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Road Trip, Dreams Coming True, and Good food! :)


It’s been awhile! SORRY!!! I’ve been BUSY!!!!!  Working Full Time, plus a home business, plus a 3.5 year old… It gets BUSY!! LOL!  This weekend I went to Fort Worth with one of my dear friends, and also one of my downline in the Scentsy Family!  We went for SCENTSY SPRING SPRINT!!!  We left Friday late morning, and got there at 4.  We stayed with some friends of hers. When we got there, we went got ready and went out to Yucatan Taco Stand! It was delicious!  We got a RIDICULOUS amount of food… We got Fried Plantains for our appetizer, we each got one taco, and then we split their nachos…. IT WAS A GINORMOUS PLATE OF NACHOS! LOL!!!!  It was CRAZY Delicious!!!  Saturday we got up early and went to SPRING SPRINT at the Fort Worth Convention center!  WOOOOO HOOOOO! 🙂 Okay, so the owners of Scentsy have been going to random Sprints the past two weeks… No one knows which one they’ll be at, they just show up.  I was SO hoping they’d be at ours, but kinda doubted they would be.  I’ve been DYING to meet them since last convention….  I was guaranteed I’d meet them this year at convention.. But I didn’t have to wait until then…. We walked upstairs to where Sprint was and I saw them AS SOON as we got up there!! EEEEEEEEK! I nearly died.. and cried! LOL!  My poor dear friend. LOL! She was just like “seriously?” So we checked in and got in line to meet them.  The line was long, and I was worried we wouldn’t get to meet them before it started! BUT WE DID!! Hugged them, introduced ourselves, and got a picture…


Is that a GREAT pic or what!?  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! SUCH A dream come true! AUGH!

Anyways.. M and I had a good day.  Went to a Velata break out session and learned A LOT about that branch of Scentsy Family… I of course came home & joined! WOOT! I now sell ALL THREE BRANDS! BOOM! I’ll talk about that later! Anyways….

After Spring Sprint, we went and ate at Spring Creek.. BBQ in Burleson! It was REALLY, REALLY good!   We came home Sunday, and I was glad to be home to see my Boy!!!  But it honestly was good to get out of town and have some girl time! 🙂

Anyways… VELATA! Have you heard of it!?  It’s a GREAT, GREAT Brand!  You MUST check it out! Go look at my website by clicking HERE

Velata is FUN! It’s ALL About bringing families together! We have Warmers but not for wax like Scentsy… These warmers are for warming our PREMIUM BELGIUM CHOCOLATE, Our Cheese Dips, and whatever else you can think of to warm in it… Flavored butters, marinara sauces, maple syrup, and whatever!!!!!  Sound amazing!?  It does to me!



Now, Check out the Raclette!! THIS THING ROCKS!  Like to grill?  YOU WILL LOVE THIS! You can cook ANYTHING on this.. And I mean ANYTHING AT ALL!! Eggs, bacon, pizzas, sandwiches, pancakes, fajitas, stir fry…. It comes with two tops… One is a cast iron grill top.. The other is a Granite Stone top.  It can be HEATED AND COOLED! Pop that thing in the freezer and mix tons of toppings in your ice cream! EEEEEEK! You just can’t beat it! And guess what?!  FEBRUARY ONLY almost ALL Velata is 10% off! BAM! It’s amazing! Get yours NOW! Just go to my website and order under my LAUNCH Party! WOOOOO HOOOOO!


Anyways!!!  I guess that’s about it!  Works great, my family is great, I am AWESOME (HAHA!)  I hope y’all are doing well, too!!! Remember to let me know if I can help with ALL of your Scentsy Family needs!! 🙂

Let me leave you with a WONDERFUL song from back in the day…. Since Valentine’s Day was this weekend and I am single. LOL!

I haven’t heard this song in a long time and it came on a playlist I was listening to earlier today… 🙂  HAHA!