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Scentsy, St. Louis, Train, and MORE!

Hey Everyone!!!   Well, this post is long over due! But I’m freaking busy! LOL!!  Going out of town is GREAT, but coming back to work is HARD and ALMOST not worth it!  I’m still not 100% caught up! It’s CRAZY!

Before I get to the trip, I HAVE to tell you about the BIGGEST SALE EVER!  Grace Adele is discontinuing, so they’ve marked everything down to 80% off… These prices are seriously RIDICULOUS!!!  Bags for as low as $16, clutches for $8, wallets for $7…  CRAZY!!!!!!!  You need to get over to the website and check it out!  Click here… SALE Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on these deals!!!!!!  I LOVE the Grace Adele bags and clutches I have now..  They are BEAUTIFUL and great quality!  I always get compliments on my purses!!!! Wednesday they are bringing out what was supposed to be for FALL/WINTER….. And let me tell you… IT IS ALL BEAUTIFUL!  This stuff won’t be 80% off, but it WILL Be 50% off!!!  So there are some GREAT deals!

ANYWAYS… Let’s get on to the GOOD STUFF!!! 🙂

So I earned an incentive trip for one.. I was given the choice between the Bahamas and Scentsy Family Reunion… Well, I KNEW I didn’t want to miss out on SFR this year because it was the 10 year reunion, and I’d heard it was going to be H U G E!  Last year I spent over $1,000 on SFR with flight, hotel, food, etc.. SO, this year I got it all for F R E E!!!!!!!!!  You honestly can’t beat that!  Scentsy booked my travel and hotel room and everything PLUS put money on my Scentsy card to cover baggage fees and all food! HELLO!!!!!!!!  You just can’t beat that, can ya!?

So July 8th I flew out of Lubbock and headed to St. Louis Missouri! When we got there, there was a table set up for all incentive earners to schedule a shuttle… So I added my name to the list… Waited maybe 10 minutes and a huge bus showed up and took us to our hotels… Some of us were at Lumiere Hotel & Casino, and a few others were at the Four Seasons, but they were connected so that’s good..



We got to the hotel, checked in, and got ready, then headed over to the convention center to check in and get our lanyards and FREEBIES! 🙂  Incentive earners got a bag, a shirt, a pen and book, and Scentsy Clean LAundry stuff! WE ARE SO SPOILED! 🙂 🙂 Then we went in and talked to everyone, hung out, then it was time to have our opening ceremonies with Heidi & Orville, and SARA BARELLIS!!!!!  AAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!! It was SO awesome!  She is GREAT in concert! We were on the fourth row!!!  It was so great! 🙂 🙂  My director and some friends actually got to meet her later that night!!! HOW FUN IS THAT?!


20140708_184524 This is my sponsor! 🙂 🙂

20140708_190349This is Heidi & Orville Thompson! They are AWESOME!!!!!!





So the next day was the 5K which I DID NOT Participate in! HAHA! I slept in, which was WONDERFUL! My bed was SUPER comfy!  All the Incentive Earners had lunch at the FOUR SEASONS with Heidi & Orville and all of the AUSTRALIAN earners!  It was a WONDERFUL lunch!  Salad, several kinds of bread, veggies, potatoes, parmesean crusted chicken, steak… It was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!





Lunch was wonderful, the company was wonderful.. It was awesome! 🙂 🙂  After that I believe I went to the Scentsy store to shop.. I can’t remember. LOL! 🙂  But then we went back to our hotel rooms to get ready for the TRUE opening ceremonies!!!!! IT.WAS.AWESOME! 🙂 But to get in… the line was RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!


What do you do when you wait in line?!  TAKE SELFIES OF COURSE! DUH! 🙂

This is me, my sponsor and my roomie.. She’s from New York! 🙂



We finally made it in! WHEW!!!!!!!  We’d texted our director while in line & said to be sure to save seats for us, because they always get the best seats, and I wanted to be UP CLOSE & PERSONAL for what was to come… Not only was it opening ceremonies for EVERYONE….. BUT, it was also a concert.. With one of my FAVORITE bands…. T R A I N! AAAAUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! I ABSOLUTELY Love them and I was dying to get up close!  So.. Sure enough, we were on the SECOND ROW! EEEEEK! Man, I was STOKED!


Heidi and Orville talked about all the GREAT new products coming out in September.. That was a BLAST, of course, PLUS they passed out mini testers of the new scents! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!  We FREAKED OUT about that! LOL! 🙂  I would have taken pics of it, but I was saving my battery for the concert! HAHA!   THEN… The lights went out…. And we saw just a light, and a train whistle… I thought I was gonna die. HAHA!!20140709_204000

20140709_205237 20140709_205825

20140709_214233 20140709_214640

THEN…..  Pat came out into the crowd……  Said get your cell phones ready and we’d take some selfies.. UMMMMM WHAT?!??!?  Well there was a crowd right at the stage.. I told my sponsor there was NO way I’d be able to get up there… She said to try and go for it.. SO I DID!!!!!!!!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Check this out….


It’s CRAZY blurry because he actually TOOK the phone from me and took it kind of as he was walking! BUT THERE IT IS! And you can tell it’s him! 🙂 I was in LA LA Land after that! HAHA! I told Traci no way would she be able to pull me down to Earth! LOL!  Seriously! 🙂 It was amazing! I am sure all of y’all are freaking out. HAHA! 🙂  I was! He’s so cute!!!! Too bad he’s married! HA! 🙂  I say that like I had a chance with him or something! HAHA!


Anyways! 🙂 🙂

So Thursday morning started with Heidi’s keynote speech… And if you’ve ever heard her talk, you’ve been inspired.. I can guarantee that! SHE IS SO AWESOME!!! THEN… They bring out a guest speaker.  Someone I’ve never heard of.. John O’Leary.. OMG! This man is an AMAZING MAN!  If you haven’t heard his story, PLEASE watch a video! Go to Youtube! HE IS AWESOME!  He’s been through more than most people will EVER go through, and his story is SO Awesome, and he’s SO incredibly motivating!   I was VERY blessed by his story!!!

The rest of the day, we had BREAK OUT SESSIONS…..  They got consultants to lead sessions learning about certain topics! I think I did four that day…..  Some of them were REALLY good, and I learned a lot!!!!!!  That night…….. AMAZING!!  We got “room drops” which is where the Incentive earners get a gift in their room every day… Wednesday it was St Louis Baseball hats, peanuts, and crackerjacks for the game they were taking us to on Thursday night! EEEEEEEEEEEEEK


Now, I normally don’t wear hats….  I look like a dude in a hat. LOL! BUT.. This was a trip! Going to a GAME! I HAD TO!  I also bought a shirt earlier that day! 🙂



20140710_181056 20140710_182509 20140710_183721

SO AWESOME to actually go to a MLB game!  It was awesome, and the park was GINORMOUS! We stayed until about the 5th inning, then Traci and I left and went to get some dinner.  We ate dinner and played at the Casino. HAHA! 🙂  We had a BLAST!!!!  We didn’t end up winning.. We just played slots, and every time we won, we just kept playing, but boy was it FUN!!!! 🙂 🙂

Friday was the last day…  We had consultants speak, and of course, Orville’s Keynote speech… If you think Heidi is inspiring, man you should hear Orville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HE.WAS.AWESOME!!! It was a wonderful day!!!  Then… That night…. It was the closing sessions and award ceremonies.. It was a lot of fun!



After the awards was our guest for the evening……..  COMEDIAN JIM GAFFIGAN! AUGH!  That man is HYSTERICAL!  🙂  And he’s CLEAN! AHHH!! I laughed so hard!!!

20140711_184214 20140711_184635

If you haven’t heard any of his stuff, PLEASE Do!  Go to Netflix, or YouTube.. He is GOOD!!!! 🙂 🙂

After his deal, Heidi And Orville came back out and announced our 2015 Incentive trips!!!!!!!!!!  WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Okay, so……. One trip is a CARIBBEAN CRUISE!! AUGH! We will be leaving from & arriving to Puerto Rico!!! AUGH!!!!  Does that sound AMAZING OR WHAT!???!

The other one is to Scentsy Family Reunion again….. THIS YEAR IT IS TO………………… LAS VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!  Is that FUN or what!??!?!


I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about this incentive period! I WILL EARN THIS YEAR!  Who knows?!  Maybe I’ll earn for TWO! 🙂 🙂 COME WITH ME!!!  LET’S EARN IT TOGETHER! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!

So after all the closing stuff, we had a DANCE PARTY!!!!!!  We had DJ Ravi Drums and he was a BLAST!!!!!!


We also just walked around, talked to people, all that jazz!




This is me and Chuck Thompson.. He’s Orville’s brother AND he’s the CEO of Scentsy! 🙂

This one is me and Joal Curtis.. the C.O.O


Two REALLY awesome men! 🙂

Afterward, we went to eat… Traci and I ate at the Hotel Casino Bar, Stadium and our new Aussie friends showed up, so we had a GREAT time! 🙂


Saturday was leaving day… UNFORTUNATELY, the didn’t have me leaving until 635pm! AUGH!  There was nothing to do! So… Traci left at 12:30 so I hung out at the hotel, played slots in the casino, and read until I could take a shuttle to the airport! 🙂


This trip was AMAZING and life changing! EVERYONE in the world needs to join Scentsy and go to SFR! LOL! 🙂 It was just so awesome! I had a WONDERFUL time and learned so much!  Came home ready to ROCK it, and guess what???  I HAVE!  It’s been so great!!!!  Come join my team! Click here to JOIN

So, I hope y’all have LOVED this post! 🙂 I’ve loved it! It was great fun and I love sharing what I did with the WORLD!! HEHE!


That’s all I have for right now! I hope y’all are doing GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







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Some Fun!

Hey guys! What’s going on? I am watching THE DELIVERY MAN!  I actually got it from RedBox on FRIDAY… FRIDAY PEOPLE! It’s Wednesday… I am going to spend WAY Too much on this movie so it freaking better be good!  So far… Pretty boring.

Anyways! What’s been going on with y’all lately?  Anything exciting!?  Nothing TOO exciting here… Just work.. Scentsy… Jude.. 🙂  It’s definitely enough! WHEW!!! 🙂   Scentsy is going great! I did a Fundraiser for my friends Sister.. She is going on a trip with her church in July! It was great, the party was fun, helped someone out without a dime going to me, Hopefully gained some great new customers, too!  I LOVE doing fundraisers!!!! 🙂 Out of our whole group of 111 team members, I was number 1 in sales! WOOT WOOT!!!!  That is SUPER exciting! 🙂  I LOVE SCENTSY!  Have I said that ever?! HEHE! We got some news a couple weeks ago that Heidi & Orville Thompson are discontinuing  Grace Adele!! I am sad, but also REALLY glad that we are about to have some MAJOR sales coming up!  It closes July 31st!!!  Our sales are supposed to start June 11th and will be up to 60% off! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!  I can’t wait!

Y’all need to SERIOUSLY consider Joining Scentsy! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  June is THE TIME to join! You join in June and you get FREE shipping on your Starter Kit!  But that’s not it!  You also get the chance to earn $300 in FREE Scentsy Product! PLUS, you can start working towards earning the trip to Cancun for January 2015, AND starting in August working to earn our Incentive trips for next year!  I know it’s going to be EPIC! Join my team RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! Just click the Link HERE



Also, don’t forget… If you don’t join, buy! 🙂  Or Host a party! 🙂  I’m warming Polynesian Dreams in my bedroom and it smells SO SO SO good! AUGH!!!!  In the living room and kitchen I’m warming Banana Berry & Berries Jubilee mixed! I LOVE IT! 🙂  It smells SO good!!!!!!   I just LOVE all things Scentsy!! This month they’ve done something AMAZING!!!!! They brought a few AMAZING scents to our laundry line & body line… A Wink & A Smile, Serene Green, and my PERSONAL FAVORITE…. Jet, Set, Go!!! EEEEEEK!!!  I’ve already ordered!! HAHA!  I am So excited to get it!! Jet, Set, Go is just an amazing scent and I was SO hoping they’d bring it in the lotion and all that! I can’t wait!

SummerLovin1 SummerLovin2

Order yours TODAY!  These won’t last long! I can guarantee you that!!!!!!!!


My best friend in the whole wide world came in town last weekend!!!  I haven’t seen her in over two years! She brought her daughter Makenly!  We had a wonderful weekend!!!  Sunday we went to church, then lunch at Chili’s with her Grandma and Aunt, then back to her Grandma’s house….  We just hung out, ate cake, watched Frozen, talked, etc… Then I took Jude home and the two of us went to see “The Other Woman”! 🙂  I’d already seen it of course, but I was super excited about her seeing it.. .I knew she’d absolutely love it… And she did! It’s one of my FAVORITES!  It’s definitely one I’ll buy when it comes out! 🙂


Monday we went to lunch at Rosas, then shopping!!!!  We went to Dustees (my FIRST time there), and it was AWESOME!!!!! 🙂 After that we went to the Mall and shopped just had fun!!!  Tuesday, I had to work, and she was leaving, so we met for lunch at Chick Fil A! I was definitely SUPER sad when she left! 😦 I am gonna have to make a trip to see her before a billion years passes this time! BLAH!


I guess that’s it for now!  I hope y’all are doing well!!!!


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Monster Monday-Tuesday

HEY HEY Guys! GET ONLINE NOW! Check out my MONSTER MONDAY SALE!!!!! It’s HUGE! There are so many GREAT Deals, you simply can’t afford to miss out on this!!! Both Grace Adele & Scentsy have some AMAZING deals!  Up to 75% off in Scentsy and up to 60% off in Grace ADele!!!!!!!!  HURRY!!!! Scentsy is amazing and they’re trying to accommodate ALL the crazy traffic our websites are getting today! So guess what?! They’ve EXTENDED IT!!!!!! YAY!!! You can shop today AND tomorrow! WOOT WOOT! 🙂

Patch This little guy is only $5!!!!!!!! EEEK! Get your Scent Pak Separately! 🙂

Hampton A WARMER FOR ONLY $7.50!?!? YES PLEASE! 🙂  There are several warmers at this price!

keywest This is a BRAND NEW PLUG IN! Just came out last month… It’s only $10! HELLO! HURRY!


These deals are CRAZY!!!!

In Grace Adele, some of our GENUINE LEATHER BAGS are CHEAP CHEAP! They’re normally $200 but RIGHT NOW you can get the LAney or Bella for only $80! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Order yours TODAY!!!!!!!!!!






I LOVE This bag… THE BLACK SARAH!!!!! It’s normally $80, but right now it’s yours for only $32! EEEEEEEK! This is SUCH A great deal I wanna SCREAM! 🙂  This would be A GREAT Diaper Bag!!!



hurry and order yours ASAP!!!!






You guys can’t afford to miss this!!!!! These deals are AMAZING! 🙂  Do your Christmas shopping RIGHT NOW!

I have MONSTER MONDAY SALE parties open on BOTH websites! Please order under those! 🙂






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First I have to say………..  WOW!!!!!  What a crazy past few weeks I’ve had!  My business is ROCKIN’ right now & I am having THE time of my life!  My sales are awesome, and I’ve had TWO friends sign up under me! BOOM!  To top that, one of them has already sold over $1,000 in her first FIFTEEN DAYS!  She got a promotion and got her SHOOTING STAR award! WOW!!  She was afraid it would be difficult.  That she wouldn’t make her goal.. She made it and exceeded it! 🙂  I LOVE it!  Today, another friend of mine joined, and she already has people ordering.. Right now EVERYONE on my team is “active”, except for my newest, but it won’t take her long!  I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

Sunday starts our Fall/Winter catalog, and I am telling you, there are some AMAZING things coming our way! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!  Wanna see a few sneak peeks?




That’s just a little sneak… There are SO many more amazing things in store! I can’t wait to start selling them!!!!!  BUT…

I AM NOT DONE WITH SPRING/SUMMER!!!!!!!  There are so many great warmers and scents that are being discontinued in TWO days!! AND, I am SO close to promoting it’s SICK!  So… If you want to stock up on AWESOME stuff for 10% off, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know! I’d love to help ya out!!!! I SO badly want to promote to STAR CONSULTANT, and being so close.. Well I just HAVE to do it! EEEEEEK! If I have to go door to door tomorrow, I most definitely will!!! AUGH!  So.. SPREAD THE WORD!  Tell your friends, family, enemies, I don’t care! Click HERE to get your Scentsy and do it BEFORE Sunday! LOL!!!   I am so loving this business, and loving my team, and my group, and everything!  If this is something you’d like to be a part of, PLEASE PLEASE let me know! JOIN MY TEAM!!!!!!! Click HERE to join!

Anyways! What have y’all been doing?  Anything exciting?  I’ve been working, taking care of Jude Dude, and selling my Scentsy… Pretty exciting, I know. 🙂  Yesterday I mowed the front & back lawns. WHEW! That was hard work. HAHA!  My back and shoulders hurt.  Am I a wimp or what?!? I love to do it though. Makes me feel empowered for some reason. LOL! Dumb, but true.

Anyways!!! I guess that’s it for tonight!!! I know I’ve been away for awhile, I’ve just been busy!  I’ll be back soon! Promise! 😉


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Hey everyone!!!  How are y’all doing?!   I am doing great! I am watching the SEX AND THE CITY Movie.. The first one.  This one ALWAYS makes me cry! I just LOVE it so much! I am seriously sitting here, bawling like a baby on the part where Bigg doesn’t show to the wedding and then he passes them on the street.. It’s HEARTBREAKING! AUGH!   Have you guys seen it!?  It definitely has some inappropriate parts in it.. You just have to fast forward.. LOL!

Anyways….  I have to tell y’all…  My Scentsy business is R O C K I N’! WOOOOO HOOOOOO!! I just signed my fourth team member this week.. and she’s already collecting BIG orders! I am doing GREAT with my own sales, PLUS one of my other team members is already active and then some… EEEEEEEEEEEK! I JUST MIGHT PROMOTE THIS MONTH!!!!! Oh I SO hope so! I’ve been working so hard!!!!! Y’all pray for me!  AND, if you need to order Scentsy, DO IT FROM ME! AND, if you know someone who would like to sell it, LET ME KNOW! 🙂

I have an event coming up the 24th, and I’ve been asked to do a BIG event in December!!! And I am hoping to have another one in December! 🙂 WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! I couldn’t be happier right now! It’s so exciting!

I got my hair cut today…. 🙂  I think it may even be shorter than last time. LOL!  I’ll take pictures tomorrow.  I’ll have to show off my new make up.  Sometimes if I have a little extra money, I just HAVE to splurge. LOL!  Well I ordered a CRAZY cheap iPhone case on Amazon, and HAD to get a make up palette.  It was CRAZY cheap, so that’s how I justify it. LOL!!!!! 🙂  It’s a SLEEK iDivine Ultra Mattes V2 Dark Palette. 🙂


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!  I can’t wait to try this out!!!!!  They have GREAT palette’s! I LOVE Them! If you’ll remember, I got the iDvine Acid palette for Christmas and it’s one of my favorites… SO I am crazy stoked to try this one!!  I want to order ALL of them!!  There are SO many!  If you’ve never tried them, GET ON AMAZON AND GET TO SHOPPING!!!  They are HIGHLY pigmented and GREAT quality for the price! LOVE, LOVE!  I’ll use them tomorrow and post pics. 😉   I am sure you’re SUPER excited!

Tomorrow is a BUSY day for me!!  I am meeting with a friend in the morning over coffee to talk about Scentsy and tell her WHY it’s so amazing and WHY she should join! 😉  Then we have a birthday party for my cousins little boy, and then I am going to my new recruits launch party, and THEN FAMILY time the rest of the night! It’s going to be a great day!!!  I am ready!   What do y’all have planned?  I hope you have a GREAT day planned!!!!!!!!!

Okay…  Well, I guess that’s about it for tonight! I need to finish my movie and go to bed!  I hope y’all have a FABULOUS weekend!   AND.. DO NOT FORGET TO STOP AND SMELL THE SCENTSY! 🙂  LOL!   Call, Message, Text, whatever me to get your Scentsy! OR you can shop online HERE!!


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Hey Folks! 🙂 What’s going on?  I am watching tv while Jude is sleeping!  And trying to soak in the news that THE KIDD KRADDICK died today!!!! JUST AWFUL! It’s truly shocking! He was so goofy and funny! It’s crazy! I just can’t believe it! 😦  So sad for the others on the show, especially Kelli Raspberry &
Big Al! They’ve worked with him FOR-EVER!!!!! 😦



So I have been contemplating cutting my hair even shorter than it has been lately… I can’t help it! I LOVE SHORT HAIR!!!! LOL!!!!! SO… I was looking at pictures online before my appointment and took a few in.. And she did this…


HAHAHA! 🙂  LOVE IT! It’s actually CRAZY short.. I’ve been told it’s hard to tell how short it is in this picture… She used the clippers for the side and back.. If that gives you any idea!!! 🙂  HAHA! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I love anything different and a little weird.  And I’ve ALWAYS Loved short hair.  In my opinion, the shorter the better! I have some people who absolutely LOVE it.  And I have some people who are just the opposite! LOL! Some people think it’s too short.. That I look more manly, or even butch. HAHAHA! I am anything BUT butch. BUT… Guess what?  I could REALLY care less! 🙂  To me.. My hair ROCKS! It kinda defines me. EVERYONE knows me by my short spikey hair. One thing I don’t do… I don’t do things based on what people think. LOL! Ask my stylist. 🙂   I do what I think looks good.  What I Like.  If others hate it, that doesn’t bother me one bit. I remember about 12-13 years ago, I was going to another lady. I loved her… And then.. She shaved my head. LOL! I was called GI Jane for a few weeks. I hated it!  BUT.. Back then I was VERY insecure.  I was so worried what others would think.  I told my stylist the other day that she could shave it and I wouldn’t care one bit! I actually think I’d probably look pretty awesome with a buzzed head! 🙂  I definitely DO NOT look like a man. I’ve got the curves and the amazing make up to prove that much. LOL! 🙂 Anyways… ALL That to say… If there is a look you’ve been wanting to do.. a new hair color or style, different clothes, etc. But you haven’t done it because you’re worried what others will say/think… GO FOR IT ANYWAYS! Seriously! If someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to look at you.  That’s my viewpoint anyways! Now if it’s something truly offensive, that’s one thing. But if you’re just worried what others think all the time… Life is short. GO FOR IT! And especially if you’re contemplating SHORT hair.. DO IT. NO
REGRETS! Think of it like this… IT IS HAIR! IT WILL GROW BACK!

SO… For ALL of you out there who do not like my hair.. I.DO.NOT.CARE. 🙂 LOL! And I REALLY mean that with love. I’ve heard it both ways.. Some love it, and some REALLY do not like it.  Life goes on folks. I promise. HAHA!

ANYWAYS! 🙂  That’s my deal on that! 🙂

Now I’m watching “NEWSIES”! Have you all seen this movie?  It’s SERIOUSLY one of my very favorites! I know it word for word. I know all the songs.. It’s PURE greatness! When I meet someone who loves it, It makes me RIDICULOUSLY happy! My future husband BETTER Love it! HAHA!  I mean, really? Christian Bale at his GREATEST! 🙂



I remember when this came out, we’d put a tape player up to the tv and record all the songs.  All four us memorized them! HAHA! #nerdalert  LOL! Anyways!

This week has been good.. but also crappy. HAHA! I threw my back out last Saturday night while bathing Jude.  It STILL hurts! What the heck!? I went to the chiropractor both Monday and Tuesday, but he left for vacation Wednesday and won’t be back until this Thursday! AUGH! So, I’ve been hobbling around like I’m an old granny!  Some days it feels worse than it did when I did it! 😦  I used to tease my Mom when her back hurt, calling her Granny…. Not any more.. SORRY MAMA!!!!!! LOL!

Well…..  I guess that’s all that’s going on around here! Just family. Work. Scentsy. LOL! Same stuff! 🙂

Speaking of Scentsy…. Do you need some?!  You’ve came to the right place! just click HERE  SO many GREAT things in store for Scentsy this Holiday Season! Want to join in on all the fun I’m having?  Click HERE  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE selling Scentsy!!! It is seriously a blast! Starting next month you can earn a trip! EEEEEK! You don’t want to miss out!!!!!!!



Okay! I am outta here!!! I hope y’all have a WONDERFUL NIGHT! 🙂










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Head Shots and Blessings!

Hey everyone! What is up tonight?  I am catching up on all the shows I’ve DVR’d over the past few nights!  Jude is finally asleep! We’ve had some storms again tonight and Jude was NOT happy.  Poor thing! Before the storms started though, my sister took my head shots for my BRAND NEW SCENTSY BUSINESS CARDS! 🙂  YAY!!!!!!!!  I’m excited!!


WOOT WOOT!!! She is a WONDERFUL photographer!!!!!! You need to check out her AWESOME PHOTOS!! Just click HERE She is a WONDERFUL photographer!!!!!!!!!!!! I was touching up my make up before she took the pics, and so she snapped a few… Take a look! 🙂  Pretend I am NOT making a weird face.. Okay!?


These are the products I used today! Minus my foundation and blush.


Lipstick in Pretty by Avon, Pressed Shadow TAKO by Sugarpill, Teal (chrome) and Iris by MFFX, and Wet N Wild palette “Blue Had Me At Hello” 🙂

I Absolutely LOVE make up! LOL! Today was the first day in a LONG time that my eyes didn’t water!! WOOOOO HOOOOO! Maybe that’s over! I sure as heck hope so!!!!

So….. I work for a WONDERFUL company!  They started doing this thing where every Tuesday in Sales Meeting, they draw a name and everyone in the whole office prays for that person for the week! Well… This week, MY name was drawn!! 🙂  Man! It is GOOD to know you’re being prayed for!!! I KNOW several of them pray for me all the time anyways, but knowing others are is a pretty great feeling!!! I’ve received well wishes, blessings, cards, emails… I just LOVE it! 🙂  I am truly blessed!!!! I Love working at an office with GODLY people! People who truly Love Jesus and LOVE to bless other people!

Anyways! 🙂

Well, I guess I’d better close this out for tonight! 🙂  I hope y’all enjoy this blog! If not, DON’T TELL ME! LOL! Just kidding! 🙂