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How Did This Happen?

I did it… I jumped on the Breaking Bad Bandwagon…. The first episode was good… But not SUPER good… The next few were good, but kinda gross.. Gory. I don’t do gory. Bleh. My nephew told me to keep going.. It gets better.. (Everyone says the same about Gilmore girls.. after 15 episodes, it did NOT get better) So I kept on.. I am currently on Season 2 Episode 13. THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! And how did I not know how hot Aaron Paul  is!? I mean, seriously. He has the prettiest teeth. LOL! I just learned he’s on Central Intelligance so I’ll be renting that from Redbox soon. LOL! 😛



Can y’all believe it’s about to be 2017!? I mean, seriously! I think I say EVERY YEAR that we should be wearing riding hover boards (real ones, not this jicky ones they have now) and wearing space suits… But really. Just crazy!

Jude and I were talking today… There was something he HAD to do, but kept telling me “I can’t” and it was getting all over me! It was over and over and over. I finally told him “That’s it. No more I can’t. YES YOU CAN. I know you can do it” Then I told him “2017 is our year to do BRAVE things. NO MORE I can’t. No more being scared to do anything. 2017 is OUR year”…. I think reminded him of how scared we both were to learn to swim.. How he refused to go under water at first because he was so scared… That got him talking about how far he came after even just a few lessons. 😀 We are both on the same page here. NO MORE I CAN’T. I posted a picture on FB the other day….

Here’s the pic… And here’s the status I wrote to go with it…..


I’ve spent the majority of my life speaking curses over my life instead of blessings. 2017 is the year I speak blessings only (and receive them!) I have always spoken I am stupid, I am dumb, I am ugly, I am an idiot, I am sick, I am anxious, etc. But now I will speak life.. I am healthy, I am loved, I am successful, I am smart, I am kind, I am beautiful… let’s see where this year leads me!

What are some things you’re speaking into YOUR life this coming year?

Anyone else out there struggle with speaking curses over your life, instead of speaking blessings?  The Bible says “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue” Proverbs 18:21 I’ve been told that my entire life… But it just never seems to stick.  I know it, but I’ve believed the worst for so long, that it’s hard for me to reverse it. But, I am FINALLY making it my REAL goal to do it this time.  I am speaking ONLY positive things over my life, over Jude’s  life, over my Scentsy Business, over our future, etc.

So that’s what I am working towards! What about y’all?? Any New Years Resolutions? I don’t usually set any resolutions…. I never end up finishing them so… LOL! I am going to try my hardest to eat better and lose weight… Lord knows I need to.. I am planning on doing a liver detox… I don’t drink.. And haven’t in 7 years. But I sometimes think it might be a little sluggish.. I found a 3 day detox on Pinterest… So we’ll see.

What are y’alls plans for New Years Eve??  I don’t have any plans… Jude and I will rent STORKS and I’ll rent either Sully Or Central Intelligence for after he goes to bed…. We’re pretty exciting people over here. LOL! 😛

Okay, that’s enough for now! I m going to eat Breakfast for Supper! 🙂








Hi Guys!!!  It’s Sunday night, the end of the weekend!  I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend!  I know I did!  It seems to go by SO fast!


Okay, so I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pinterest!  I find some VERY cool stuff on there…  One thing I’ve found that is awesome is a sugar scrub!  So..  I used to shave EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Well, almost. LOL!  But really..  I shaved alot.  But since having Jude, so many things in & on my body have changed.. including my skin…  My skin never feels smooth..  I can shave with conditioner and a brand spanking new razor, and my skin still doesn’t feel soft & smooth!!  SUCH a change from before.  I don’t know what the dealio is.  I’ve tried soap, shave gels & creams, conditioners, new razors.. ALWAY with the same effect.  So I found this scrub & made it last night….  IT IS AWESOME!  I used it tonight & I have to say, my legs feel SUPER smooth & soft for the first time in a very long time!!!!!!!  I got it from Pinterest, which of course, leads you to a link..  This time was a blog…  So you can check this out by clicking HERE !  I used coconut oil & juice from lemons… my all time FAVORITE citrus! 🙂

The razors I use have always been GREAT…..  My ALL time favorite razors are……………………………….

Bic Soleil ROCKS!  Of course, I don’t just use the Twilight…  There are several different kinds…  Thiese have SCENTED handles… The ones pictured above are Lavender scented!  TOO COOL! 🙂 Anyways…..  I think you should DEFINITELY check out the link above & make this scrub!  It makes a TON. I was able to make TWO jars, & give one to my sister!!!!!

So right now I am watching tonight’s episode of DROP DEAD DIVA!  I know I got one friend hooked on the show… Anyone else?  It’s SUCH A cute show! 🙂

I haven’t been able to watch ONE TREE HILL in a couple of weeks…  Working full time and taking care of Jude is tiring! LOL!  Usually when I put him down to sleep, I go to sleep as well! I am SO OLD these days! HAHA! But, I LOVE bed time!  I just can’t understand why we fight sleep as children.  I absolutely LONG for bed time now. LOL!  I never take naps, but if I could, I would! LOL!

Church was AMAZING today!  It was titled “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”!  Started out with one of the worship leaders singing the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”…  Another man sang “What a Wonderful World” & actually sounded JUST LIFE Louie Armstrong, and ended with another guy singing “I Can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me.  Our new pastor has such a gift of painting a picture in such a way that is SO easy to understand…. Verses and stories, and what not that you might not have ever fully understood, come to life when he preaches… 🙂  It’s pretty amazing!!!!!!!!!  If you are looking for a new church home & your in my town, you should check us out!  🙂 Contact me for info! 🙂

I’ve mentioned a trillion times that I sell Scentsy & Avon….  But I’ll mention it again so y’all don’t forget! LOL!!! JUST for the month of JULY, scentsy has brought back TWENTY discontinued scents!  There are some GREAT ones…. I know I’ve blogged about this.. But I am going to KEEP doing it so y’all remember. LOL! 😉

If you guys need some scents, PLEASE contact me ASAP! If you’re local, I am placing an order TOMORROW.. That is MONDAY… and if you’re local, you get FREE shipping! 🙂  HELLO!!!!!


Alright, well, I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL night, and an even better Monday!!!!!!!  Leave me some love, won’t ya!?!?!









TV & Food!

Hey everyone! 🙂  How’s it going?  It’s going great here!!! I am  sitting here watching One Tree Hill!  LOL!!  I got all caught up on Drop Dead Diva, so now I am onto this one.  My sisters have been trying to get me to watch this forever, and I always swore I’d never watch it….  Now I’m totally hooked. LOL!!! Ridiculous!

Okay, so I am not really a cook..  I CAN cook, but I haven’t cooked much since I was married. BUT, the past two days I’ve cooked, and BOTH days have been AWESOME! 🙂  Yesterday I cooked something I found on Pinterest…  It was DELICIOUS.. Check it out HERE  and you MUST try it out!  It was good.  I made home made guacamole and pinto beans to go with it!

Tonight I made a tri tip that I’d marinated in a Claude’s marinade, mashed potatoes, chopped mixed greens and roasted brussels sprouts..Shonda and I found this recipe on line…  I cut off the stems, and cut them length wise… Put them in a bowl with Grapeseed oil, pepper & kosher salt, and a little bit of garlic powder.. Mixed it all together, put them on a pan & baked them in the oven for about 30 minutes on 400degrees!

I don’t like them normally, but roasted like this, they were pretty good!!!  You should try them out!! 🙂

Who knows what else I’ll cook…. I’ve found some pretty interesting recipes on Pinterest!!!!! I’ll keep y’all posted! 🙂