice! HELLO!!!!!!!!



Make sure you get those orders in ASAP!!!!




LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!  If y’all need something, don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂