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Multi tasking Diva

Hey there guys! How are y’all doing?!?! I hope y’all are doing Great and having a wonderful weekend!!!!

I am currently sitting here writing this and listening to the Scentsy Leadership call! I love being able to hear from leaders in Scentsy and home office staff! The call is during the day on Monday while I am at work,but they record them, so this way I get to listen whenever I want!  I LOVE IT!!!!!

Last Saturday I was at Movies 16 for WORLD PREMIERE!!!!!!!!! Scentsy changed things up this year and had a video that we ALL got to watch at the same time all across the globe! They rented out movie theaters! So here in Lubbock we had about 100 Scentsy Consultants come together and learn about Scentsy! SO.MUCH.FUN! I got to meet a few fellow Directors that I know from FB but have never met, and that was a blast! I didn’t have my team there, so I sat alone… But not.. I sat with other consultants I didn’t know, but got to know… We learned, laughed, and teared up together! 😉 SO.MUCH.FUN!


At World Premiere, we got to see the new catalog! We GOT the new catalog, a set of testers, an EXCLUSIVE Scentsy Bar (that can’t be bought)… It smells like Kettle Corn,and a gift certificate to buy supplies to get us ready for the Spring/Summer Catalog! AAAAAHHHHH! Every season I think “There’s NO way they can do better than this”… I felt like that with the Fall/Winter… But now… I’ve literally NEVER SEEN A CATALOG THIS GOOD! And the Scents… Oh my goodness! Y’all!!! If Y’all like citrusy, fruity, tropical, coconut type scents, then THESE will knock your socks off! AAAAHHHHH! SO stinkin’ good!!!!! I need one of each,please and thank you! LOL!!!!  I’ve already got a few parties booked! BOOM! HEY, also, I’ll be sending out catalogs here in the next week or two… Would you be interested in mail from me?! a catalog and perhaps a sample??! Fill out my form below!



So this week was a little weird for me…. Saturday went to World Premiere and got a RAGING headache….. It’s nothing new really for me to get headaches… I get them ALL the time.. But this one was so bad I thought I was going to throw up. I went to a new restaurant, WALK ONS, with some Fellow Scentsy Directors, but had to leave before we were seated because I felt SO awful!  So I went home and laid down until I had to leave again for a friends Retirement party….. went home and crashed. Sunday woke up with a sore throat! UGH! I was in bed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday! Went back to work Wednesday and Thursday, then off for the weekend! So.. Short work week, but man oh man was I miserable! Jude did NOT like Mama being sick… I’m RARELY sick besides headaches and he didn’t like it! Luckily, I am getting better, but I am still snotty and sneezy. LOL! 😛


That’s what’s going on here! What is up with YOU??????????