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Multi tasking Diva

Hey there guys! How are y’all doing?!?! I hope y’all are doing Great and having a wonderful weekend!!!!

I am currently sitting here writing this and listening to the Scentsy Leadership call! I love being able to hear from leaders in Scentsy and home office staff! The call is during the day on Monday while I am at work,but they record them, so this way I get to listen whenever I want!  I LOVE IT!!!!!

Last Saturday I was at Movies 16 for WORLD PREMIERE!!!!!!!!! Scentsy changed things up this year and had a video that we ALL got to watch at the same time all across the globe! They rented out movie theaters! So here in Lubbock we had about 100 Scentsy Consultants come together and learn about Scentsy! SO.MUCH.FUN! I got to meet a few fellow Directors that I know from FB but have never met, and that was a blast! I didn’t have my team there, so I sat alone… But not.. I sat with other consultants I didn’t know, but got to know… We learned, laughed, and teared up together! 😉 SO.MUCH.FUN!


At World Premiere, we got to see the new catalog! We GOT the new catalog, a set of testers, an EXCLUSIVE Scentsy Bar (that can’t be bought)… It smells like Kettle Corn,and a gift certificate to buy supplies to get us ready for the Spring/Summer Catalog! AAAAAHHHHH! Every season I think “There’s NO way they can do better than this”… I felt like that with the Fall/Winter… But now… I’ve literally NEVER SEEN A CATALOG THIS GOOD! And the Scents… Oh my goodness! Y’all!!! If Y’all like citrusy, fruity, tropical, coconut type scents, then THESE will knock your socks off! AAAAHHHHH! SO stinkin’ good!!!!! I need one of each,please and thank you! LOL!!!!  I’ve already got a few parties booked! BOOM! HEY, also, I’ll be sending out catalogs here in the next week or two… Would you be interested in mail from me?! a catalog and perhaps a sample??! Fill out my form below!



So this week was a little weird for me…. Saturday went to World Premiere and got a RAGING headache….. It’s nothing new really for me to get headaches… I get them ALL the time.. But this one was so bad I thought I was going to throw up. I went to a new restaurant, WALK ONS, with some Fellow Scentsy Directors, but had to leave before we were seated because I felt SO awful!  So I went home and laid down until I had to leave again for a friends Retirement party….. went home and crashed. Sunday woke up with a sore throat! UGH! I was in bed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday! Went back to work Wednesday and Thursday, then off for the weekend! So.. Short work week, but man oh man was I miserable! Jude did NOT like Mama being sick… I’m RARELY sick besides headaches and he didn’t like it! Luckily, I am getting better, but I am still snotty and sneezy. LOL! 😛


That’s what’s going on here! What is up with YOU??????????



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Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

HEY HEY  Everyone! What’s going on???  Well, it’s taken a while to write this, but it will be a GOOD one! 🙂  Well at least I think so! 🙂 LOL!

So. We had to wait until New Years Day to do our Family Christmas.  My brother in law had to work, my sister got sick, my niece was sick, and my Aunt & Uncle couldn’t come in. Christmas Day a few of us went out to my Grandpa’s house for Christmas lunch.. That morning I did Jude’s Santa stuff. He got a lot of stuff, and had fun opening his stocking and presents! He got a lot of Dinosaur stuff, playdough, fun stuff like that!

New Years Day we ran errands and finished things up and then headed out to my Grandpa’s house!  FINALLY! 🙂  We ate a big lunch and then hung out all afternoon talking, playing games, whatever.  My brother in law ended up having to work until 7 that night, so once he got there we ate finger foods and sandwiches for dinner, and then the fun began! 🙂  Our traditions for Christmas is my Grandpa starts out by reading the Christmas story from Luke 2….


Then we stand in a circle and hold hands and pray.. After that, the kiddos pass out Christmas presents!!!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT!!


It was GREAT!  Jude got some AMAZING Stuff!!! he got games, a dino shirt, some learning stuff, money, a remote control T REX, a Buzz lightyear.. He REALLY RACKED up this year! 🙂  I love watching him have so much fun!!!!

I got money, gift cards, and THE LITTLE MERMAID ON DVD! 🙂 WOOT WOOT! I SO love that movie and I’ve wanted it forever! LOL!

With my money and gift cards, first things first… I went to ULTA ( I had a gift card) I bought Urban Decay NAKED 2 palette… OH MY GOSH!!!!! EEEEEEEEK!  I’ve been wanting to get one of these for awhile.  I stood in Ulta staring at all three of them for about 30 minutes. LOL! I finally chose 2… But now I am DYING to get the other two! LOL!!!  I have used it EVERY SINGLE DAY since I bought it!


I also bought Benefit They’re Real mascara.. WOWZERS!  I’ve had so many compliments on my lashes lately! 🙂



It’s way more expensive than what I’d normally spend, but I was just DYING to try it, so I splurged! EEEEEK! 🙂 I don’t know if I can use Drug Store Mascara ever again! HAHAHAHA!

Another AWESOME find this past week is This….  MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS… Man o Man! I’ve read about this product on TONS of make up blogs.. Have had several people tell him they’re awesome, I just always forget to grab one.. So this week I grabbed GRAPE VINE. AMAZING! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Just gives a little hint of color and is SUPER moisturizing! I LOVE it! I’ll definitely be buying more of this!!!!!!  If you haven’t grabbed one, DO IT! You’ll thank me, I promise! 🙂



So, I’d say it’s been a pretty productive make up shopping couple of weeks. LOL! 🙂 I’d so much rather buy make up and perfume, than clothes and shoes. I.HATE.IT! Seriously! AUGH! Oh well! My BFF made buying a pair of boots CRAZY easy and gave me a credit online.. SO I GET FREE BOOTS! WOOT WOOT! 🙂  Thanks girlie! 🙂  LOVE YOU!

Anyways! 🙂

So This is Scentsy’s 10th year!!!  They are really starting off with a BANG!  Guess what?!  Join my SCENTSY team in January and you get FREE Shipping on your starter kit, PLUS when you hit your FIRST Scentsy goal, you can get $300 in FREE PRODUCT!!!! Is that ABSOLUTELY amazing or what?!  I’ve heard they’ve NEVER had a special like this before!!!!!!!!!  This is SERIOUSLY THE BEST TIME to join Scentsy!!!!!!!!!!  Do it now!


Don’t want to join, but maybe want some FREE and HALF PRICED Scentsy!?  HOST A PARTY! This month only, you can get DOUBLE Half off rewards! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!  SO AWESOME!!!!  These specials are ROCKIN’! You don’t want to miss out! I can promise you that! January is also the month to get your BRING BACK MY BARS!!!!!! Twenty discontinued Scents brought back by your votes for one month! Check them out! There are some GOOD ones this time around!



I Love Cranberry Mango, Eucalyptus, Toasted Apple Butter, Watermelon Patch, Amber Road…. Get yours before they’re gone!


I guess that’s it for now! 🙂  I hope y’all enjoy it!

More will be coming soon!

Keep checking back! 🙂




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Okay guys, I started this blog Thursday night. LOL! But I had to stop because it got late and I was stinkin’ tired! LOL! 🙂  It was a VERY exhausting week! WHEW!  Read through and I can’t wait til you get to the end.. BIGGER news there! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!


HEY HEY everyone! What is going on????  I am watching Grey’s Anatomy and typing up this blog!  Luckily Jude is asleep… For now! 🙂 Tonight was our Fall Festival at church! 🙂  We had a blast! Played games, rode the train and hayride, ate hot dogs… 🙂  Jude went as Buzz Lightyear! He was the cutest lil guy out there!!!!  There was A LOT of people there!

Today has been an AMAZING day!!!!!!  it’s the last day of the month!  So much INSANELY amazing Scentsy magic going on I just want to SCREAM!!!!! So……..  I had two MAJOR goals… One, Promote to SUPER STAR CONSULTANT.  Two, Hit $2001 PRV or more. Hitting $2001 PRV is big deal… If you get over $2000PRV, you automatically get a 5% bonus. Getting $2001 or more takes you to the next tier of the incentive trip points! WOOT WOOT WOOT! 🙂 So……. I DID IT!  I made BOTH goals! BAM!




I am also RIDICULOUSLY close to earning one of our Incentive trips!! EEEEEEEEEK! IS that insane or what!? I HONESTLY can not believe how far I’ve come!

This time last year, I’d been selling for 6 months… I’d had over $1000 PRV months, which rocked! But I couldn’t get a recruit to save my life! Everyone I talked to didn’t want to join, I was pretty insecure in my business, I didn’t REALLY think I could REALLY, REALLY do it.  I saw ALL These ladies recruiting, promoting, and earning the incentive trips and I was SO far away from that!!! I think at the end of the incentive period last year I was at like 3000 points or something! My points haven’t updated tonight.  I can’t wait to see them!!!  This morning I had 19,500 and I need 26,000 to earn the trip for one.  I think once they update, I’ll only need 500-1000 points! ACK! Is that freaking amazing or what!?  I have a team that is ON FIRE, motivated, and ROCK STARS! I just LOVE them!  One of my recruits actually signed on two recruits this month, they both promoted to certified, and SHE DOUBLE promoted to STAR! LOL! Is that crazy or what?!  Another new recruit of mine JUST joined this month, and she promoted to STAR! BAM! 🙂  We are seriously ON FIRE!!!!   Next stop for me is DIRECTOR! EEEEEK! I have to start thinking of an AMAZING name for my team! Once you hit Director, you pick a name for your team!  If y’all have any ideas, please let me know! 🙂  I am SO excited about where things are going!!! SO many of mine and Jude’s prayers are being answered every day!  God is so Good, and SO Faithful! YAY!!!!!! 🙂



So now it’s Saturday night.  Friday was exhausting. I went to work.  Jude was doing great.  He’d been sick all week but Thursday was awesome…  Mom texted me and said his ear hurt.  I checked in two more times and he was still crying..  I immediately left work and went home. We got an appointment with the urgent care and took him right now.  By the way, if you’ve never used the WAIT FROM HOME feature some ER’s have, you are MISSING out!!!  You sign in online, and they TEXT you what time you should come!  So we signed in at about 12:45 and they said to come at 1:15…. We show up and Jude went straight back!  We were in there less than 20  minutes.  His right ear was red and very infected. She put some drops in it that stopped the pain immediately, and gave us a RX for Amoxicillin! After projectile vomitting all over himself and the carseat, we got home and he took a nap, and he’s getting better and better!!! 🙂


So Besides that, Friday was an AMAZING day!!!!!!!!  I found out some MAJOR news….

I, Sherilyn Crutchfield, Qualified for the SCENTSY INCENTIVE TRIP! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!  Is that stinkin’ amazing, or what?!  I earned it for one, so now I have to work hard and earn it for two! 🙂  Then decide who I am going to take with me! I SERIOUSLY can’t believe I did it!! Actually, WE did it! 🙂  Myself, my team, my customers….  SO AMAZING!!! Now to decide if I want Bahamas or Convention. EEEEK! Luckily I’ve got some time to decide!!!!


Anyways! Now I am in bed, watching sappy HallMark channel Christmas movies! I LOVE this time of year! These movies are the BEST!!!!!!

I guess I’d better go!  I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL night! Don’t forget to set your clocks back!!! 🙂


Sherilyn C

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Lazy Weekend!

Hey Guys! What’s going on?  I am sitting in my bed with Kel and Jude, watching VICTORIOUS.. Blah! LOL!

Kayla, her hubs, Casey, and Grampy drove to El Paso yesterday for a BBall game today, so Kelbey stayed with us! 🙂 She slept in Jude’s bed. LOL!!!!!!!!!! They should be back tonight, so for now we’re just hanging out. We’ve been pretty lazy ALL DAY! Kel and I played Deal Or No Deal on her iPad, and played MadLibs.. LOL! It’s been VERY entertaining… I had no clue there was a MadLibs App!! 🙂 I should have known though. There’s an App for everything! LOL!  I’ve also done laundry all day. I’ve been using my Scentsy Layers Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks. Our laundry smells DELICIOUS!!! LOL!!! I am LOVING IT!


This is TOTALLY random… BUT… Any of you play CANDY CRUSH on FB? LOL! THIS GAME IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!! I am telling you! I have been on level 29 for what seems like FOREVER!!! It’s RIDICULOUS!


I hope everyone is staying healthy!!!!!! Jude and Kel are finally better.. But I’m all congested and have sinus pain, Grampy has a cold, and Mom is now getting it. BLAH!!!!! I am taking a trillion vitamins! PLUS, I am drinking EmergenC! I love those things! DELICIOUS! They have 1,000MG of vitaminC, plus tons of other vitamins and antioxidents and electrolytes! They are DELICIOUS! 🙂  I prefer the SUPER ORANGE! 🙂 I like to drink them with crushed ice and water! 🙂 YUMMMY!


Have y’all checked out my FACEBOOK Scentsy Page yet? DO IT! LIKE My page! 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=tn_tnmn#!/sherilynsscentsypage

Scentsy is STILL going GREAT!!!!!!  Having a blast! Getting new customers… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! 🙂 Remember, you can ALWAYS buy from me online HERE nad order from either of my OPEN PARTIES!

I went around today changing out the wax in the warmers…. Kitchen— Skinny Dippin, Living Room– Hazelnut Latte, My Room– Posy Peach (next month’s scent of the month!), Bathroom– Lotus Cove! 🙂 Mom’s room still has Black Ruby, and the office still has Apple Press! 🙂 We’ve DEFINITELY got a Scentsy-fied house! LOL!!!!

I was asked to bring ALL My scentsy stuff to a Premier Jewelry party! EEEEEEK! I am EXCITED! It’s on the 1st.. which is PAY-DAY so that’s even better! I can’t wait! It should be a BLAST!!! Wish Me Luck! 🙂

Anyways…. I guess I’d better go!!! I hope y’all enjoy the rest of your weekend! I know I will!!!!!!!!!!!