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Sorry I’m So Boring! :)

Hey Guys!  What’s going on?  I am just sitting here watching a Hallmark Christmas Movie!!!  I am watching “A Very Merry Mix-Up”! So far, it’s pretty cheesy…  But isn’t that the point?! LOL!! I watched “Snow Bride” earlier, and I really liked that one!

Anyways!  Did y’all have a good weekend?!  I did!!  Spent a lot of time with Jude.  Friday night our church had the annual Women’s Pajama Party.  I NEVER miss it, but this year I chose to just stay home with Jude. We grabbed dinner, ran some errands, and went to the East side to pick up my HUGE Scentsy order from the UPS Center. 🙂  Saturday, Jude and I woke up and went to get Donuts, delivered some Scentsy, and just hung out at home all day long!! We were pretty lazy!!!! 🙂 Today we went to church, then lunch with the family, and that’s it! LAZY, LAZY, LAZY! LOL! My niece stayed with us for a few hours too, so we played outside, painted, colored pictures, etc.   So all in all, a pretty NON productive weekend, but got to spend it with my family and that’s pretty awesome to me!

I’m so excited for CHRISTMAS!!! 🙂  I’ve already started shopping!!!!  I have several items bought already, several coming in this week! EEEEEEK!  I really wanna wrap what I DO have! HAHA! I just might do it this week. Now we just need to put up the TREE!!





I keep trying to make out a Christmas list for myself, but I just can’t decide that I need/want anything! LOL!!! Isn’t that crazy?  If there’s anything I really want, I usually just buy it for myself! HAHA!  My family definitely knows they can’t go wrong with make up or perfumes… 🙂  Those are ALWAYS good.  Or Money and gift cards! But other than that, I REALLY can’t think of anything! SIGH! Oh well!

So my Scentsy is going REALLY well!!!!  I added a new team member to VELATA Thursday, I have a woman joining Saturday to join Grace Adele, and another friend joining tomorrow to sell Scentsy!!!!!!! I AM SO LOVING THIS COMPANY!  I have never in my life had so much fun “working” before!  It’s not like work at all…  You most definitely have to work it if you want to see results, but it’s FUN work!  I love meeting new people and supporting all the people on our team and EVERYTHING!  It’s just SUCH A blast!  I also got my BIGGEST Scentsy paycheck to date this week! AUGH! 🙂  It’s definitely helping me do some things that needed to get done! It will be gone probably by tomorrow, but HEY!  At least I’m getting stuff done! LOL!!!!!!! This weekend I have a Christmas Extravaganza, and then that night I have a  PARTY! December I have two events already… It’s going to be BUSY!  But I know it’s going to be AMAZING! 🙂  My BIG goal is to hit Director by December 31st! Who thinks I can do it??? 🙂  I SERIOUSLY have the BEST team ever, so I KNOW we can do it! 🙂

Grace Adele ROCKS and right now it’s ROCKIN even more! They’re doing a 12 Days Of Giving sale… EVERY day except Saturdays, they have MAJOR products at a MAJOR sale price!  So far, tomorrow is my favorite! If you look at my website it won’t reflect the prices until midnight PST.   But man! There’s some GREAT stuff on sale tomorrow!! EEEEEEK! Go to my website and click on the 12 Days Of Giving Sale.. It shows each day what we have going on! 🙂 Click HERE to check it ALL out!





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Monster Monday!


What’s going on!?  I am watching DROP DEAD DIVA, and gearing up for tomorrow…. Scentsy’s Monster Monday Sale!!!!!! EVERY Monday in October, we’re having a HUGE Sale!!!!!!  In Scentsy, you can get up to 75% off select Scentsy products, or up to 60% off Grace Adele!!!!!!  This is AMAZING and there are some stinkin’ awesome products!!!! AUGH!  CHECK THEM OUT!  This is most definitely THE PERFECT TIME to get your Christmas shopping done!!!! I love this stuff!  I just might do my own shopping tomorrow! 🙂 WOOT WOOT! https://sherilync.scentsy.us



These deals are 100% too amazing to pass up!  You have GOT to check them out!!!!  I’ve got an open party MONSTER MONDAY PARTY on BOTH of my websites! 🙂  Get those orders in ASAP!!!

Anyways! 🙂

How was y’alls weekend??  Mine was pretty good.. My niece and nephew stayed the night Friday night..  We were all bums on Saturday, and then today Jude and I stayed home from church and were bums today too! 🙂  It was nice! Today was cool and rainy ALL Day! It was AWESOME!!!!! It’s supposed to be warm tomorrow, then Wednesday the HIGH is like 54! WOOT WOOT! It’s FINALLY going to be COOOOOL! Today, Jude and I watched HOME ALONE! 🙂  I absolutely LOVE that movie!!!  Jude loved the end, where they try to get in to Kevin’s house and all that fun stuff! 🙂


I am definitely ready to start watching Christmas movies, and listening to Christmas music! 🙂 WOO HOO! 🙂

I am pretty sure I share this song EVERY Christmas… I JUST LOVE IT! 🙂  LOL!

One of my VERY favorites!!!!!!!!! It’s just too awesome! 😀

And this one… WE CAN’T FORGET THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Y’all probably ALL Think I am a total Lame-O for loving them.. But I just can’t help it! 🙂

Anyways! Have a GREAT NIGHT!

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