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New Look, Same Great Taste!

Hey guys! It’s Sunday night… I am doing the usual.. Friends. 🙂 LOL! Man, am I Lame or what!? I need to switch things up a bit! LOL! What am I talking about? I am a creature of habit! BIG TIME!

Today was great.  I did NOT make it to Sunday School! BLAH! I am awful! I woke up with a headache and shoulder/neck pain.  I laid back down, hit snooze… And well, you know the rest. I DID make it to church! WHEW! 🙂 Another great service. In the coming weeks, Pastor will discuss all the HOT TOPICS of the world, and go over what The Bible says about them… Such as social drinking, suicide, alternative lifestyle, gambling, etc! I am CRAZY Excited about these coming sermons!!!! I have my own ideas, and what I’ve read in the Bible some, but I can’t wait to hear the sermons!!! I am sure some people will get offended, but you REALLY and TRULY can not argue with the Bible.  It’s God’s Holy Word! You just can’t argue with it. Period!  I am VERY excited about it! If you’re interested, are local, and wanna come to our church, message me.. Comment here. I’ll give you the details! 🙂

Not long ago, my sister Brynne got a lot of her friends to buy Scentsy from me, and we joked around, calling her my assistant. Well, this morning I got a text message from her that she’d had a busy morning, and she’d been out collecting Scentsy orders. LOL!!!!!!!!! It ended up being over $150, so she got to reap the hostess rewards! HAHAHAHAHA! How fun is that?! Scentsy is SO amazing and REALLY sells itself. She took catalogs and my bag of testers and that’s it! How easy is that?! She is great at it! I’ve asked her to join my team and actually sell Scentsy under me, but she’s having fun working for me. LOL!!! 🙂 THANK YOU B!  All of her guy friends are in Love with the scent, Vanilla Suede. I’ve never warmed it, so tonight I put it on so I could see what all the fuss was about… I REALLY like it alot!!! SO great!!!  In the kitchen, I put Blueberry Cheesecake.. Jude LOVES that scent so much!!!! 🙂 So cute! And it smells AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT! I don’t USUALLY like the foody type scents, but this one is AMAZING!



I guess that’s it for tonight… I should be asleep by now anyways!!!!!!!!!!!!