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I’m Trying Here!

Hey everyone! I am trying to get back into blogging more than once or twice a year! So twice in a month is pretty amazing! LOL! 😀

How are y’all doing? How was y’alls Christmas? Mine was great! I have to say, Christmas with children is EVERYTHING!  I MAY have gone a little overboard.. LOL! I just love seeing my son happy! He’s been so excited this Christmas season!!! From the tree, to the lights, and music and movies and presents.. It’s just been so magical this year!!!! I have LOVED it all with him! Just as magical for me as for him. LOL! I started Christmas shopping a few months ago… I had extra money due to my Scentsy job, so I have been buying here and there.. we buy for the WHOLE family…. and this year it included Brynne’s boyfriend and his two kiddos! So I bought everyone one thing, and Jude about 7. LOL! I just couldn’t help it! He got everything he wanted this year, I made sure of that! So Christmas Eve is when we ALL get together at my PawPaw’s… We ALWAYS eat sandwiches and chips and dips for supper. Then we all sit in the living room and my PawPaw reads the Christmas story from Luke in the Bible. After that, we have a time of prayer.. We stand in a circle and hold hands and my Mama prays. THEN it’s time for presents.. It’s ALWAYS been the kiddos job to pass out gifts… It was me and my sisters growing up, and then it was passed on to my niece and nephew, and Jude. It’s so much fun! Watching Jude open his presents is my absolute FAVORITE thing in the whole wide world!!!! He got ALL kinds of awesome gifts… Light sabers, Nerf Guns, The Jungle Book movie, a bow and arrow, targets…. SO MANY AWESOME gifts!! He loved everything! I also got awesome gifts… A Pioneer Woman Cook Book (she’s our favorite!), money, an ULTA gift card, and a movie with four movies, all because I asked for “Because I Said So”.. HAHA! 😀 I LOVE that movie!

So usually, we stay the night at my PawPaw’s and do Santa stuff and then eat lunch together.. This year, I wanted to change it up. Jude and I are making memories, he’s only young for a short time.. So we came home by ourselves.. My parents stayed the night. Jude and I came home and got cookies and milk for Santa, and a carrot for the reindeer. Then Jude went to sleep while Mama stayed up until 2am wrapping Santa gifts. LOL! RIDICULOUS!

Jude woke up about 830am (Thank Goodness it wasn’t 6am!) We opened our stockings (I bought fun stuff for myself for mine! LOL!) and Jude was SO happy! Besides his little stocking stuffers, he got an electronic Kylo Ren Light Saber, and the four pack velociraptor set from Jurassic World, and Mario Party 10 for his Wii U! He said he had the best Christmas!!! That made me so happy! 😀 After that, we got dressed and headed BACK out to my PawPaw’s for lunch. We had a wonderful lunch, made by my Mom and my aunt, then just hung around the rest of the day. We did get some TERRIBLE news while out there….. GEORGE MICHAEL DIED! WAHHHHHHHHH! This is SERIOUSLY sad to me! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him! I always wanted to marry him when I was younger. LOL! 😛 Father Figure, Teacher, Careless Whisper, and One More Try, are my top favorites! But I love so many of his songs!


Anyways, we stayed out there utnil about 6 or so and came home! Jude loved being home and playing with his presents! I slept SUPER late today. LOL! I am off work until the 3rd! HELLO! My job ROCKS!!!!!

Preparing for Christmas is my favorite! Thinking of great gifts for people, planning, etc.. I LOVE IT! I had almost everything bought by the beginning of the month, but I need to finish up stocking stuffers.. So, Friday night Jude didn’t get to sleep until SUPER Late, I’m talking like 11pm.. So I ran to Target…. I was going to get a pair of PJ’s for his Elf to give him that night… they were totally picked over! I had to go to WalMart.. Which I didn’t want to do.. I HATE going there… So I go.. Pick out PJ’s and some other stuff, and go get in one of the crazy long lines… I started to a guy in line and we noticed NONE of the lines had moved.. Like AT ALL… Then an annoucement came over the speaker.. Their registers were ALL offline, and it would take about 10 minutes… FINALLY they came back on.. More like 15 or 20 minutes.. Then we noticed our line STILL hadn’t moved… The people at the register were standing there while the cashier was KEYING IN by hand their ENTIRE order.. and it was BIG! UGH! So she turned her light off and we all moved over.. To an even longer line.. By this time, it was after 1am!!! WEll, all of the sudden, a girl I’d been in line with earlier came up to me and said “come on, my Mom told me to come get you and let you in front of us”!!! SAY WHAT!? SWEETEST THING EVER and shows the spirit of Christmas! So FINALLY I got home! LOL! WHEW!!!!

So… There ya have it! A full recap of my Christmas! LOL! 😀 Pretty exciting, huh??? 😀 I hope your Christmas was FABULOUS as well!

Today, I met up with my oldest friend and we saw “Why Him?” LOL! Oh geeze… Has anyone else seen that? Terribly inappropriate, but there were times we were laughing so hard we were gasping for air. LOL! I just LOVE James Franco! He is seriously adorable!!!!! The rest of the week will be spent shopping and having fun with Jude.. Maybe taking him to the movies or bowling, or something fun!!!!

I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL Christmas break!! I’ll be back later! 😀


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It’s ALMOST Christmas time!!!!

HEY HEY GUYS! What is going on???  I am just sitting here watching The Grinch, and typing up a post while Jude sleeps! 🙂

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas!!!!! It’s December 22nd!!!  EEEEEEEEEEEK! 🙂 I am SO excited! LOL! I get more excited than kids, I think! 🙂 It’s just SUCH A fun time!

Today, we went to see SANTA!!!!!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! Last year, Jude freaked out and cried, and I had to get in the picture with him.. The picture is hilarious because he’s SCREAMING. LOL! Well, this year I’ve talked it up BIG TIME! And while waiting in line, we talked about it.  I let him check out the boy in front of us getting his picture taken.. He sat there, didn’t cry, and told Santa what he wanted for Christmas, and then he got a Candy Cane. So, I told Jude to act like that little boy and he’ll get a Candy CAne and then we can leave.  I set him on Santa’s lap and he was PERFECT!!!! 🙂 He didn’t smile AT ALL, but he was real sweet and the pic we got is BEAUTIFUL! 🙂 Too bad I can’t share it on my blog because crazy reads it. 🙂 We went to the Village Shopping Center to the Santa there… We went there last year as well.. The wait isn’t long, the Santa ROCKS, and it’s cute and cozy.. Not to mention a heck of a lot cheaper than the Mall Santa! He’s only there until 5:30, so if you haven’t gone yet, GET OVER THERE!!! HE IS AWESOME!!!!!!

I just realized Jude doesn’t have Christmas PJ’s for Christmas Eve! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I am gonna have to get out AGAIN and go look for some! Sigh!!!! It’s tradition for Kayla’s kiddos to open PJ’s on Christmas Eve and wear them that night and take pics.. SO Jude has to have some too. LOL!!!!! 🙂

This week at work went by SO quickly!  We had lots of yummy food to eat ALL week long! WE got gifts from coworks, and gifts from our bosses… SO AWESOME! 🙂 I TRULY work for the BEST people in the world! I am SO incredibly BLESSED!  Now I am off work until Wednesday! WOOOO HOOOOO!! 🙂 I love it! 🙂 Family’s coming in, cooking to be done, presents to finish wrapping…. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this time of year!  My sisters are at the MALL right now.. Blech! No thank you! That parking lot looked CRAZY! No way will I go there! LOL!

There are a few Christmas songs out this year that I Just love!!!!!!!!!! Yes, even more than the ones I posted about before! 🙂 First of all, Josh Wilson is a total cutie, LOVE his voice… His own spin on Christmas songs ROCKS! Same with Francesa Battistelli! She is AWESOME I LOVE her voice! She’s so cute! One song I LOVE, LOVE LOVE is by For King & Country called “Baby Boy”…. Listen to it! 🙂


And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one……. It’s by Sanctus Real called “Shining”.. Such a GREAT song!


ANYWAYS!!!!  I just wanted to share those with you! 🙂 I hope you’ll click on them and watch! 🙂

Well, I guess that’s it for today!!! Be on the look out for more Christmas posts! 🙂 LOL!