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I’m Lovin’ It! Favorite Things!


What’s going on? I am watching DUCK DYNASTY! WOOT! 🙂  This show isn’t nearly as funny as it used to be… Too much scripting, I think.. But it’s still good! 🙂

So this blog is basically going to be about a few favorites of mine right now… The first will of course be something SCENTSY! HEHE! So I mentioned in my last post about the Summer Bundles Scentsy came out with… The Laundry Bundle and the personal care bundle.. I got Jet, Set, Go in both the laundry bundle and the personal care bundle….  THANK GOD I got them when I did..  ALL three scents in the Laundry bundle SOLD OUT… I’m talking like, in DAYS!  CRAZY!!!!!  You can still get all three scents in the Personal Care Bundles… I love the Laundry bundle, but I am talking today about the Personal Care Bundle… OH.EM.GEE!  Y’all.. SERIOUSLY. I HIGHLY recommend you get this bundle. NOW! Let me give you the Scentsy Description of the scent Jet, Set, Go…  Okay, this is what Scentsy says…  Jet off to a balmy tropical paradise of Brazilian orange, jungle papaya, and island vanilla.

Doesn’t that sound HEAVENLY!?  Well, it is… It is THE Best Scent I have EVER smelled… EVER! LOL! I bought Jude a Scent Pak for one of his buddies, I warm it all the time.. THEN They come out with the bundles…  The Personal Care Bundle is $33 plus tax and possibly shipping.. In this bundle you get… Hand Lotion, Hand Soap, Shower Gel, and Body Spray.  THIS IS A GREAT DEAL! You MUST take Advantage of this deal ASAP! This is ONLY available WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!  You can order it right HERE 



Second thing I am LOVING right now… My concealer!  I read it on another blog recently…. A-MAY-ZING.  I have pretty bad under eye  circles/bags..  THIS THING WORKS BIG TIME!!!!!!  The first day I wore it was Monday, and I got a LOT of compliments on my make up that day! 🙂 YAY!  I bought mine at CVS, but you can basically buy it anywhere!! It was about $9.99



Third is something I didn’t expect to love as much as I do!!! It’s the Mary Kay Eye Shadow Crease brush!!! OMG! I bought it from my WONDERFUL friend, Heather Womack.. That lady is a SUPER STAR… If you don’t know her.. YOU SHOULD!  If you need a Mary Kay Consultant, she’s your lady.. You can shop from her website HERE    This brush works in the crease PERFECTLY!  I used the same shadows I’ve been using, but they were blended SO much better and the look just came together! 🙂  Weird to those that may not wear much make up, or use different tools, but this one ROCKS! Only $10!


There are lots of other products I am LOVING, but I’ll stop with these! 🙂

What are some of YOUR favorite things right now!?


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Some Fun!

Hey guys! What’s going on? I am watching THE DELIVERY MAN!  I actually got it from RedBox on FRIDAY… FRIDAY PEOPLE! It’s Wednesday… I am going to spend WAY Too much on this movie so it freaking better be good!  So far… Pretty boring.

Anyways! What’s been going on with y’all lately?  Anything exciting!?  Nothing TOO exciting here… Just work.. Scentsy… Jude.. 🙂  It’s definitely enough! WHEW!!! 🙂   Scentsy is going great! I did a Fundraiser for my friends Sister.. She is going on a trip with her church in July! It was great, the party was fun, helped someone out without a dime going to me, Hopefully gained some great new customers, too!  I LOVE doing fundraisers!!!! 🙂 Out of our whole group of 111 team members, I was number 1 in sales! WOOT WOOT!!!!  That is SUPER exciting! 🙂  I LOVE SCENTSY!  Have I said that ever?! HEHE! We got some news a couple weeks ago that Heidi & Orville Thompson are discontinuing  Grace Adele!! I am sad, but also REALLY glad that we are about to have some MAJOR sales coming up!  It closes July 31st!!!  Our sales are supposed to start June 11th and will be up to 60% off! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!  I can’t wait!

Y’all need to SERIOUSLY consider Joining Scentsy! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  June is THE TIME to join! You join in June and you get FREE shipping on your Starter Kit!  But that’s not it!  You also get the chance to earn $300 in FREE Scentsy Product! PLUS, you can start working towards earning the trip to Cancun for January 2015, AND starting in August working to earn our Incentive trips for next year!  I know it’s going to be EPIC! Join my team RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! Just click the Link HERE



Also, don’t forget… If you don’t join, buy! 🙂  Or Host a party! 🙂  I’m warming Polynesian Dreams in my bedroom and it smells SO SO SO good! AUGH!!!!  In the living room and kitchen I’m warming Banana Berry & Berries Jubilee mixed! I LOVE IT! 🙂  It smells SO good!!!!!!   I just LOVE all things Scentsy!! This month they’ve done something AMAZING!!!!! They brought a few AMAZING scents to our laundry line & body line… A Wink & A Smile, Serene Green, and my PERSONAL FAVORITE…. Jet, Set, Go!!! EEEEEEK!!!  I’ve already ordered!! HAHA!  I am So excited to get it!! Jet, Set, Go is just an amazing scent and I was SO hoping they’d bring it in the lotion and all that! I can’t wait!

SummerLovin1 SummerLovin2

Order yours TODAY!  These won’t last long! I can guarantee you that!!!!!!!!


My best friend in the whole wide world came in town last weekend!!!  I haven’t seen her in over two years! She brought her daughter Makenly!  We had a wonderful weekend!!!  Sunday we went to church, then lunch at Chili’s with her Grandma and Aunt, then back to her Grandma’s house….  We just hung out, ate cake, watched Frozen, talked, etc… Then I took Jude home and the two of us went to see “The Other Woman”! 🙂  I’d already seen it of course, but I was super excited about her seeing it.. .I knew she’d absolutely love it… And she did! It’s one of my FAVORITES!  It’s definitely one I’ll buy when it comes out! 🙂


Monday we went to lunch at Rosas, then shopping!!!!  We went to Dustees (my FIRST time there), and it was AWESOME!!!!! 🙂 After that we went to the Mall and shopped just had fun!!!  Tuesday, I had to work, and she was leaving, so we met for lunch at Chick Fil A! I was definitely SUPER sad when she left! 😦 I am gonna have to make a trip to see her before a billion years passes this time! BLAH!


I guess that’s it for now!  I hope y’all are doing well!!!!