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I’m Trying Here!

Hey everyone! I am trying to get back into blogging more than once or twice a year! So twice in a month is pretty amazing! LOL! 😀

How are y’all doing? How was y’alls Christmas? Mine was great! I have to say, Christmas with children is EVERYTHING!  I MAY have gone a little overboard.. LOL! I just love seeing my son happy! He’s been so excited this Christmas season!!! From the tree, to the lights, and music and movies and presents.. It’s just been so magical this year!!!! I have LOVED it all with him! Just as magical for me as for him. LOL! I started Christmas shopping a few months ago… I had extra money due to my Scentsy job, so I have been buying here and there.. we buy for the WHOLE family…. and this year it included Brynne’s boyfriend and his two kiddos! So I bought everyone one thing, and Jude about 7. LOL! I just couldn’t help it! He got everything he wanted this year, I made sure of that! So Christmas Eve is when we ALL get together at my PawPaw’s… We ALWAYS eat sandwiches and chips and dips for supper. Then we all sit in the living room and my PawPaw reads the Christmas story from Luke in the Bible. After that, we have a time of prayer.. We stand in a circle and hold hands and my Mama prays. THEN it’s time for presents.. It’s ALWAYS been the kiddos job to pass out gifts… It was me and my sisters growing up, and then it was passed on to my niece and nephew, and Jude. It’s so much fun! Watching Jude open his presents is my absolute FAVORITE thing in the whole wide world!!!! He got ALL kinds of awesome gifts… Light sabers, Nerf Guns, The Jungle Book movie, a bow and arrow, targets…. SO MANY AWESOME gifts!! He loved everything! I also got awesome gifts… A Pioneer Woman Cook Book (she’s our favorite!), money, an ULTA gift card, and a movie with four movies, all because I asked for “Because I Said So”.. HAHA! 😀 I LOVE that movie!

So usually, we stay the night at my PawPaw’s and do Santa stuff and then eat lunch together.. This year, I wanted to change it up. Jude and I are making memories, he’s only young for a short time.. So we came home by ourselves.. My parents stayed the night. Jude and I came home and got cookies and milk for Santa, and a carrot for the reindeer. Then Jude went to sleep while Mama stayed up until 2am wrapping Santa gifts. LOL! RIDICULOUS!

Jude woke up about 830am (Thank Goodness it wasn’t 6am!) We opened our stockings (I bought fun stuff for myself for mine! LOL!) and Jude was SO happy! Besides his little stocking stuffers, he got an electronic Kylo Ren Light Saber, and the four pack velociraptor set from Jurassic World, and Mario Party 10 for his Wii U! He said he had the best Christmas!!! That made me so happy! 😀 After that, we got dressed and headed BACK out to my PawPaw’s for lunch. We had a wonderful lunch, made by my Mom and my aunt, then just hung around the rest of the day. We did get some TERRIBLE news while out there….. GEORGE MICHAEL DIED! WAHHHHHHHHH! This is SERIOUSLY sad to me! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him! I always wanted to marry him when I was younger. LOL! 😛 Father Figure, Teacher, Careless Whisper, and One More Try, are my top favorites! But I love so many of his songs!


Anyways, we stayed out there utnil about 6 or so and came home! Jude loved being home and playing with his presents! I slept SUPER late today. LOL! I am off work until the 3rd! HELLO! My job ROCKS!!!!!

Preparing for Christmas is my favorite! Thinking of great gifts for people, planning, etc.. I LOVE IT! I had almost everything bought by the beginning of the month, but I need to finish up stocking stuffers.. So, Friday night Jude didn’t get to sleep until SUPER Late, I’m talking like 11pm.. So I ran to Target…. I was going to get a pair of PJ’s for his Elf to give him that night… they were totally picked over! I had to go to WalMart.. Which I didn’t want to do.. I HATE going there… So I go.. Pick out PJ’s and some other stuff, and go get in one of the crazy long lines… I started to a guy in line and we noticed NONE of the lines had moved.. Like AT ALL… Then an annoucement came over the speaker.. Their registers were ALL offline, and it would take about 10 minutes… FINALLY they came back on.. More like 15 or 20 minutes.. Then we noticed our line STILL hadn’t moved… The people at the register were standing there while the cashier was KEYING IN by hand their ENTIRE order.. and it was BIG! UGH! So she turned her light off and we all moved over.. To an even longer line.. By this time, it was after 1am!!! WEll, all of the sudden, a girl I’d been in line with earlier came up to me and said “come on, my Mom told me to come get you and let you in front of us”!!! SAY WHAT!? SWEETEST THING EVER and shows the spirit of Christmas! So FINALLY I got home! LOL! WHEW!!!!

So… There ya have it! A full recap of my Christmas! LOL! 😀 Pretty exciting, huh??? 😀 I hope your Christmas was FABULOUS as well!

Today, I met up with my oldest friend and we saw “Why Him?” LOL! Oh geeze… Has anyone else seen that? Terribly inappropriate, but there were times we were laughing so hard we were gasping for air. LOL! I just LOVE James Franco! He is seriously adorable!!!!! The rest of the week will be spent shopping and having fun with Jude.. Maybe taking him to the movies or bowling, or something fun!!!!

I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL Christmas break!! I’ll be back later! 😀


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Have Y’all Forgotten About Me?

WOW!!!! I said last time that I would write more… LOL!! Yeah.. I believe this is the longest I’ve gone without blogging!!!!  Crazy!!!!! Sorry ’bout that! I am sure you’re ALL so happy to see a post from me…. Right!? 😀

Anyways… The Summer is almost over.. And boy am I glad.  I am so freaking ready for Fall!! Hoodies, jeans, boots, big fat socks…. And DARK lipsticks and major smoky eye looks! Not that I don’t wear the smokey eye year round, but I like to go a little darker in the Fall/Winter months! 🙂  Speaking of the Smoky eye…. I just bought a new product that will make my smoky eye AMAZING! LOL!!  Well, to me it will… I bought the Tarte Tarteist Clay Paint Liner.. OMG!  It is Amazeballs.. Truly. This liner goes on BLACK… and MATTE… and doesn’t budge! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!


If you  love a good winged eyeliner, or just a black matte… THIS IS THE BEST ONE EVER!!!! Get it! You WILL NOT regret it!

This Summer was pretty uneventful.. Besides my trip to LAS VEGAS… that was TOTALLY free! 🙂  I did a 5K, saw ONE REPUBLIC, got a TON of free product.. did the DIRECTOR walk for the first time.. Oh my goodness! It was AWESOME and I made some AMAZING new friends!!!!!!!  None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t joined Scentsy in 2012. This has turned out to be one of the BEST decisions I have EVER made!  Here are just a few pics of my AMAZING trip!


So there ya go! 🙂  One Republic is AMAZING in concert! I knew they would be though! I LOVE them!!!!  And I was SO SO SO close!!!   AAAAUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

We found out our next Incentive trip is DISNEY WORLD or the next Scentsy Family Reunion in NASHVILLE TENNESSEE!!! SCENTSY SPOILS US SO SO MUCH! AUGH!  So right now, I am busy busy working my business to get a trip! 🙂   If you haven’t joined Scentsy yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!???!  You are TRULY missing out!!!!

Not a lot of other stuff happening around here… I dated someone for the first time in over 5 years.. That was a lot of fun… Hurt like hell when it ended… Makes me NOT want to try that again. LOL!!!!  I forgot how bad it hurts when you like someone and put everything into it, and they don’t… It really sucks. So it will be awhile before I try that again. HAHA! It did remind me of how fun dating is… How fun it is to have something to look forward to.. We went to movies, got ice cream, rented movies, etc.  We DID have a blast. It also kind of gave me my identity back…  As a Mom it’s REALLY easy to lose yourself with your kiddos.  I put my son first above EVERYTHING else in my life.. Which is how it’s supposed to be, but I am also a woman.. I am not dead just because I am a Mom.  So, now I take time to do what I want, too.. My son has an earlier bed time, and I get to watch movies, soak in the tub, paint my nails, work my Scentsy Business, shop online.. LOL! 😛 So, all in all, I guess dating again WASN’T such a bad thing.. HAHA!


I have become a total Netflix Junkie. LOL!!!!  I watched Parks and Rec… OMG! I watched all 7 seasons in about 3 weeks. LOL!!!! I was 100% team Ron Swanson. LOL!!! SO.FREAKING.HILARIOUS!  Luckily with my job, I can multi task.. So while I work, I watch my shows. HAHA! I finished Parks and Rec and had nothing else to watch.. I LOVED that show so much… I tried a few others, but nothing caught my attention… So then I tried SCANDAL… OH MY GOSH! Now I am totally hooked.  I am half way thru Season 4.. This show is CRAZY good! LOL!! At this rate, I’ll be all caught up for Thursday! 🙂

Lately I’ve been sending out cards… Just little blank cards that I write in and send to random people….  I LOVE snail mail SO much! I remember my cousins, or old friends and I used to write letters to each other… The Anticipation of getting something.. And when you finally do… AAAAAHHHHH! It just FEELS good to be thought of… Am I right? So, if someone is on my heart, I send out a card. Makes me feel good.   I KNOW how it feels to get a card unepectedly in the mail… So I love giving other people that same feeling! 🙂  Who doesn’t like to get something other than bills in the mail!?

That’s about all that’s going on around here….  I AM a pretty boring person. LOL! 🙂 But you guys already knew that!  HAHA! Well… there ya go.  There’s my life lately… LOTSA FUN, huh!?  Guess I’d better go… I hope y’all have a FABULOUS evening!!!

Want to buy some Scentsy!?  Or Join? Or Host a party!?  You definitely should.  Just click HERE

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Donuts, Anne, Raclette, & Dinos!

Hi Guys!  What’s going on?  I am watching my FAVORITEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME!!!!  I splurged and bought the Anne of Green Gables Trilogy!!! AUGH!  We used to watch these ALL The time!!!  Literally! All the time!  My sisters and I LOVED them!!!!! 🙂 I am already on Side Two of the Third disk!!! The third and final disk! EEEEK! I will have to start them over. LOL!!  This is the ULTIMATE LOVE STORY!!!!!!! How could you NOT love Gilbert Blythe!?!?!!!? Anyways!


This has been a great weekend! 🙂  Jude and I woke up and got Donuts… Then we got ready, delivered some Scentsy, then went to ULTA! 🙂  We came home, cooked lunch on the Raclette…



DELICIOUS! And yes, that is MELTED cheese on some of the Veggies!!!!!!  SO DELICIOUS!!! Jude and I BOTH Loved it!! Steak with salt, pepper, and Velata smoked paprika rub, and the veggies had olive oil & the Lemon Garlic Rub!  I.LOVED.IT!

After Lunch, we went to the Texas Tech Museum.. A friend of mine messaged me and said that it was DINO DAY there! WOOT!  So Jude and I decided to forgo his nap and head over there.. It was nothing special to him.. TOO many screaming kids. LOL! But he did enjoy the Dino bones like last time HAHAHAHAHA!!!!  We came home, and Jude was EXHAUSTED!  He took an hr nap, then we went to the grocery store.. Came home and cooked supper and now we’re in bed!


Okay, so now it’s MONDAY night!  The rest of the weekend was great! Sunday morning we went to church… Our kids put on a play called Nic At Night.  After church, we went home and I cooked Chicken Tettrizzini, Salad, and cheesy garlic toast! It was DELICIOUS, if I do say so myself! HEHE! It was REALLY good!!! LOL!  After lunch, I put Jude down for a nap and then I BROKE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!  Brynne stayed over all day so I could have some free time!  I went to the movies and saw “The Other Woman”! IT WAS SO CUTE!!!!  This was my first time to go to the movies alone.. It was WONDERFUL!  I got a popcorn and coke and sat down and had almost two hours by myself, laughing hysterically! HEHE! 🙂 When I got home, Brynne decided she wanted to go to Target to get a DVD player.   So Jude, Brynne & I went….  We bought a lot of random stuff and had a good time! 🙂 🙂

Anyways! That was my weekend!!!!!!!  It was pretty amazing! 🙂 I recommend “The Other Woman”… I’d see it again.  It was hilarious! Leslie Mann is one of the most hilarious actresses out there!!!!!!!

Anyways!! I am TIRED, so  I guess that’s it! I drove over 125 miles today!  WORK IS CRAZY!!!  I hope y’all have a FABULOUS night and rest of the week!





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Easter Weekend!

Hey guys!  What’s going on??  I am watching MAN OF STEEL, but I think I am about to turn it off.. IT IS BORING ME!!!!!!!!!!  The only thing I’ve liked so far about it… KEVIN COSTNER is in it. LOL!  That’s the only good thing so far…. Maybe I’ll watch for a few more minutes…..

So I was off work today, since it’s GOOD FRIDAY! 🙂 I took Jude to see the Disney Natures BEARS movie.. It was really cute!!!!!  He wasn’t quite as into it as I was, but I loved it!!!  After that, we met up with my sisters and brother in law and kiddos at Taco Villa for some lunch.. THEN Jude, Brynne and I went to the Science Spectrum!!!!  We had a lot of fun!!!!!! We stayed for what felt like HOURS, then went to Bahama Bucks, then home!  It was a VERY busy day!!!!  Jude didn’t get a nap, and was a little crazy, but luckily went to sleep SUPER easy!!!!






On the way to Bahama Bucks, I asked Jude if he had fun & he said it was “a way fun day!” LOL! So…. WINNING!!!! HAHAHAHA!

Tomorrow we have an EASTER EGG hunt, then lunch and nap time before we color Easter Eggs with the family!!!! 🙂  It’s tradition, and we LOVE it! I can’t wait! It’s always fun trying to see who can make the coolest color, or prettiest egg!!!

What else is new with y’all?!?  I have just been working, selling Scentsy, and hanging with my J Man!!!  Keeps me pretty busy!  Can’t complain too much! 🙂 I’ve definitely got a lot going on and going for me right now!!  Scentsy is a lot of fun and one of my girls just signed her third team mate, that puts us at 15!! WOOT!!!!!  We are growing, and going places!  So exciting!

I got my VELATA RACLETTE in last week! WOOT!! It was on back order for what seemed like FOREVER!  That night, we did steaks and veggies on it! PRETTY YUMMMMMMMMMMMY!



Is that fun or what!??! 🙂  I can’t wait to do more!

After dinner that night, we cut up strawberries and bananas and had some Velata Fondue! SO FREAKING GOOD! AUGH!  Y’all have got to try it out if you haven’t already! I am telling you, you will LOVE, LOVE it!

Check out this AWESOME Easter deal…..  ONLY until Sunday! Order yours TODAY!


You can click HERE and go straight to my Velata site! 🙂

Scentsy also has an INCREBIBLE Mothers Day deal going right now… You do not want to miss out on this!!!  Only $40 gets you this following……


The warmer itself is $40, so basically you are getting THREE bars FREE!?! WHAT!??!  So awesome! Check it out, order now!  Just click HERE to go to my Scentsy site!  ALL 3 of those scents are AWESOME!!!!!!!!  I just LOVE them!!!!!

Anyways! I guess that’s it for now!  Nothing else going on around here!

Have a WONDERFUL Easter!!!!!!








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Thanksgiving Weekend

Hey guys! What’s going on? I am watching THE HOLIDAY… This is one of my ALL TIME favorite movies!!!!!! I just absolutely ADORE it! Cameron Diaz and Jude Law.. HELLO!

This has been SUCH a great week and weekend! I got off work Wednesday about 3:30 and was off all the rest of the week! 🙂  Go back tomorrow! It’s been so awesome being home with Jude for all these days! Wednesday came home and hung out with the family… My aunt and uncle came in from OKC and we talked and ate, prepared stuff for Thanksgiving, etc. (I made the macaroni salad) LOL! 🙂

Thursday was So much fun!  We had a group of 40+ together, so we rented out the church!  Jude and I got there around 12:00…. we ate around 4pm and stayed until about 9. The kids had a BLAST all playing together!  Jude took several toys so he wouldn’t be bored, and they all had a blast playing with them! So great to have so many cousins, and Jude has two that are his age!!!!

I sold a WHOLE LOT of Scentsy & Grace Adele this weekend! MAN!!!!!! It’s been awesome! Scentsy had a pre black friday sale for a few days, and now Grace Adele has a GREAT sale.. Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale! 🙂 AMAZING! I sold Several hundred dollars in JUST Grace Adele! AND I bought a little something for myself. LOL!  I bought this combo….

BlackSarah PinkRae

The clutch goes in the front pocket!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! 🙂  And guess what?  Got them BOTH for under $40! WOWZERS! This sale is going on until tomorrow, so I suggest you check it out now!!! Click HERE to view my Grace Adele site! You can get some AMAZING deals! JUST in time for Christmas!!! Make sure you CHECK IT OUT!

I’ve been recording ALL Of the Hallmark Movie Channel Christmas Movies…. Watched a REALLY good one this weekend… Let It Snow! It has Candace Cameron Bure and Allen Thicke… IT IS SO GOOD!  I So love Christmas movies! They’re so romantic and cheesy… JUST what I love! LOL!

I FINALLY watched The Hunger Games this week! OH.MY.WORD! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! So amazing! I have refused this WHOLE time and finally caved and boy am I glad I did!!!!!!!!! It was so amazing, and SO different from what I thought it was going to be!!!! Friday night I went to see CATCHING FIRE!! I loved that one even more! I am 100% TEAM PEETA! LOL! 🙂  I love him!  I HAVE to read the books since I have FOREVER until the next movie comes out!


If you haven’t watched it yet, I HIGHLY suggest you do! You won’t regret it! AND.. I was CRAZY excited to see that LENNY KRAVITZ was in it! I HAD NO IDEA! Have I been under a rock!?  LOL! I love him!



Anyways! That’s about what’s going on with me! 🙂  Super exciting stuff, as you can see! 🙂 🙂   I have ALMOST finished  Christmas shopping!  I only have three people left to buy for! I LOVE it! Thank you Scentsy for the Extra money I have been making! #doubleyay HAHA!

I hope y’all had a Wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend! I know I did! 🙂


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Everybody’s Working For The Weekend!

Hey everyone!!! How’s it going?   Pretty good here! I SHOULD be asleep! It’s midnight! Blehh! 😦  Oh well!  I’ll just sit here and watch  FRIENDS and hopefully go to sleep soon!

This week has flown by, and I am glad! I am SO ready for the weekend!! WHEW! I just want to be able to hang out with Jude and chill out!!!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my job, but even more than that, I LOVE my son and spending time with him!! 🙂

Last night we had a HUGE storm! Luckily, no tornadoes! But man! We got PUMMELED with high winds, rain, and hail! Our fence blew down and tree limbs everywhere.. There are places here with their roof caved in, etc… It’s terrible!  IT woke Jude up and we didn’t get back to sleep until after midnight! It was SO loud, and a little scary!!!!!!! Okay, actually it was VERY scary! EEEEEK! LOL!  Anyways!

So you know that FMSPHOTOADAY thing? Yeah, I NEVER FINISH THEM! EVER! I got to day 3. LOL!! I don’t know why in the world I can’t ever finish those things! THis time is the worst though! LOL!!!!! Oh well! I’m not so broken up over it. My sisters are doing good with it though, so I’ll just sit back and enjoy looking at their pictures! 🙂

Speaking of three days, it’s been three full days since I’ve had a coke.. Or Dr Pepper.. Or Big Red. MAN do I miss them! LOL! I Just love them!!!!!!! Eating mexican food, or pizza, just isn’t the same with water or tea. I went to Rosa’s Tuesday night with my Adopted Grandma, and had TEA with my Tacos! AUGH! It was so Blah! Boring!  But I have GOT to do it this time for sure!!!! I’ve done it before, I can do it now! BOOM! 🙂 My sister Brynne hasn’t had a coke in like 4 or 5 weeks!! She’s doing GREAT!!!! Anyways!

What else is going on???  I’m trying to think… Brynne is griping because Kayla and I haven’t been updating as much as she is, but really, my life is RIDICULOUSLY boring!!! It’s Work, Jude, Scentsy, Sleep….. Work, Jude, Scentsy, Sleep… Over and over again! HAHA! Oh well!!!

I rented SAFE HAVEN the other night from Red Box.. OH MY GOSH!!!! Have you guys seen that movie!?  IT IS SO GOOD!!!!!!  Josh Duhamel was SO FREAKING CUTE in that movie! Makes ya just love him even more!!!!


Such a Hottie!!!!!!!!!!  If you haven’t seen it yet, GO RENT IT!!!!!!!

Another movie came out this week, Identity Theft… LOOKS HILARIOUS!!! I LOVE Justin Batemen, and I ADORE Melissa McCarthy! She is too funny!!


It’s not in Red Box yet, but I am gonna get it from Hastings this weekend!!! 🙂


What are you guys doing this weekend?  I have one of two things I am doing with Jude… Haven’t decided for sure which one.  But either way, we’ll have a BLAST!!!! 🙂

ANYWAYS! I guess that’s it!

DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE!!!  I have two parties open right now! One is an ONLINE Party and the other is a Home Party taking place in a couple weeks! 🙂 Scentsy is SO much fun and I am having a BLAST! If you’ve EVER considered selling it, now is a great time to join in!! Just check it ALL out online and let me know!!!!   https://sherilync.scentsy.us








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Building My Team!

WOW!!!!!!!!  I have a TON to be thankful for! Besides the fact that I have a WONDERFUL family, GREAT friends, a roof over my head, a car, etc etc… I have a Scentsy business that is just FINALLY taking off!!!! WOWZERS!  So I signed my VERY FIRST recruit just last month…. Welp, I JUST Signed up my second one TONIGHT! 🙂 I am SO excited I can hardly stand it!  She is an AWESOME lady! I met her when a friend of mine hosted a Scentsy party last year. This girl bought from me, then hosted her own party a few weeks ago…. NOW she is a consultant! EEEEEEEEEK! This girl is going to ROCK IT! Our team is DEFINITELY going places! Wanna join us!? Just click HERE and join my team today!!!!!! 

This really just proves that WORKING HARD pays off!! I’ve been posting, texting, emailing, etc. But that’s not it… Jude and I pray for my Scentsy business EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!! I truly believe in the Power of Prayer! 🙂 🙂  I have A LOT Of big goals I am working towards! I added a new one this morning. I found a house I would LOVE to buy. LOL!!!!! IT would be perfect for me and Jude and my Scentsy business! 🙂 LOL! Someday……




I JUST saw my VERY first commercial for Jurassic Park 3D!!! EEEEEEEK! I Absolutely LOVE that Movie! I didn’t see it in the theater when it first came out.. I think I was in 7th or 8th grade when it came out and I watched it while Baby-sitting. The kids I was with had the VHS tape and had seen it before…. They laughed their butts off while I screamed. LOL! 🙂 I will never forget that! I LOVE That movie!



Yesterday, The Hobbit came out on DVD! WOOT! I bought it, but I haven’t been able to watch it yet! I fell asleep early last night and tonight… Well, it’s Wednesday.. DUCK DYNASTY! WOOOOOT! LOL!




I guess this is it for tonight! I hope y’all have a  fabulous night!!!!!

Need Scentsy!??! Don’t forget to hop on over to my website and place an order!! Just click HERE


LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!! Have a GREAT night!