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Here I am

Hello There! How are y’all doing??!  I am doing GREAT!  Right now I am enjoying some awesome Mommy time… Watching Drop Dead Diva, eating chips and hot sauce, and browsing Facebook, Playing Mahjong, etc. LOL!!!!! Yes, I am a great multi-tasker! HA! Jude didn’t go to sleep until almost 11pm so I needed a little time to  myself, or else I’d be SOUND ASLEEP! 😛

Things here are going good! I seriously have THE BEST JOB EVER!!!  I’ve been there for a little over a month, and I am LOVING it!  The ladies I work with are so much fun, the dr’s awesome, and the patients are so incredibly sweet! I am learning SO much and considering getting CERTIFIED! WOOT! Jude and I are ABSOLUTELY loving me being off on Friday’s!!!!!  We don’t do anything big or important….. We just REALLY enjoy being together! It is so much fun!!!!  We are hoping to take a little over night trip soon! 😀

I got a massage today and man oh man did I need it!!!  It’s been quite awhile since I had one and I have been in so much pain lately!!!! I laid in bed all day yesterday and most of today… It feels better, but now I have a headache! BLEH!!!


Ya know how there are all kinds of monthly subscription deals? Birchbox, Ipsy, etc?  Well, I found another that I am SO insanely excited about!  It’s called SCENTBIRD!  You pay $14.95 a month… You take a test on their site and they give some recommendations… But you choose the scents you want and put them in your “queue”… Then they send you a 30 day trial of the scents you choose…. One per month! I am all signed up and I can’t wait to get my first one!!!!  Use my link to sign up https://www.scentbird.com/r/d/sherilyncrutchfield2  We can get FREE perfume! WHO DOESN’T LOVE THAT!??!?  I LOVE NEW PERFUME!!!!!!! Hopefully I’ll remember to keep y’all posted on it. LOL! 😀 Y’all know I always forget!

Anyways! It’s almost 1am and I am SLEEPY!!!!!  Night, Night guys!



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All Good Things!

Hey everyone! How are y’all doing???  MAN am I WAY, WAY, WAY behind!!!!!!  I am so sorry, I’ve been keeping you ALL in the dark! I am sure you’ve been just distraught.. 😛 Let’s start with family life…. Jude and I are doing GREAT!!!!!! I recently bought us BUNK BEDS.. YES, Bunk beds. LOL! 🙂  We share a room, and I wanted to free up some space… Jude thinks they’re amazing.. Quite frankly, I kinda like them too… Good thing is, they’re BOTH full instead of twin.  AND they’ll come part.. So when we get our own place, we can each have a bed in our rooms. 🙂  WOOOOOOT!  He has SpiderMan sheets on his bed, and I have red Damask Stripe on mine.. I bought a SpiderMan poster I need to get framed & I changed out our Scentsy warmer from a Black Cube Gallery warmer with VanGough frame, to our Halloween CREEPY CRAWLY Warmer.. It looks like a Spidey warmer! 🙂  LOL!

creepy Crawly

How cool is that?

More Family stuff…. My Grandma (Dad’s Mom) in Nashville Passed away 3 weeks ago. 😦 She’s been sick for awhile, and finally gave up. She was 94 and lived a very long life! Now she is reunited with Grandpa! Do you ever think about when someone is in Heaven, then their husband/wife/child whoever dies and goes to Heaven?  Like, do they know they’re coming?  Are they anxiously waiting? Or is it a surprise?  When my Grandma died, I just had a thought of my Grandpa seeing her for the first time in 11 years or so.. I like to think Jesus has a little fun.. Enjoys seeing their joy.. I had a vision of Jesus saying “Hey John! Come here!! Look who’s coming!!” and Grandma showing up! Now, that may not be how it is AT ALL, but I like think of it that way. 🙂 🙂

I have a new show I’ve been watching… 24. OH.EM.GEE! It is freaking amazing! Do y’all watch it?  I just thought I’d check it out.. I didn’t expect to really like it.  I FREAKING LOVE KEIFER SUTHERLAND.. Always have. But man oh man! Jack Bauer is HOTTTTTT! 🙂 LOL! This show has me HOOKED! I’m already on Season 7. I just can’t stop watching! So good.. So suspenseful! If you haven’t watched it, and you love action packed shows, THIS is the show! I have Amazon Prime, so I watch it there! 🙂 🙂



This week has been ROUGH!!!!!  Tuesday morning, Jude and I left our home & were in a car accident. A lady ran a stop sign and plowed right into us on the passenger side!  She hit us hard enough to throw us up over the curb, into a yard, then down the curb and back into the middle of the street!!!!  IT WAS AWFUL! THANK GOD Jude was completely unharmed!! He was safe in his car seat! He was just shaken up quite a bit.  I was jostled quite a bit… I hit my head a few times, sprained my foot, and have some bruising and extreme soreness.  I went to the DR and I’ve gone to my chiropractor 3 days in a row. My car is not driveable.. They towed it off this morning. I am driving a rental.. And boy is it nice!!! 🙂 🙂 LOL!!!! So now we wait to see if my car is totaled or repairable! FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!!!!


Now, on to SCENTSY….. Man has this been a RIDE!!!!!!!!!  September was an INCREDIBLE month! My team was on fire.. EVERYONE was selling like CRAZY!!!!  The Chasing Fireflies warmer was a RIDICULOUSLY huge hit!  Our team of 19 worked hard!!!!!!!  We fought until the last minutes… AND….. WE DID IT!!!!  I promoted to DIRECTOR!!!! WOOOOOT! 🙂 🙂 🙂


BAM! This has been my goal for quite awhile now and we made it! NO WAY could I have made it without my INCREDIBLE team!!!!  This month is amazing as well! We are working our tails off!!  I LOVE my team! 🙂  I’ve had incredible Leadership getting to this point as well!!! I LOVE Scentsy and everything about it!  October 9th I received my BIGGEST Scentsy Paycheck to date! MAN OH MAN does that help this Single Mama!!!!!!!!  Did you know there are still two more paydays before Christmas?  Would you like to earn extra money? Maybe pay cash for Christmas gifts? Add to your household income?  You should JOIN MY TEAM TODAY!  We have an amazing team! We have great support and encouragement! JOIN US today!





Scentsy really is the best decision I could have made for myself & Jude!!!!!!  He loves it just as much as I do! 🙂 🙂 We have a lot of fun opening orders and smelling all the scents!! We’ve smelled them a billion times, but it’s always so much fun! Won’t you join our team!?  You will love it, I promise!

Anwyays! I guess that’s all I have for you guys!!!! It’s been AWESOME! My family is good, business is good… Life is good! 🙂 🙂





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Childhood Dreams

Have you ever thought about all the things you wanted to be when you were a child?  Are you ANY of the things you wanted to be??  I am one of them. A Mother. I remember wishing and hoping and praying my dolls would suddenly come to life! LOL!  I LOVED my baby dolls! All I ever wanted was to be a Mom.  Of course, I didn’t imagine myself as a single Mom, doing it alone, with my family, but, being a Mom was important to me. So, here I am.. A Mom to an ALMOST 4 year old little boy who is just the BOMB! 🙂

All the other things I wanted to be?  Yeah, none..  Here’s a list of everything I wanted to be when I was a little girl.

  • Veternarian
  • Fashion Designer
  • Hair Stylist
  • Architect
  • Writer
  • Zoologist

LOL! 🙂 My childhood best friend and I used to get BIG pieces of paper and draw houses.  Not the outside of the house like a kids drawing… But the layout of the home inside… We’d spend HOURS drawing, writing, erasing, filling in, etc! We liked making them ELABORATE! We’d try to add more stuff to ours.. A hair salon, a pool, a bowling alley.. LOL! 🙂   We had THE BEST time! I truly thought back then that I could be an architect. 🙂

The Fashion Designer thing cracks me up.. I AM TERRIBLE with Fashion.  I know plenty about hair styles and colors, and make up, etc. But clothing and shoes??  NO WAY!!!  I’ve never cared a whole lot about clothes and shoes.  Even now to this day, I have like 3 pairs of shoes TOTAL… ONE Pair of jeans, that kind of thing. LOL!!!! I just don’t care.  But back then… I would draw clothes, design them, color them, etc! 🙂  I was good… HAHAHA! Yeah, right.  I wish I still had those drawings!!!!

A writer.. Oh my goodness… I TRULY thought I ROCKED as a writer!  I REALLY wish I still had my stories from way back then… I remember in the 3rd or 4th grade (I was in public school then), we had to do some creative writing.  I remember writing a story about a dinosaur and my teacher loved it!  I was very descriptive! 🙂  I remember getting a 100 and she praised me for it! 🙂  My baby sister and I used to sit around and write stories. 🙂  I thought I was awesome…  We used to read the Baby-Sitters Club series.. First of all, THOSE BOOKS ROCKED! LOL! 🙂   I LOVED Them!!!!!!!  I loved how descriptive the author was with their clothing and accessories, and the snacks Claudia had stashed everywhere, etc.  I wanted to write books like that. I wanted to write books that made you FEEL like you could see the characters.. Smell their perfume and shampoo..

Now…  Here I am.. almost 35.. a Real Estate Photographer and Mom… Wishing I’d done some of those things.  I told my family just the other night how I wish I’d become a writer! They said “So do it”.. LOL! 🙂  Ummmmm, no. LOL! I don’t have the first clue what I’d do…. How I’d begin.  Sure would be fun though!

One thing I didn’t know about as a child, but I am… SCENTSY SUPER STAR CONSULTANT!!!! WOOT WOOT! 🙂  Now THAT is an AMAZING part of my life! I am SUPER glad that Scentsy came into my life when it did!

So, I am a Mom, a Real Estate Photographer, and a Scentsy Consultant…..  My life is pretty full! I shouldn’t complain, that’s for sure!!!!

What did YOU want to be when you grew up?  Are you doing anything you dreamed of being!?