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Another post! YAY for me! 🙂 What’s going on?  I just got out of the shower & now I am laying here watching ENOUGH…  I LOVE this movie! I watch it every time it comes on tv! I’ve already watched parts of it once today. LOL!!! 🙂

What did everyone do today??  I really did a whole lotta nothing! LOL!  Jude and I slept until about 915, ate waffles for breakfast, played, watched Blues Clues, ate lunch, he napped, delivered some Avon in Wolfforth, then we went to church! Fun times right there! LOL!!!!!! It was an uneventful day, just the way I like it on the weekends!!!

West Nile has hit Lubbock…. BLAH! My son is an OUTDOORSY dude!  And now I’m freaked out! LOL!!!!  I’ve never put repellant on him because there are SO many harmful chemicals in it.. And they say it’s best to use repellant with DEET in it, and I’ve heard that’s REALLY harmful!  But, I don’t want him getting West Nile either… So… Today, we stayed indoors. LOL! LOL!!  I know I can’t keep him inside all the time… We’d both go crazy.  I guess I need to see if there are natual repellants we could use…. That would REALLY work.. Do any of you have any good ones you use?  I’d love to hear some recommendations!!

Did y’all hear that Steven Tyler has gone back as the front man of Aerosmith and they have a new album coming out in November?! I am pretty stoked about it!  Kidd Craddick played a couple clips the other day and one of them sounded really good! EVERYONE knows I LOVE Steven Tyler! 🙂 He’s pretty amazing!!!!

I’ve been reading a ton of make up blogs lately, and I am telling ya, it’s going to get me in trouble!!!!!!! I already purchased from SugarPill…..  But now I want to purchase from Lit, Glamour Doll Eyes, and Inglot! LOL!!  I just can’t help it! I LOVE MAKE UP!  Isn’t it awful!? LOL!!!

I FINLLY got Urban Decay’s Primer Potion a few weeks ago…  I’d just been using NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk which works wonderfully! But I REALLY wanted to try Primer Potion!  And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It STICKS, and makes your eyeshadow stay on ALL DAY LONG!!!!  I do still use the NYX JEP because it REALLY makes the colors pop! They are so much more vibrant when I use it, and in my opinion, the more bold & vibrant, the better! LOL!!! 🙂 Anyways…  I’m just going to have to restrain myself!  I am trying to save my money for now!!!!!  We’ll see.. LOL!!!!

Anyways..  I guess I’d better go for tonight!  Thank you guys for reading! 🙂



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