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All Good Things!

Hey everyone! How are y’all doing???  MAN am I WAY, WAY, WAY behind!!!!!!  I am so sorry, I’ve been keeping you ALL in the dark! I am sure you’ve been just distraught.. 😛 Let’s start with family life…. Jude and I are doing GREAT!!!!!! I recently bought us BUNK BEDS.. YES, Bunk beds. LOL! 🙂  We share a room, and I wanted to free up some space… Jude thinks they’re amazing.. Quite frankly, I kinda like them too… Good thing is, they’re BOTH full instead of twin.  AND they’ll come part.. So when we get our own place, we can each have a bed in our rooms. 🙂  WOOOOOOT!  He has SpiderMan sheets on his bed, and I have red Damask Stripe on mine.. I bought a SpiderMan poster I need to get framed & I changed out our Scentsy warmer from a Black Cube Gallery warmer with VanGough frame, to our Halloween CREEPY CRAWLY Warmer.. It looks like a Spidey warmer! 🙂  LOL!

creepy Crawly

How cool is that?

More Family stuff…. My Grandma (Dad’s Mom) in Nashville Passed away 3 weeks ago. 😦 She’s been sick for awhile, and finally gave up. She was 94 and lived a very long life! Now she is reunited with Grandpa! Do you ever think about when someone is in Heaven, then their husband/wife/child whoever dies and goes to Heaven?  Like, do they know they’re coming?  Are they anxiously waiting? Or is it a surprise?  When my Grandma died, I just had a thought of my Grandpa seeing her for the first time in 11 years or so.. I like to think Jesus has a little fun.. Enjoys seeing their joy.. I had a vision of Jesus saying “Hey John! Come here!! Look who’s coming!!” and Grandma showing up! Now, that may not be how it is AT ALL, but I like think of it that way. 🙂 🙂

I have a new show I’ve been watching… 24. OH.EM.GEE! It is freaking amazing! Do y’all watch it?  I just thought I’d check it out.. I didn’t expect to really like it.  I FREAKING LOVE KEIFER SUTHERLAND.. Always have. But man oh man! Jack Bauer is HOTTTTTT! 🙂 LOL! This show has me HOOKED! I’m already on Season 7. I just can’t stop watching! So good.. So suspenseful! If you haven’t watched it, and you love action packed shows, THIS is the show! I have Amazon Prime, so I watch it there! 🙂 🙂



This week has been ROUGH!!!!!  Tuesday morning, Jude and I left our home & were in a car accident. A lady ran a stop sign and plowed right into us on the passenger side!  She hit us hard enough to throw us up over the curb, into a yard, then down the curb and back into the middle of the street!!!!  IT WAS AWFUL! THANK GOD Jude was completely unharmed!! He was safe in his car seat! He was just shaken up quite a bit.  I was jostled quite a bit… I hit my head a few times, sprained my foot, and have some bruising and extreme soreness.  I went to the DR and I’ve gone to my chiropractor 3 days in a row. My car is not driveable.. They towed it off this morning. I am driving a rental.. And boy is it nice!!! 🙂 🙂 LOL!!!! So now we wait to see if my car is totaled or repairable! FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!!!!


Now, on to SCENTSY….. Man has this been a RIDE!!!!!!!!!  September was an INCREDIBLE month! My team was on fire.. EVERYONE was selling like CRAZY!!!!  The Chasing Fireflies warmer was a RIDICULOUSLY huge hit!  Our team of 19 worked hard!!!!!!!  We fought until the last minutes… AND….. WE DID IT!!!!  I promoted to DIRECTOR!!!! WOOOOOT! 🙂 🙂 🙂


BAM! This has been my goal for quite awhile now and we made it! NO WAY could I have made it without my INCREDIBLE team!!!!  This month is amazing as well! We are working our tails off!!  I LOVE my team! 🙂  I’ve had incredible Leadership getting to this point as well!!! I LOVE Scentsy and everything about it!  October 9th I received my BIGGEST Scentsy Paycheck to date! MAN OH MAN does that help this Single Mama!!!!!!!!  Did you know there are still two more paydays before Christmas?  Would you like to earn extra money? Maybe pay cash for Christmas gifts? Add to your household income?  You should JOIN MY TEAM TODAY!  We have an amazing team! We have great support and encouragement! JOIN US today!





Scentsy really is the best decision I could have made for myself & Jude!!!!!!  He loves it just as much as I do! 🙂 🙂 We have a lot of fun opening orders and smelling all the scents!! We’ve smelled them a billion times, but it’s always so much fun! Won’t you join our team!?  You will love it, I promise!

Anwyays! I guess that’s all I have for you guys!!!! It’s been AWESOME! My family is good, business is good… Life is good! 🙂 🙂





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Childhood Dreams

Have you ever thought about all the things you wanted to be when you were a child?  Are you ANY of the things you wanted to be??  I am one of them. A Mother. I remember wishing and hoping and praying my dolls would suddenly come to life! LOL!  I LOVED my baby dolls! All I ever wanted was to be a Mom.  Of course, I didn’t imagine myself as a single Mom, doing it alone, with my family, but, being a Mom was important to me. So, here I am.. A Mom to an ALMOST 4 year old little boy who is just the BOMB! 🙂

All the other things I wanted to be?  Yeah, none..  Here’s a list of everything I wanted to be when I was a little girl.

  • Veternarian
  • Fashion Designer
  • Hair Stylist
  • Architect
  • Writer
  • Zoologist

LOL! 🙂 My childhood best friend and I used to get BIG pieces of paper and draw houses.  Not the outside of the house like a kids drawing… But the layout of the home inside… We’d spend HOURS drawing, writing, erasing, filling in, etc! We liked making them ELABORATE! We’d try to add more stuff to ours.. A hair salon, a pool, a bowling alley.. LOL! 🙂   We had THE BEST time! I truly thought back then that I could be an architect. 🙂

The Fashion Designer thing cracks me up.. I AM TERRIBLE with Fashion.  I know plenty about hair styles and colors, and make up, etc. But clothing and shoes??  NO WAY!!!  I’ve never cared a whole lot about clothes and shoes.  Even now to this day, I have like 3 pairs of shoes TOTAL… ONE Pair of jeans, that kind of thing. LOL!!!! I just don’t care.  But back then… I would draw clothes, design them, color them, etc! 🙂  I was good… HAHAHA! Yeah, right.  I wish I still had those drawings!!!!

A writer.. Oh my goodness… I TRULY thought I ROCKED as a writer!  I REALLY wish I still had my stories from way back then… I remember in the 3rd or 4th grade (I was in public school then), we had to do some creative writing.  I remember writing a story about a dinosaur and my teacher loved it!  I was very descriptive! 🙂  I remember getting a 100 and she praised me for it! 🙂  My baby sister and I used to sit around and write stories. 🙂  I thought I was awesome…  We used to read the Baby-Sitters Club series.. First of all, THOSE BOOKS ROCKED! LOL! 🙂   I LOVED Them!!!!!!!  I loved how descriptive the author was with their clothing and accessories, and the snacks Claudia had stashed everywhere, etc.  I wanted to write books like that. I wanted to write books that made you FEEL like you could see the characters.. Smell their perfume and shampoo..

Now…  Here I am.. almost 35.. a Real Estate Photographer and Mom… Wishing I’d done some of those things.  I told my family just the other night how I wish I’d become a writer! They said “So do it”.. LOL! 🙂  Ummmmm, no. LOL! I don’t have the first clue what I’d do…. How I’d begin.  Sure would be fun though!

One thing I didn’t know about as a child, but I am… SCENTSY SUPER STAR CONSULTANT!!!! WOOT WOOT! 🙂  Now THAT is an AMAZING part of my life! I am SUPER glad that Scentsy came into my life when it did!

So, I am a Mom, a Real Estate Photographer, and a Scentsy Consultant…..  My life is pretty full! I shouldn’t complain, that’s for sure!!!!

What did YOU want to be when you grew up?  Are you doing anything you dreamed of being!?


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A Haul, Single Living, and the Lord

Hey everyone! What’s going on?  Not a whole lot here!! I just got home! After work, our family went to eat at Longhorn Steakhouse for my Dad’s birthday.. I DID NOT care for their steak at all.. Their side salad was delicious though. After dinner, Jude and I went to Ulta! 🙂 I ABSOLUTELY love that store! It’s AMAZING!!! Jude loves it too! 🙂  I think he loves all the bright colors.. and he loves to smell the perfume and cologne! 🙂  HAHAHA! Other than Target, it’s my favorite store EVER!  I have a HUGE event coming up soon, so I had to pick up a few necessities! I watched a tutorial for a smoldering (smokey) look the other night and she used a Loreal Extra Intense Liquid Eye Penci! Supposed to be amazing, so we’ll see! LOL! Also got a lipstain that was clearanced out, and a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil.. But I can’t remember which one I got.. Bronze maybe… 🙂  WOOT!!!




The stain… I am not sure about. The applicator is REALLY, REALLY weird… The good thing is, it doesn’t feel like a stain.. It actually really does feel more like a gloss! I just applied it a bit ago, so we’ll see if it’s still there when I wake up! LOL!


Lately, I’ve been having some thoughts… As a single woman, sometimes it gets lonely being single… But as a single Mom, I think it’s worse sometimes. I have friends, and I have a ton of WONDERFUL family around me ALL the time. But, there are times when I get lonely for companionship… Someone to share my life with, my hopes and dreams, etc.  You all know what I am talking about.  Well, the other day I was having a hard day.. I was feeling sorry for myself and I was driving to a job. All of the sudden, the Lord placed a song on my heart…  It’s a song I’ve ALWAYS Loved, but haven’t heard or thought about in ages… The first verse says this…

“Who can satisfy my soul like you
Who on earth could comfort  me
And love me like You do
Who could  ever be more faithful, true
I will trust in You
I  will trust in You, my God”

Such an amazing thing to hear at that moment..  No MAN can satisfy my soul… If I am not being satisfied and fulfilled by my relationship with Jesus Christ, then a man is not going to be able to fill that gap.  God put a hole in EVERYONE that ONLY He can fill. That’s what I was doing before…. Feeling lonely and dating whoever… I haven’t dated in over 3 years.  And I won’t.  Not unless I feel the Spirit saying its okay… And not unless my family approves. Doesn’t mean I won’t get lonely. I will. BUT, I have a close relationship with the One who created me and knows my thoughts and feelings and can take that away. Being a single mom is so much different then when I was single. I dated people that were NOT good for me. Now, I am not only thinking about me and my wants and needs.  It’s just all so weird. LOL!!! I actually attempted online dating.. FOR A DAY. LITERALLY A DAY.  I had messages from weird, random men… One of them was an ex con. LOL! NO THANKS.  I immediately deleted my account the next day. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  ANYWAYS….. Back to a serious note… If ANY single moms are out there reading this… There IS hope for us! 🙂  I don’t know about you ladies, but I for one would rather be alone forever, than be with the wrong guy… Wouldn’t you?


This is 100% me.  I laugh at everything I say. I think I’m hilarious! 🙂 HAHA!


Those are all funny….. But this last one is TRUE sometimes.. LOL! When I am having a pity party day, this is really sad to me. LOL! LOL!


But really…. It’s ALL good!!  I know if I am supposed to get married again, I will ONLY IN GOD’S TIME. 🙂

That’s all I have tonight!  I thought I’d share that just in case someone else is really struggling!  I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL evening!!!!








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Butterflies, Dinosaurs, Teeth, and more! :)

HEY HEY EVERYONE!! What’s going on???  I am watching Friends, but I REALLY need to go to bed! I am SO tired!!!!! Today has been SUCH A wonderful day!! Jude and I had a Mommy/Son date day and it was AWESOME!!!!! 🙂 We have a big family, and we usually are ALL together on the weekends… This weekend though, I decided it was just me and Jude. I had two events I was choosing between..  The Air Show in Slaton or the Butterfly Exhibit at the Science Spectrum. I ended up choosing the Science Spectrum… It got up to 91 today, so I decided I didn’t want to sit outside for hours. LOL! So, Jude and I first went to get our car washed, then delivered Scentsy to my hair stylist, THEN made it to the Science Spectrum!  We ended up buying a year membership for 6 of us, and so we got into the Butterfly exhibit for only $3! Boom! 🙂  Jude was SO excited!!! He LOVES butterflies! 🙂  You go into a green house and they just fly all around! THere’s trees and plants and they fly everywhere, land on the floor, or sometimes ON PEOPLE! 🙂  Jude dodged and giggled every time they came near him. HAHA! 🙂



Jude REALLY liked the blue ones!!!!!!


I liked the big Moth’s….




They were CRAZY HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!  If one of those would have landed on me, I would have screamed! LOL! There were actually some older ladies who let out little yelps when they came near them! LOL!! 🙂




I really liked that last one! 🙂

Anyways… We stayed in the Butterfly Exhibit for forever!!!! We finally got to go out and check out the museum part! 🙂  It was AWESOME!!!!!!!


I LOVE this… It’s our shadow! 🙂  We were dancing in front of the wall and the strobe light flashed and it cast our shadow up on the wall! 🙂  How fun is that?!?!!?


Jude kept wanting to look at the dinosaur and was telling me how BIG it is! It made a roaring sound every few seconds.. I pretended to be scared at one pot and this little girl who was probably 5 or 6 years old, came up to me and told me he wasn’t real, he was just pretend. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 🙂  So cute!


Scary, right? 🙂 LOL!!






MY! What big teeth you have! 🙂



After the Science Spectrum, we went and grabbed lunch and went home so Jude could nap.  After he woke up we went to the Mall! 🙂 I got some new shoes!! WOOT WOOT!!! I got some black and hot pink NEW BALANCE tennis shoes! WOOT WOOT! 🙂 I love them! 🙂  We left that store and headed for SEARS! THE ONLY REASON WE WENT THERE WAS SO JUDE COULD PLAY WITH THE LAWN MOWERS! HAHAHAHAHA! 🙂

After the Mall, we went to SMYER to watch my nephew play basketball… It was a dud, unfortunately!

Tomorrow will be church, lunch with the family, then who knows! I need to get a pair of jeans, so we may go shopping again!!!!


I guess that’s all I have for now! I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL rest of the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This was me, watching Jude do the Bubbles center at the Science Spectrum. .LOL! 🙂 I look sweaty. HAHA!!!



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This Is Just The Beginning!

Hey guys! What’s going on??? I am just sitting here enjoying my Saturday! Jude and I have already had a GREAT day!!! We slept in, got up and go dressed and then went to get my hair cut. After that we went to Lil Footprints and Jude picked out a new pair of tennis shoes! 🙂 The kids has GREAT taste! Orange and grey Saucony shoes! 🙂  After he tried those on, he refused to even look at any others! LOL!!!!!! Then we went to the Natural Health Market and got Jude’s Vitamin C and Vitamin D3! 🙂 We had plans to meet up with my Mom, sisters and niece and nephew for lunch at Souper Salad, so we killed a few minutes by running to the Library! 🙂  Then it was on to Lunch! 🙂 I pigged out…. a HUGE salad and some pizza. Jude just ate a baked potatoe, some of my croutons, and then of course, a bowl of ice cream. LOL! 🙂

Now Jude is SOUND asleep, and I am watching “We Bought A Zoo”! Cute movie so far.  Last night I finally watched The Hobbit! It was good.  But pretty slow in parts, and all in all, not as good as the other three LOTR movies, in my opinion. Gollum cracked me up in some parts. And I of course LOVE Gandalf… But.. Meh. All in all it was okay. Of course, it COULD be because I was watching it at a low volume due to Jude sleeping next to me. Also because I watched it alone, with distractions.. LOL! Oh well! 🙂

So, I took a break and went shopping with my family after Jude’s nap.. LOL! 🙂  First, we met my Mom and sisters over at Brynne’s apartment… From there we went to the brand new Natural Grocers store here.. It’s pretty cool, and my old neighbor is a manager there! That’s fun!  After that we went to Kohl’s.  I got Jude two t shirts. They are SO cute! 🙂 Then we came home.  We ate burgers like we do EVERY Saturday and watched 20/20 about hotels and flying.. LOL! I know, I know… It gets CRAZY over here on a Saturday night! LOL! 🙂  NOW… Jude is sound asleep again, and I am watching Jurassic Park!

Tomorrow we have church, then lunch, and then I am meeting a potential new Scentsy recruit at Starbucks to go over ALL Things Scentsy! 🙂 Wish me Luck! I also have another girl interested!  If I could get them both to sign up, that’d be FOUR recruits in a month! WOWZERS!!!!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! 🙂 I know I’ve said this a billion times, but I am SERIOUSLY having the most incredible time with Scentsy.  It’s an AMAZING company, with AMAZING products! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!  I think… No, I KNOW you would Love it too! Check out my website HERE I just LOVE what Scentsy is doing for ME personally… And this is JUST the beginning! I have SO far to go.. SO much to learn.. And still SO much to do! My sister has sort of become my assistant.. She has SEVERAL guy friends she has turned to Scentsy. LOL! 🙂 They’ve bought a few times so far… And they are LOVING the Scentsy! LOL!  I had THREE online parties going at once, and my sister actually got me my FOURTH that I am doing right now! My hostesses have ALL got INCREDIBLY amazing rewards! I LOVE IT! 🙂 One hostess had NEVER tried Scentsy before.  She lives in Florida. I offered to send her my mini testers to check it out.  She ended up hosting an online party and had a HUGE success!!! 🙂  Thanks to her friends and family, she got a ridiculous amount of scents and a few warmers for a LOW, LOW, LOW price! What a way to try Scentsy for the FIRST time! 🙂

If you’d like to HOST a Scentsy party, Click HERE


Brynne found a new music streaming station, Songza and I am OBSESSED with it! It’s absolutely amazing! It’s WAY better than Pandora, in my opinion! It’s SO FUN! I love the 80’s and 90’s stations!!! There’s a TON Of 90’s stations, and that’s REALLY my favorite! 🙂 It’s so much fun hearing NKOTB, Paula Cole, La Bousche, Right Said Fred, TLC, Backstreet Boys, Debbie Gibson, Lisa Loeb, etc! The music REALLY takes me back! LOL! 🙂 You should ALL check it out!!!!

Well, I guess that’s about it!  I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL rest of the weekend! I am going to finish watching Jurassic Park and then crash! 🙂






Hey guys! What’s going on? I just sitting here while Jude sleeps… He is SICK, SICK, SICK! My boy is a strong healthy boy. When he gets sick, it’s usually a runny nose and cough and that’s it. I up his vitamins and he gets better.  Well, he started coughing on Tuesday. I upped his vitamins, but he’s been getting worse. Yesteday he got a fever of 102.3. He’s never had any fever reducing meds. But last night he kept moaning and crying out. So I gave him Advil. He slept OK for awhile. But then after 1am was up ALL NIGHT. Coughing and crying. This morning he was MISERABLE! Fever, cough, lethargic. I took him to a clinic and found out he has an ear infection (his very first one!) and RSV. 😦 My Poor baby!!!! He’s never been on an antibiotic, but we got one for his ear infection. Unfortunately, RSV is a virus and antibiotics don’t work on that. 😦  So he’ll just have to get over it. He’s sleeping now, and has been off and on for the past two hours. 😦 I H A T E it.  Before becoming a Mom, I never would have been able to imagine what it feels like to have a sick kid.  It’s HEARTBREAKING. And Scary. And Nerve Wracking. It’s a feeling that I really CAN’T full describe! But it’s awful, really! Sigh!  He just woke up and ate a popsicle.  He’s acting okay right now… AUGH! LOL!! I am hoping tonight he’ll sleeo well and wake up feeling refreshed and much better!! I am not hoping.. I am PRAYING!!!!!!!!!

I am bummed he’s so sick.. One reason is selfish.. I REALLY wanted to go to the Single Mom’s bible study at church. Oh well! There’s always next week!   I am REALLY hoping I don’t get sick now.  He coughs ALL over my face, drinks and eats after me, kisses me on the face and lips. It will be a miracle if I DON’T get sick. But I am praying I don’t. Monday night is our big Awards Banquet, and if y’all remember… I have a HOTTTTTT date for it! LOL!!!!! 🙂  We’re gonna have a fun time! I have to go shop for a dress tomorrow!!!! EEEEEK!  I have NO clue what I am looking for either!!!!! Oh well!! Hopefully I find something cute… and not too spendy!


I started reading the Bible again the other day… I got out of the habit and I have to admit, I haven’t read it in a LONG time.  My cousin started reading it this year again, and she kind of inspired me to start reading. LOL! (Thanks, Jessi). So, I started at the beginning. It’s amazing the things you learn even when you’ve read it a hundred times. My cousin and I talk every day, and we’ve been talking about the craziness in the Bible. LOL! One thing I TOTALLY can’t wrap my head around is the Flood… God found ONLY Noah (and his family) to be righteous to save. WHAT?! You mean out of ALL The people on the Earth at that time, NO ONE BUT NOAH WAS RIGHTEOUS!? Is that crazy or what?! I wonder how many people were on the Earth at that time… It’s just INSANE to me! I can’t understand it! But I guess that’s how it is… We’re not MEANT to understand it all!!! LOL!!!  Now I’m just rambling.. LOL!

Anyways.. .

Scentsy is going really well!!!! I am having SO MUCH FUN! I am “leading the pack” in my team! WOOT WOOT!  I think there are like 50 women on my team and my director said I was leading in sales! WOW! That’s exciting!!! I had one online party that did SUPER DUPER, and I just opened up ANOTHER online party today! Here’s to hoping it’s a Great one too!! 🙂  REMEMBER…. BRING BACK MY BAR is only available THIS MONTH! TWENTY AWESOME DISCONTINUED SCENTS BACK FOR ONE MONTH! Actually just a couple more weeks!!! EEEEEK! Order yours RIGHT NOW!  A few of my favorites are You Go Girl, Inner Peace, Coconut Palm, and Just Peachy, Ginger! YUUUUUUUMMMMMM! Check out the list and place your order by clicking the link below……


https://sherilync.scentsy.us and you can put your order in with either of the two parties listed!

ANYWAYS…. I guess that’s it for today! I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL rest of the weekend! Get to church tomorrow! 🙂 I hope you ALL Stay healthy! Wash your hands, cut out sugar, take vitamin D-3 and C, and get rest! 🙂 🙂

Love y’all!








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Something to Read

Hey Hey! What’s going on??  I am just hanging out while Jude naps! 🙂

Not a whole lot going on this weekend.  Last night my nephew had a basketball game.. They won! WOOOOT! 🙂 Then Jude and I grabbed some Raisin Canes and came home. HILARIOUSLY though, we couldn’t get out of the car. We pull up and there are THREE huge dogs in our yard. One was a mutt, one was a BEAUTIFUL Harlequin Great Dane (I would have loved to have kept her!), and the third was a PIT! Ummmm, no thanks! LOL!!!! Kayla and Kelbey pulled up at the same time… We sat in our cars yelling, clapping, and honking @ 930 at night. LOL! 🙂 It was quite a sight, I’m sure! FINALLY they ran around back so we TOOK OFF! After sitting in our cars acting like totally dorks for about 15 minutes, we got inside. LOL! HAd it just been the Dane, I wouldn’t have been so nervous. She had a collar and tag.. And Danes are generally great with people! But I wasn’t going ANYWHERE near that Pit Bull. LOL!!!

harlequin great dane

Anyways..Today we have just hung out.  Dad took the day off and so he and Jude have been watching basketball games on tv. HAHAHAHA! 🙂 After Jude wakes up we’ll get out of the house.  I desperately need to go to the store and Kohls!!!!  And Ulta.. LOL!! I have gift cards I STILL haven’t spent! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!??!  I need to get out there and spend them!

Scentsy is going great! I’ve got an online party going on right now and it’s generating some Good sales!!!! 🙂 YEAH! It’s so exciting!  I have some MAJOR stuff coming up soon and it’s going to be costing me a LOT of money!!!!! I need to get my booty in gear and sell Scentsy like crazy! Who’s going to help? Host a party? Buy from a party? Join my team?? PLEASE DO! 🙂 Just go to https://sherilync.scentsy.us  While you’re there, check out our AWESOME charitable Cause Warmer called CHAMPION….. Help the next generation of Special Olympics athletes reach for the stars with Scentsy’s newest Charitable Cause Warmer. Through February 28, 2013, Scentsy will donate $8 (USD) from the sale of each Champion Warmer to Special Olympics International.


We’ve also got our BRING BACK MY BAR Scents that are ONLY available THIS MONTH! After January, they’re gone and who knows when they’ll be back….


I am currently warming You Go, Girl! It is DELICIOUS! 🙂 I LOVE it!!! There are a few that I REALLY like!!! Just Peachy, Ginger smells HEAVENLY! I like Inner Peace, Tahiti Pear, Wild Black Cherry, Spiced Orange Harvest, Coconut Palm is AMAZING! Check them out for yourself! You can get one for $5, 3 for $14 or you can do the 6 for $25! SUCH A GREAT DEAL!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE buy from me!! Just click HERE to go to my website and place an order! 🙂

I am pretty excited about church tomorrow! I am not involved in any classes or anything but I feel like Ia m kinda in my own place… I don’t know a lot of single moms in the church… BUT a new class just started… FOR SINGLE MOMS!!!  I am so excited to see what it’s all about! I hope there are alot of other moms in there! I need to get plugged in for sure!!!!!


Well, Jude is up and we’re going shopping!!  I hope y’all have a GREAT rest of the weekend!!!