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Happy Birthday, Jude!

Hi Guys! What’s going on???  I am watching BIG BROTHER! LOVE this show! (have I said that before?) LOL! Jude is asleep in his new bed! He’s had a BUSY day! Today is his THIRD BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! We had a GREAT day! 🙂 We went to church, came home, ate a wonderful lunch, then had cake & Jude opened his presents.  I didn’t make him take a nap today because he had toys to play with! 🙂  My Mom made his cake! She is awesome!



How stinkin’ cute is that?!?!  He LOVED it!!!  The rest of the day we sat around talking and playing with Jude’s toys outside! It was a gorgeous day today!  Since we didn’t do a party for Jude’s birthday, Jude and I are taking his friend and Mom out for Jude’s birthday this week, and I am going to go see a movie! WOOT! I haven’t seen a movie in the theater in AGES! I am excited! YAY!!!!!


Man, I am feeling REALLY old!!!  I was bathing Jude last night and did something AWFUL To my back! :-/ It is JACKED UP and I can hardly stand it! It hurs like crazy!!!!  They say that’s what happens when you’re old.. And I’ll be 34 this year…. AUGH! LOL!!  I am hoping I can get in with my chiropractor tomorrow. It makes me lose my breath and wanna cry! 😦 AUGH!


Scentsy is going pretty good.. July has been a slow month, but it will pick up August and September for sure! 🙂  August is transition month, and September a NEW CATALOG comes out!  I need to get some parties booked for August! If you’re interested in hosting, please let me know!!! I’d love it! I already have THREE scheduled for September! 🙂  Want to add your party to the calendar??  Check out my website and click HOST! Better yet, click JOIN and you can have as much fun as I am having! 🙂 CLICK HERE

There are only 10 days left to stock up on your FAVORITE BRING BACK MY BAR SCENTS!



Or get the LIGHTHOUSE warmer for 10% off!





I guess that’s about it!  I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL Monday! 🙂  I am planning on it.. If I can get my back to quit hurting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you guys!


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Great Weekend, Great Scentsy, Great Song…

Hey Hey guys! What’s going on? I am just watching Friends! 🙂 How’s y’alls weekend going so far?  Mine is good! Yesterday after work I just came home and played with Jude. My nephew came over while my sister and her hubby celebrated their 17th Wedding Anniversary! ISN’T THAT CRAZY!? 🙂 Their actual anniversary is June 7th, but my BIL has to work.   Anyways…  We spent a lot of time watching the news last night… MORE tornadoes in Oklahoma last night, and this time they were VERY close to my aunt and uncle in Yukon! Praise Jesus they weren’t hit!!!!!! So scary! What’s the dealio with all the tornadoes!??!  SO SCARY!!!!!!

Today Jude and I woke up, ate waffles, and played outside.  Then we went to the office for a bit so I could work… I brought him home so he could nap, and then we spent the rest of the evening outside.  Kayla and Brynne came over and we all helped plant a garden!! YEAH!!! 🙂  We planted TONS of stuff… Cucumbers, squash, zucchini, TONS of tomatoes, TONS of okra, and even some corn! 🙂 We are all so excited!! Nothing better than FRESH, HOMEGROWN produce! Food in grocery stores is getting SO spendy!!!!!! If we could have cows and chickens, we definitely would!!! We like to buy ORGANIC foods and they’re even more expensive!!!!! Blah! How the heck are you supposed to get healthy and eat good foods when they’re so freaking expensive!??! Totally sucks!!!

So in my last post I told y’all I tried 30 Day Shred.. I SUCK at it. LOL! I was SO sore the next day it was RIDONKULOUS! So, The next day, I did Jump Rope. It’s a great work out and it’s fun! Takes me back to my child hood!!!!! We used to jump rope ALL the time as kids! 🙂  WEll, now my other sister decided she might do the 30 Day Shred… So Kayla AND Brynne will be doing it… UGH! Now that means I am going to have to do it after all. LOL! Brynne is already doing a GREAT job with her diet! NO FAIR! I am just being awful! LOL! I’ve definitely cut back on my cokes, but basically, I’m just gonna have to STOP drinking them.  So… Monday. Monday is the day. DOOMS DAY! HAHA! I REALLY do want to be healthier, thinner, and more in shape… It’s just HARD WORK! And I LOVE to eat and drink what I want! SIGH!!!!! I’ll get there! I promise!!!!!! LOL!!! 🙂

Anyways…..  So, I have to show y’all the ADORABLE Scentsy Warmer of the Month for June!!! It’s SO cute!!! YOU NEED IT RIGHT NOW!


How cute is that?! I love it!!!! Who needs one?!  Just go to my website and get it ordered!!! 🙂  https://sherilync.scentsy.us

The Scent of the Month is AWESOME… It’s called Banana Berry….


It’s pretty delicious!!!!! And guess what??  RIGHT NOW, you can get the Scent & Warmer for 10% off.. EACH! HELLO! Order yours today!!!

AND More fun Scentsy News… JULY is BRING BACK MY BAR month!! They bring back 20 bars that consultants and customers vote for… They just released the list of scents… I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! There are only like 4 or 5 that I’ve smelled.. I can’t wait!!!!!!!  Check out the list… I stole it from my Super Star Director!


There are some scents on there that I Am STOKED about!!!! 🙂  EEEEEEEEEEK!

There is a brand new song out that I’ve only heard once, but it’s AMAZING!!!!! It’s by Chris August, and it’s called “Restored”… Divorce is going up up up at an alarming rate. EVERYONE gets divorced.  Things start to go wrong and people just divorce.. People don’t “feel” in love, so they divorce.. etc. It’s awful and so sad.  I’m sad to say I have been divorced. Happened a long time ago, but I hate that fact.. I always said I’d never get a divorce.  If you trust in Jesus and ASK for help and TRULY seek His help, He WILL restore you and your marriage!!!!!!!!! If you’re out there and you’re really struggling in your marriage, listen to this song!!!! IT IS AWESOME!


Well, I guess I’m gonna go to bed!!! I am REALLY hoping to make it to Sunday School tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

Oh! I almost forgot! I am SO hoping to ACTUALLY do the JUNE Photo-A-Day. LOL! 🙂 My sister Kayla did it the WHOLE month of May!!!! I HAVE to do it! LOL!


I haven’t done todays yet, so I’ll do it tomorrow! WOOT!

GOOD NIGHT GUYS!!!!! Have a FABULOUS night!!!



I Work Out…

No, no I don’t. LOL!!!! I ATTEMPT to work out, but geeze louise!  I was warned. I can’t say that I wasn’t. But GOOD GOLLY!  I did 15 minutes of the Level one in the 30 Day Shred. RIDICULOUS. I am serious.  I ONLY DID FIFTEEN MINUTES! I am fairly certain I will just roll over out of bed. HA! How pathetic am I?  I mean, really?!?!? HA! I haven’t worked out in a VERY, VERY, VERY long day!  I think I should probably get a membership to a gym and have a trainer help me out! LOL! SIGH!!!!!!!!  It’s really pretty sad! 😦  Oh well!!!!!!!


I am watching “Ring Of Fire”… It’s a story on June Carter Cash & Johnny Cash. More from HER side of the story.  Jewel is playing June Carter Cash… She’s not my favorite.. But so far it’s pretty good. I LOVE Johnny Cash, and I LOVE his music… So we’ll see how this goes.

How was your Memorial Day Weekend??  Ours was GREAT!!!!!  I already talked about Friday and SAturday… So Sunday Jude and I were SUPPOSED to get up and go to Sunday School. Yeah, we didn’t make it. We didn’t wake up until 9:24am! BLAH! We DID make it to church, and it was a WONDERFUL sermon! I LOVE our Pastor.  He had a whole sermon planned out for the next two Sundays.  But God changed it. It was WONDERFUL! It was about disasters and what causes it, why they happen, etc. Our church is truly blessed with a WONDERFUL pastor! I just LOVE him!!!!!!!!

AFter church we, of course, came home and ate with the whole family.  After lunch I put Jude down for a nap, and then the rest of us just hung out. We played Super Mario on Wii, talked, laughed, etc. Monday Jude and I slept in LATE! We didn’t get up until 10am! LOL! Jude ate breakfast and then we immediatley went outside.  Jude was in and out ALL day long!!!!!!  I played outside with him (actually just sat and supervised!) I also Mowed the yard, which Jude LOVED. LOL!!! My Mom made a Tri Tip and Potato salad for lunch.. It was delicious!! We also got ice cream from the ice cream truck… YUMMMMMY! I freaking love that stuff! It is my FAVORITE! Today I got the BRATZ one. LOL! SO GOOD! Everyone left pretty early for cook outs with friends and what not, but that was fine with me! LOL! Jude didn’t take a nap, so he was bathed and in bed asleep by 7:48pm! LOL!! 🙂   THAT NEVER HAPPENS! I was so glad!! After he went to bed, I dyed my hair and took a shower! WOOOOOT! 🙂


I did this box. I’ve done it before… The color I was sporting before this one was too brassy, in my opinion.  I like the more purple-y colors! 🙂  This is a cheaper hair color and I LOVE IT! I LOVE Revlon products PERIOD! 🙂

Today work was good… It went by fast! I had lunch with a fellow Scentsy Sister whom I just LOVE!! We ate at Jason’s Deli and it was SO good! I haven’t been there in a long time!!! Anyways!!!

I guess that’s it!!!!  My life is PRETTY exciting! 🙂 I hope y’all have a wonderful evening and a GREAT day tomorrow!!!! I LOVE Holiday’s because when you have Monday off, the rest of the week goes FAST!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!


Sherilyn J