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Some Fun!

Hey guys! What’s going on? I am watching THE DELIVERY MAN!  I actually got it from RedBox on FRIDAY… FRIDAY PEOPLE! It’s Wednesday… I am going to spend WAY Too much on this movie so it freaking better be good!  So far… Pretty boring.

Anyways! What’s been going on with y’all lately?  Anything exciting!?  Nothing TOO exciting here… Just work.. Scentsy… Jude.. 🙂  It’s definitely enough! WHEW!!! 🙂   Scentsy is going great! I did a Fundraiser for my friends Sister.. She is going on a trip with her church in July! It was great, the party was fun, helped someone out without a dime going to me, Hopefully gained some great new customers, too!  I LOVE doing fundraisers!!!! 🙂 Out of our whole group of 111 team members, I was number 1 in sales! WOOT WOOT!!!!  That is SUPER exciting! 🙂  I LOVE SCENTSY!  Have I said that ever?! HEHE! We got some news a couple weeks ago that Heidi & Orville Thompson are discontinuing  Grace Adele!! I am sad, but also REALLY glad that we are about to have some MAJOR sales coming up!  It closes July 31st!!!  Our sales are supposed to start June 11th and will be up to 60% off! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!  I can’t wait!

Y’all need to SERIOUSLY consider Joining Scentsy! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  June is THE TIME to join! You join in June and you get FREE shipping on your Starter Kit!  But that’s not it!  You also get the chance to earn $300 in FREE Scentsy Product! PLUS, you can start working towards earning the trip to Cancun for January 2015, AND starting in August working to earn our Incentive trips for next year!  I know it’s going to be EPIC! Join my team RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! Just click the Link HERE



Also, don’t forget… If you don’t join, buy! 🙂  Or Host a party! 🙂  I’m warming Polynesian Dreams in my bedroom and it smells SO SO SO good! AUGH!!!!  In the living room and kitchen I’m warming Banana Berry & Berries Jubilee mixed! I LOVE IT! 🙂  It smells SO good!!!!!!   I just LOVE all things Scentsy!! This month they’ve done something AMAZING!!!!! They brought a few AMAZING scents to our laundry line & body line… A Wink & A Smile, Serene Green, and my PERSONAL FAVORITE…. Jet, Set, Go!!! EEEEEEK!!!  I’ve already ordered!! HAHA!  I am So excited to get it!! Jet, Set, Go is just an amazing scent and I was SO hoping they’d bring it in the lotion and all that! I can’t wait!

SummerLovin1 SummerLovin2

Order yours TODAY!  These won’t last long! I can guarantee you that!!!!!!!!


My best friend in the whole wide world came in town last weekend!!!  I haven’t seen her in over two years! She brought her daughter Makenly!  We had a wonderful weekend!!!  Sunday we went to church, then lunch at Chili’s with her Grandma and Aunt, then back to her Grandma’s house….  We just hung out, ate cake, watched Frozen, talked, etc… Then I took Jude home and the two of us went to see “The Other Woman”! 🙂  I’d already seen it of course, but I was super excited about her seeing it.. .I knew she’d absolutely love it… And she did! It’s one of my FAVORITES!  It’s definitely one I’ll buy when it comes out! 🙂


Monday we went to lunch at Rosas, then shopping!!!!  We went to Dustees (my FIRST time there), and it was AWESOME!!!!! 🙂 After that we went to the Mall and shopped just had fun!!!  Tuesday, I had to work, and she was leaving, so we met for lunch at Chick Fil A! I was definitely SUPER sad when she left! 😦 I am gonna have to make a trip to see her before a billion years passes this time! BLAH!


I guess that’s it for now!  I hope y’all are doing well!!!!


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Busy, Busy, Busy!

HEY EVERYONE!!!! What’s going on???   Not a whole lot going on here.. .I am laying in bed watching The Bachelor. It’s ridiculous! Tiara is the most ridiculous person EVER!!!! Who else agrees?  I am REALLY hoping she goes home tonight.. I guess we’ll see……….

What’s going on out there???? Anything interesting? I have been working like CRAZY!  We are getting BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!!! I am LOVING it!

Scentsy is going GREAT!!!!!!!! I have already got two customers from Craigslist ads… I have two girls interested in joining my team… And AWESOME customers shopping! On top of all that, I already had one party this month, I have another possible online party, a salon party at the end of the month, and a party the first of March! EEEEEEK!! 🙂 The Lord is blessing me, that’s for sure!  When Jude and I pray at night, we pray for family and friends and work, and my Scentsy. 🙂 Must be doing something right, huh???? 🙂 Y’all should DEFINITELY order Scentsy from me… Or Host a party… Or J O I N! 🙂







This weekend I took Defensive Driving with one of my OLDEST, DEAREST friends!!!!!!!! We took this exact same class about 10 years or so ago…. At Home Plate Diner.. We had the same instructor as last time.. It was quite entertaining. We made it even more fun.  We probably talked to each other more than listened.. Oooopsie! BUT we both made a 100 on our test, so we’re good! LOL! 🙂

Today I forgot to put on mascara! AUGH! What in the world?  LOL! I am a mascara FREAK! I don’t know what in the world I was thinking! Well, I was out all day, so I just grabbed some from CVS…. I bought a new one… Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara!  I only used it once, so we’ll see how I like it.. I usually like th ereal bristle brush… This one is the rubber/plastic brush, so we’ll see….. Have you tried this one?




So…. I completed my 30 days of Christian music Challenge from K-LOVE radio!! YEAH! And… I’m still going! 🙂  I’ve still just been listening to Christian music… I just love it! There are so many great, uplifting songs! I can’t get enough!!  Did you do the challenge??? Did you didn’t, you can start now! It’s never too late! 🙂 I LOVE Casting Crowns.. They’ve become one of my FAVORITE bands…… I LOVE their song, “Jesus Friend Of Sinners”….  This is a great song, with an AMAZING message… Listen to it!




ANYWAYS…  I guess that’s it! 🙂  I hope y’all have a wonderful evening, and rest of the week!


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Lazy Weekend!

Hey Guys! What’s going on?  I am sitting in my bed with Kel and Jude, watching VICTORIOUS.. Blah! LOL!

Kayla, her hubs, Casey, and Grampy drove to El Paso yesterday for a BBall game today, so Kelbey stayed with us! 🙂 She slept in Jude’s bed. LOL!!!!!!!!!! They should be back tonight, so for now we’re just hanging out. We’ve been pretty lazy ALL DAY! Kel and I played Deal Or No Deal on her iPad, and played MadLibs.. LOL! It’s been VERY entertaining… I had no clue there was a MadLibs App!! 🙂 I should have known though. There’s an App for everything! LOL!  I’ve also done laundry all day. I’ve been using my Scentsy Layers Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks. Our laundry smells DELICIOUS!!! LOL!!! I am LOVING IT!


This is TOTALLY random… BUT… Any of you play CANDY CRUSH on FB? LOL! THIS GAME IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!! I am telling you! I have been on level 29 for what seems like FOREVER!!! It’s RIDICULOUS!


I hope everyone is staying healthy!!!!!! Jude and Kel are finally better.. But I’m all congested and have sinus pain, Grampy has a cold, and Mom is now getting it. BLAH!!!!! I am taking a trillion vitamins! PLUS, I am drinking EmergenC! I love those things! DELICIOUS! They have 1,000MG of vitaminC, plus tons of other vitamins and antioxidents and electrolytes! They are DELICIOUS! 🙂  I prefer the SUPER ORANGE! 🙂 I like to drink them with crushed ice and water! 🙂 YUMMMY!


Have y’all checked out my FACEBOOK Scentsy Page yet? DO IT! LIKE My page! 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=tn_tnmn#!/sherilynsscentsypage

Scentsy is STILL going GREAT!!!!!!  Having a blast! Getting new customers… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! 🙂 Remember, you can ALWAYS buy from me online HERE nad order from either of my OPEN PARTIES!

I went around today changing out the wax in the warmers…. Kitchen— Skinny Dippin, Living Room– Hazelnut Latte, My Room– Posy Peach (next month’s scent of the month!), Bathroom– Lotus Cove! 🙂 Mom’s room still has Black Ruby, and the office still has Apple Press! 🙂 We’ve DEFINITELY got a Scentsy-fied house! LOL!!!!

I was asked to bring ALL My scentsy stuff to a Premier Jewelry party! EEEEEEK! I am EXCITED! It’s on the 1st.. which is PAY-DAY so that’s even better! I can’t wait! It should be a BLAST!!! Wish Me Luck! 🙂

Anyways…. I guess I’d better go!!! I hope y’all enjoy the rest of your weekend! I know I will!!!!!!!!!!!





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A Fun Life

Hey guys!!! I am RIDICULOUSLY happy to announce that Jude is feeling SO, SO much better! Praise the Lord for that! I’ve never seen him so miserable!! It was heartbreaking. He’s still on Amoxicillin for his ear infection and is doing well on that! He’s sitting beside me right now, playing games on my iPhone. LOL! 🙂

Well, Last night was our office awards banquet! I had a BLAST! 🙂 I had an A W E S O M E date! 🙂  He picked me up, opened all the doors… EVEN carried my bulky, annoying camera bag! Now THAT Is a gentleman! 🙂  We had the most fun table, in my opinion! 🙂 Although I DID have to tell them MULTIPLE times how funny I am.. LOL!  You’d think they’d know it by now!! Geeeeeze! We had a WONDERFUL dinner.. Steak (A HUGE ONE), mashed potatoes, veggies, salad and rolls.. For dessert, creme’ brulee.  We had the Banquet at the Tech Merket Alumni Center and they always do a FABULOUS job!

I bought a new dress and tights for the banquet! Any excuse to buy something new… HAHA! My date and I were definitely the Most attractive couple out of the 100+ people there… Sorry to all of you that THOUGHT you were more attractive.. LOL! 🙂


AND.. My date won awards! HELLO! 🙂  Always a good thing to go with someone getting awards… HAHA! Just kidding about that… But really..

Anyways! It was definitely a fun night and it was great to get out and about! So.. THANK YOU to my date! And all the cool people at my table.

Work yesterday AND today was B U S Y! Today, I had to drive out to RALLS! UGH! That was NOT fun! LOL!!!! It’s all part of the job though, and I get paid for it.. Can’t complain too much, right?

I am getting my hair cut tomorrow! WOOOO HOOOO! 🙂 That’s ALWAYS the highlight of my month!!! I love getting my hair cut, and I ADORE my stylist! I should, I’ve been going to her for about 12-13 years!!!! Tomororw night I have to color my hair.. It is OUT OF CONTROL! I have red/brown/white roots.. They’re about 2 inches too! LOL! Oh well!!!

Y’all know I have to talk about Scentsy some more… I usually mention it in EVERY post. LOL! 🙂

Well, I am having SUCH an amazing month! AUGH! I am only $164 away from my FIRST goal… REALLY I’d like to make my second goal, and to do that, I need $665 more!! EEEEEEEEK! Y’all can help me out, and I can TOTALLY make that goal! So…. If you’d like to check out all the AWESOME products Scentsy has to offer, get some AMAZING stuff, and help me out, just click HERE  I personally LOVE our LAYERS line… We have shower gels and creams, body butters, hand creams, and sprays… But that’s not all.. We also have Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks.. To help make your clothes smell AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!  I recently used SunKissed Citrus Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks for my sheets and towels and OH MY WORD! They smell absolutely AMAZING! You NEED to try these out for yourself! WOW!!!





Okay guys, it’s getting late.. Time for me to hit the sack! I love you guys! Thanks for reading! I hope y’all are having a WONDERFUL night, and I hope tomorrow is AWESOME!





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Hey guys! 🙂  It’s Saturday night, I am laying in bed, blogging, and watching tv.  What are YOU doing? Anything exciting tonight? I have been a bum all day, and it’s been nice!  Jude and I slept in until about 9:30 and then we just laid around, played outside, ate, etc…. Y’all remember how I said I was going to clean today?  Yeah… Once again, didn’t happen. LOL! Oh well….  There’s always another day. HA! 🙂

Did y’all know that tonight is TIME CHANGE?  Don’t forget to set your clocks BACK one hour! YEAH! One more hour of sleep! Aint nothing better! LOL!!! 🙂

LOL! Sorry to all of my friends who vote differently than I do.. I just thought this picture was hilarious. 🙂

I could KICK myself!  I was going to vote early…  I said it over adn over again… and kept procrastinating, and NOW I have to wait and vote with everyone else!  BLAH! I need to pick a weird time of day and hopefully I won’t have to wait to long in line! Blah!!!  Did you guys remember to vote early?  I am pretty sure I am the only one in my family that didn’t vote! AUGH! Oh well! I will for sure on Tuesday! 🙂

Y’all know I always have to mention Scentsy.. I just can’t help it! LOL! Well, in Scentsy, you don’t have to sell a certain amount each month. You just have to sell $1 in 6 months, I believe… SElling $150 is called “Going Active”.  We all strive to go active each month….. ATLEAST Active.  I always strive for much, much more!  Well, today is the 3rd day in the month and I am already ACTIVE and then some! BOOOOOOOOM! 🙂 I am LOVING it!  Scentsy is SO stinkin’ awesome, and I am seriously having a BLAST!  Would YOU like to join my Scentsy Team?  Have fun, sell amazing products, get FREE products, make money?  PLEASE let me know! I’d love to sponsor you on my team!  Click the following link and JOIN today for only $99 plus tax! And guess what?  You don’t have to be in the same state, or heck, even the same country! 🙂 https://sherilync.scentsy.us/Scentsy/Join

Just want to enjoy the AWESOME products and NOT sell?  No problem! 🙂 Click the following link and SHOP away!  This is your one stop shop for Christmas shopping! 🙂 https://sherilync.scentsy.us/Scentsy/Home

Y’all remember yesterday I told y’all about the FRAGRANCE FOAM BUY ONE GET ONE FREE deal?  well, Today Jude and I tried some out… I have Havana Cabana.. OH MY WORD! It’s AMAZING! 🙂  Smells SO SO good!!!! You can get these in your FAVORITE scents! 🙂 I think there are like 24 scents or something!  HELLO! 🙂 Perfect!!!!!!  I placed a big order today and added a Fragrance Foam in Linger so it would go with my Layers Solid Perfume, Hand Cream, and shower cream! 🙂 YAY!!!!

***Edited to add… I tried my LINGER Scentsy Layers Shower Cream today… SERIOUSLY, WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST SHOWER CREAM I HAVE EVER TRIED! EVER! It’s SO moisturizing, creamy, and lathers SO WELL! AND.. It smells absolutely amazing! ALMOST good enough to eat! 😉 I Love this stuff, and will most definitely be ordering a whole lot more!  Watch out fam… Y’all ALL may be getting some shower cream along with your other Christmas gifts! LOL!!  It is seriously THAT amazing! Get yours now!!!!

I am still watching ONE TREE HILL..  I watch an episode here and there when I have a chance.  I am on Season 6, Episode 9… EEEEEK! LOL! It gets so suspensful at times I can’t stand it!  HAHA! Oh well! 🙂


SO.. OBVIOUSLY this blog was written on TWO differen Days! LOL! The above was written last night.. The rest, today, Sunday.

I had a GREAT day today!  Got up, went to church, came home and ate homemade burgers with the family. My Mom makes AMAZING burgers! 🙂  She has a whole medley of spices and what not she mixes in! YUMMMMM! The rest of the day has been just total chill time!  I’ve done some networking, sold some Scentsy, watched some tv…. It’s been a great day all in all! 🙂

Tomorrow starts the grind again, and I am READY for it! 🙂  I know tomorrow is going to be a busy day! I have work, Scentsy to deliver, groceries to buy, etc etc! Blessed to be busy, right?  You know what they say about idle hands, don’t you? They are the Devils playground!!! We definitely don’t want that… Well, I Don’t anyways… 😉

I recorded a new Hallmark movie tonight and I can’t wait to watch it! 🙂  It’s called “Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade”!! Sounds AWESOME! 🙂 It’s too late to watch it tonight, but I’ll be sure to watch tomorrow and give a full report! 😉 Check it out for yourself here…. http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/loveatthethanksgivingdayparade

I am SO ready for Christmas!!!!!!!!  I just wish the weather would COOL DOWN! It’s been SO warm here lately, it’s ridiculous! It has been in the 70’s and 80’s forever now!!!!!!!  I am not one to usually like cold weather, but for some reason I am ready now! 🙂  Layers, sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, boots…. YAY!!!!  Scentsy has a REALLY awesome green hoodie I want to get!!!!! Maybe after payday! We’ll see!

Anyways… Well, I guess I’d better go!  Y’all are an awesome bunch! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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As Promised!

Hey Everyone! Here’s a new post, as promised! 🙂 I am watching Big Bang Theory.. 🙂  LOVE this show! Who else watches this?  I just adore Sheldon!!!!

I just got home from the most beautiful wedding!!!!  A man I babysat  YEARS and YEARS got married tonight… How OLD do I feel? LOL! It was gorgeous, and super spiritual.  I loved it!  And bawled like a baby the whole time!  The reception was WONDERFUL!!!!!!  It was at the Lakeridge Country Club! It was ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!  TONS of food, Great appetizers, an AMAZING candy bar… They also had an ADORABLE Photo Booth! 🙂  I had a GREAT date… My friend Elaine! 🙂 LOL!!!

I really had a BLAST!!!!  I was planning to just go to the wedding and immediately go home, but I changed my mind once the wedding was over.  I NEVER do anything outside of work.  I didn’t get to talk to the family at the church, and I’d RSVP’d, so I chose to go, and I am SO glad I did!!!!!!! 🙂

Anyways.  So for those of you who don’t know, Scentsy has a line called LAYERS.. It’s bath and body products… Shower gels and creams, lotions, body butters, etc.  I got Hand Cream, solid perfume, and shower cream in LINGER. This is my new favorite scent! IT IS DECLIOUS! And kinda reminds me of my best friend, MANDY, so I like it a little more maybe. LOL! 🙂 Here’s the description of the scent… Pink grapefruit, sugared apple, lavish praline, and flirty marshmallow swirl to create a fragrance that says “stay”.

It really is delicious!!!! 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll be running around delivering Scentsy orders! I have a TON to deliver!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO! That’s always a good thing, right?

Make sure you run over and check out my website… https://sherilync.scentsy.us Place your Order and help me beat a BIG goal this month! 🙂 I’m already WELL on my way!!!!!

Anyways, enough about work!!! 🙂

I am watching a movie I DVR’d from the Hallmark Movie Channel.. It’s called A Crush On You… It’s ADORABLE and I LOVE IT! 🙂 The synopsis is “A man mistalenly emails the wrong woman with a message of affection”.. Basically a guy gets someones email address wrong and is emailing one woman, thinking he is emailing another… You can guess what happens.. It’s so cute and sweet! Exactly what I LOVE! 🙂http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/acrushonyou

Well, it’s 11:35pm on Friday night…  I am out of things to talk about and I wanna finish this movie! 🙂 I hope y’all have the greatest night and weekend! Who knows?  Maybe I’ll blog again tomorrow, who knows!?  I DO know I’ll be cleaning! LOL! I say that EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND.. But it never gets done! I MUST DO IT TOMORROW! So, cleaning and delivering Scentsy… SUCH an eventful day!!!





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TV, Scentsy, and Fresh Mowed Grass!

Hello!  It’s Thursday night… 10:41 and I am sitting here watching “Drop Dead Diva”! 🙂  Everyone always raves about how awesome this show is, so I had to check it out for myself.  I am on Episode 5, and it’s pretty hilarious! 🙂 If you don’t watch it.. You definitely should.  You can catch it on Netflix Instant! Woot!

I had to find a new show to watch because Grey’s is gone for the Summer.  Any of y’all watch it??  OH MY GOODNESS!  I LOVE GREY’S! I KNOW it’s not the most moral show…. But it’s my WEAKNESS!  LOL!!  I didn’t get to watch it much for awhile…  I was working, and taking care of Jude, and just put it off…  So I finally crammed practically a whole season into three nights. LOL!  As soon as Jude was asleep, I started watching.  The finale had me BAWLING like a baby! Pathetic, I know…  I won’t ruin it for those people that haven’t watched it yet…  LIKE MY SISTERS! GRRRRRRR!  But It’s crazy and awesome, and you MUST WATCH IT! Got that Kayla, Shonda, and Brynne?! Get on it!


Today from the moment we woke up, Jude and I were outside with Mom and Dad!  Jude LOVES to be outside… Literally ALL day! LOL!! Papa and Jude “mowed” the backyard.  Mom pulled weeds… I supervised. LOL!!

Seriously… How adorable is this!?!?!?!  Is this NOT the cutest picture you’ve EVER seen!?!!! It’s definitely among one of my favorites! They’re two of a kind!

Later on, I mowed the front lawn… For the very first time EVER! HA!  I’m 32 and I finally mowed the lawn! I’ve lived in apartments since moving out years ago… Then when I was married and we owned a home, my husband at the time mowed.  We had brand new sod.. He insisted! HAHA!  I figured since I am a single Mom, I MIGHT have my own home someday and have to mow it. I better figure out how now! LOL!!!

Still searching for a job…. I KNOW the right one will come along..  I’ve had a few interviews. Put in a trillion and one applications. Praying for the best job for me and Jude. Luckily I have savings! WHEW! 🙂  I am having fun being home with Jude.  Although I seem to be WAY more exhausted. LOL!!!! Jude is SUPER crazy busy all day long!  He is one active toddler, that’s for sure! 🙂

My SCENTSY business is going GREAT!  I am having so much fun!!  My hostesses are getting some WONDERFUL rewards for having ONLINE parties!

Would YOU like to host a party?  Let me know!  Comment back here and let me know!!!!!!!!

Do you use Scentsy in your home??  I am currently burning Cherry Vanilla, which is the MAY Scent of the Month!  And in my car, I have a LUNA Scentsy Circle!  My car smells AMAZING!!!!! Luna is one of my FAVORITE Scents! I also love Love Story, Titanium, Skinny Dippin’….. Haven’t tried it out yet??  YOU MUST!  Check out my SCENTSY page!

I LOVE Scentsy Layers….  It’s a GREAT line of shower gels, body lotions, hand creams, body butters, and even washer whiffs, and dryer disks for laundry!  SO AMAZING!

Alrighty, I hope y’all enjoyed this post! 🙂  If you need something, PLEASE let me know!